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Twisted Wonderland Roleplay

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Adachi Tohru, Jan 25, 2015.

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  1. Wonderland is a dark and bloody place, salvation is something unspeakable and death lingers around every corner. The people here are cold, brutal and they fight amongst each other each and every waking day. Time spirals out of control, as does weather. Time and weather switch at random, making Wonderland a dark and deadly place even without the excess of corpses that double in amount every day. Life is fragile in Wonderland. Each person has a lifespan 'clock' meaning a pocket watch with no numbers, and an invisible hands that only Alices can see. Whenever one person is murdered, the murderer gets more time added onto their 'clock' or lifespan. In turn, if that murderer is killed, the one who killed the murderer gets both the murderer's lifespan, and the victim of the murderer's lifespan added on.

    A new person comes to life each time a clock is repaired, causing a chaotic cycle where nobody cares about life or values themselves anymore. In Wonderland, there are 'role-holders' people who hold an important position, such as the Cheshire Cat or Queen of Clovers, or there are faceless people without eyes, who are mostly servants and minor people. They're viewed as severely expendable and are killed off without hesitation by most.
    Everybody in Wonderland carries a weapon, mostly roleholders.

    Within the chaos, there are 'Alice'. More than one may occur, they come from the outside world and those within Wonderland tend to be drawn to them. An 'Alice' has the ability to kill a country king/queen and seize control, but keep their hearts. Many 'Alice' are killed off immediately when found by royal guards, but if a ruler is evil and wicked, the 'Alice' are hailed as saviors. However, 'Alice' can access another dimension called 'The Looking Glass' where they are brought into a shining seafoam green marble cave with streams running through it, at the center lies the 'Half-Moon' a pool made of what appears to be liquid mirror. Only 'Alice' can see into it. The Half Moon can grant the 'Alice' access to see anywhere in the country, while still communicating to their allies down in Wonderland. This can provide enormous advantages in battle.

    Wonderland is divided into five different quadrants. Land of Hearts, Land of Clovers, Land of Diamonds, Land of Spades and Land of Joker. The first RP arc will only take place in the land of Hearts to allow more development. Every year a new 'game' begins, the game is moved over a different country, the people of Wonderland refer to it as 'The Move', and everyone in the country will wake up in the new country.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.