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  1. || Welcome to that One Strange Place at the End of Main Street ||

    The fresh smell of cinnamon, freshly baked apple pies, pinecones, and alcohol all mixed together in a wondrous scent rush into your nose was you swing open a wooden door with a iron door knocker in the of a Japanese-styled cat head on the top center. Oddly, the building seems gigantic compared to it's tiny appearance on the outside. Wooden tables crafted out of the most glorious amber coloured wooden are set in rows with four wooden chairs at each of them. There is a long bar and counter running down the wall to your right hand side. Behind the counter you see a woman, who appears to be in her late twenty's, with coffee brown hair placed up in a messy bun cleaning a few beer glasses and plates. Suddenly to the left of you, you hear a sharp and almost horse voice call out to you. When you glance to see who it is, you are shocked to see that it is a tan cat with long ears and a massive tail speaking. She stares at you with grim and bitter eyes that seem to glow orangish-red with fire before losing up her glare and speaking once more.

    "Hello and welcome to the Twisted Wagon Wheels and Cat Whiskers Tavern and Inn. You must be new here. I haven't tasted your aura before. I am the one know as Bakeneko, the second hand owner of this fine and thriving establishment and that over thee by the counter is Mocha J. Queens, the beautiful owner and creator. If you are looking to have a drink or fresh meal just sit down and a one of our workers will be sure to get your stomach's fill, but if you are looking to stay a night or few in one of our rooms, please be sure to sign your name and the number of night you shall be staying upon the calk board over towards the staircase."

    You glance over at the staircase toward the back left-hand corner and notice a large calk board. At first you find it a bit childish, but then you notice that the piece of chalk have a glowing pink aura around them and are written on the board by themselves. Instantly you realize that it is a enchanted chalk board, one that keeps records and remembers the data forever even if the words are erased. You give a thankful nod to Bakeneko before doing whatever you need to have done; having a drink, entering your name on the board, or doing both.

    1.] Fights are allowed in the tavern. However, they must be only fist fights. Weapons may be kept inside the building, but they must never be used against someone's safety. The only exception is if the tavern is being robbed or if someone is trying to kill someone else. However, a dead person is still considered a missing person if no evidence is found!

    2.] The age limit for someone to drink is sixteen years of age. The tavern is within city limits and must follow the town's rules. if one beings to get tipsy, they will be asked to not have another drink and go into one of the inn's rooms before they harm themselves or someone else! Although we all know that its really the drunk people who bring the fun to a party. ;D

    3.] Please do not fuck in the tavern. It is gross to watch and will probably mess people up mentally. If you absolutely have to do 'it' with another person, please take it into one of the inn's rooms so no one else can get disturbed by it.

    4.] All races are allowed and shall not get discriminated. Same goes with people of other religious views and sexualities!

    5.] Break it and you buy it. Also, only buy for what you can afford.

    6.] The rules do not apply outside the tavern and inn.
    1.] Please have decent grammar and spelling. No text talk unless your character is using a phone or something. Also try to stay away from posting a million one-liners a day. There are other people here and this is most certainly not a 1x1 between two to three people!

    2.] Canon characters from animes, games, movies, and comics are allowed, but you must PM the following form:

    >Username: Your name
    >Character You Wish to Be: Their full name
    >Where are they from: The anime/game/movie/comic they are from

    Please keep in mind that if you do not respond with a canon character for more than three weeks, I will allow someone else to use them. Oh and please do not submit this form for OCs!

    4.] Sex is not allowed to be typed out! There are people on this thread who are not old enough as well as people who just don't want to see it at all. If a smexy scene does occur, please fade into black and time skip! Kissing? Okay. Hugging? Sure. Butt touching? That's pushing it a little, but maybe. Smexy fun time? Haha, hell no Sonny. Please keep your junk in your pants!

    5.] G-Modeling is not allowed. Auto-killing, auto-hitting, controlling characters, or putting them in situations that they cannot escape id not permitted. The only time this is allowed if when someone gets banned and I must kill off their character(s).

    6.] Any species is allowed. However, if I keep seeing people use the same type of race over and over again, such as vampires or werewolves, I will ask for people to tone it down some. Be unique! :0

    7.] Don't be a dick to others. Bullying people, not characters in the RP, will result in you automatically getting banned!

    8.] Killing is perfectly allowed as long as you get permission from the character's owner. Killing off your own character is fine as well and you don't need permission to do so!
    The Owners:

    NAME: Mocha J. Queens
    AGE: Appears twenty, but has been alive for centuries
    RACE: Demon host; provides a human body for Bakeneko to rest and restore her energy in. In return, Mocha gains immortality against age and all diseases. Not weapons and such.
    GENDER: Female
    SEXUALITY: Pansexual; leans more towards men
    NUMBER OF YEARS AT THE TAVERN: Ever since it opened twenty years ago
    APPERANCE: http://i.imgur.com/xvQPzFh.png

    NAME: Bakeneko [Does not have a middle or last name!]
    AGE: So old she lost count after 2,000
    RACE: Demon protector of Mt. Fiji
    GENDER: Female
    SEXUALITY: Asexual
    NUMBER OF YEARS AT THE TAVERN: Ever since it opened
    APPERANCE: http://i.imgur.com/Jw0Usq9.jpg?1

    The Bartenders:


    The Cooks:


    The Waiters and Waitresses:


    The Inn Maids:




    >: The Skelly:

    NAME: Your character's FULL name
    AGE: Eh. No limit, but try not to put crazy numbers like 109,989,763,245,108,362,003,400,569,410 years old.
    RACE: Anything really. Feel free to know your socks off with ideas.
    NUMBER OF YEARS AT THE TAVERN: The tavern has been open for about twenty years now. Can be a new or old worker!
    POSITION: What is your role at the tavern? Beware, do not put owner down here. Mocha and Beko are the only owners unless mentioned other wised by me!
    APPERANCE: Picture link please~



    [ And yes, this place does have annual events! ]
    OCTOBER 13-30: Annual spook fest. Tavern will be placed under a witch's spell and transformed into a haunted mansion. Potions will be sold by local witches and wizards (none of them being lethal or at least not labeled lethal... ;D) and other knickknacks as well!
    OCTOBER 31: The monster bash will be held! A party worth dying for, literally! Everyone will be giving a transformation spell that will turning them into a classic monster of their choice. All drinks will be half off as well. Also the town itself will be hosting a party down main street!~
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  2. Silently wiping a glass dry and then placing it next to another one in a row of cups line up like soldiers, was no one other than the tavern owner herself. Normally she would be walking around and ensuring that her guest were alright and even striking up a conversation or two, but since fall had arrive many of the workers who worked during the spring and fall had to leave in search of warmer climates. Turns out that fire harpies and spring spirits can't handle the cold that well. However this did not mean trouble for the tavern. Usually the ice and snow creatures would being to move into the area around this time due the colder climate and a few would sign up to work during the late fall and whole winter.

    Suddenly the sound of the caught her attention. Glancing back she gave a light wave to whoever it was before speaking, "Hello there! Welcome to the Twisted Wagon Wheels and Cat Whiskers Tavern! Anything I can help ya with?"
  3. NAME: Autumn A. Winters.

    AGE: Unkown, Fey creatures can live for hundreds of years. She appears to be in her early twenties by human years, however.

    RACE: Season Sprite.

    GENDER: Female.



    Show Spoiler
    APPERANCE: 1254152-bigthumbnail.jpeg
    (Ignore the fin like things on her eyes. It proved very difficult to find good art that fit what I was looking for.)


    The small framed woman looked the cat up and down for a moment, not quite knowing how to respond to it as it spoke. Once it finished, She finally gave it a simple nod and a soft "Thank you." Her attention was then grabbed by the owner, that was pointed out by the cat creature, shouting from across the bar.

    She walked over to the counter where the woman hailed from, examining some of the occupants on her way over. One arrived at the bar, her weight shifted to a single hip as her head tilted to an inquisitive angle, her long, wintery blue hair falling along with her head motion. She leaned forward to place her sharp elbow on the bar and rest her head upon the palm of her very softly blue tinted hand that matched the rest of her skin.

    "A job, perhaps." The woman replied softly and simply. She raised her head from her hand, extending it out to the owner. "My name is Autumn." She accompanied her introduction with the offer for a polite handshake. Her eyes were focused on those of the owners.
  4. Bonita Verity Ward (open)
    NAME: Bonita Verity Ward
    AGE: 21
    RACE: Mermaid
    GENDER: Female
    NUMBER OF YEARS AT THE TAVERN: 2 years, 4 months.
    POSITION: Inn maid

    Two and a half years. Bonita stood at one end of the main room of the tavern, a broom in her hands as she swept the floor, just like she always did at this time of day. Every day, for almost two and a half years now, she had been sweeping this same room, watching the bartenders pour drinks, the waiters and waitresses serve food to hungry patrons, and sweet Mocha the owner waltzing about to ensure that all her paying patrons and customers were satisfied with the service being provided.

    It had taken her two months to find this place - two months running from the ocean, hiding and trying to protect herself from the storms that raged across the land after she left. She absent-mindedly reminisced as she swept the floor, her mind wandering to the moment that she had developed her legs - it had been painful, and had actually been much more than just a moment. She had taken a potion given to her by a witch living in the village on the ocean's shore after the two happened to meet on the beach. The transformation had been painful, and Bonita had drifted in and out of consciousness many times - when she awoke for the final time, she now felt two limbs where there had once been one. She didn't even know how long it had taken, only that the pain had dulled to a faint throbbing.

    For two months, Bonita searched for the witch - if she wanted to return to the sea, how would she regain her tail? Of course, she hadn't thought of that at the time. She only wanted to be with someone she trusted, but it was as if no one in the town even knew who the witch was. The storms that raged overnight were the wrath of the sea gods, searching for the young mermaid, but she kept herself hidden in inns and taverns overnight.

    After two months, she had made her way far enough from the sea that the raging storms didn't reach her, and she had quickly found herself work at the local tavern. A tavern was a good place to work - you could overhear things and see new people every day, and if Bonita's witch happened to wander in, she would know. After almost two and a half years, however, she had yet to see the witch or even hear anything about her. She was beginning to fear that she would spend the rest of her life on the land - months ago, she had realized the error in her ways, but when she tried to return to the sea, nothing happened. The gods wouldn't draw her back in, her tail didn't return...nothing. All she wanted now was to return and to apologize, but it seemed that she never would.

    A light sigh left her lips and she lifted one hand to wipe some tears from her light hazel eyes, brushing them away before they could escape. Bonita with tears in her eyes had become something of a common sight at the tavern, and the rest of the staff seemed to have accepted that they couldn't cheer her up - they still tried from time to time, but they understood that she was in pain and missing her home.
  5. NAME: Colin S. Hoggard
    AGE: 89
    RACE: Vampyre (I changed him a bit so he could go into the sun, but it severely weakens him)
    GENDER: Male
    SEXUALITY: Pansexual
    APPERANCE: ZlnPU.jpg
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  6. Aimi S. Fujioka (open)

    NAME: Aimi S. Fujioka
    AGE: 17 years old.
    RACE: Human.
    GENDER: Female
    POSITION: Waitress.
    APPERANCE: Aimi.

    "I can see why those fire harpies and spring spirits left. I would leave, too! Uwaaah, it's so cold~!"

    A young girl, seemed to be around the age of 17, one year shy of young adulthood, complained to someone else, her eyes trained on the ceiling above her. She was sitting in a room labeled 'The Break Room'. It was where all of the workers would go when they needed a quick, little rest. It was also the place where people would change in and out of uniform. A few people were scattered around the room, all lounging around.

    "No, you wouldn't, Aimi. You love this place and the people here too much to just up and leave."

    Aimi's head shot up, her wavy, orange hair flying everywhere. "You never know!" She retorted, leaning on the table and staring at the waiter, who was sitting across from her. Calming down quickly, her tense posture relaxed as she rested her cheek in the palm of her hand, staring at a random spot on the table. "But you're probably right. This has become my home," she said, a small smile gracing her features. She remembers when she first came to the Tavern. It was three years ago. She had just turned 14, still new to teenager life. The orangette had been running away, sick of her parents and of her life back home. Lost and afraid, she stumbled upon the Tavern, hoping against hope that she could finally stop running. One of the owners, Mocha, had greeted her with open arms when she entered. When she told the woman everything, she had taken her in, giving her a job and a home. Aimi's been grateful ever since.

    With a sigh, she got to her feet, standing up and pushing the chair she was sitting in. She stretched her arms high above her head before dropping them. "Well, I'm going to get back to work. See you later," she gave everyone a slight wave before exiting The Break Room and going back out to the lobby, getting back to work.
  7. NAME: Leone Damien Valcross
    AGE: One of those crazy numbers. He appears to be in his mid to late twenties.
    RACE: Daemon
    GENDER: Male
    NUMBER OF YEARS AT THE TAVERN: Heh, that is a good question. Ten, maybe?
    POSITION: Bartender
    He also has black bat wings and a long black feline tail, due to him being a daemon.


    There was just something about the small tavern that made him stay. It felt like home to him, the good kind of home. Not the one with the crazy-ass, power hungry siblings who would probably kill someone for a nickel, or maybe even for free if it includes hellsfire. He found himself wiping down the counter for the millionth time that day. It was more of a subconscious action that prevented him from thinking about anything too deeply. It was a slow day. He was thinking about pouring himself just a wee bit of whiskey, but he knew better. He was attempting to take a break from liquor, at least for the month. It was hard for him. But he knew he had to do it. Just for one month.

    He supposed that all his cleaning habits had come from him not being able to settle down with a beer, or a couple shots of whiskey on the rocks, or maybe a White Russian... He bit his lip hard enough to draw blood, a punishment for going off on a tangent about all the alcohol he could be drinking right now. He was such an alcoholic, he hated it. Hence why he wasn't touching it for a month. He stretched his wings, the left one going out much farther than the right. An old injury to his right wing had ended his flying days. His tail lashed with the thought of it. It was the reason why he took up drinking, for Pete's sake.

    He looked up from his cleaning when he heard the magic word- job. He studied the new girl with steady hazel eyes, wondering if she would actually stick around, or if she would leave after the first couple months. He couldn't quite tell.
  8. Colin stepped into the tavern, stifling a yawn. He scratched his arm and looked around. He turned towards the bar and sat down in front of the bartender, a guy with glasses and black hair. "Hey man. Can I get a bottle of beer?" He nodded to the bartender then twisted around so his back was too the bar and his rested his elbows on it. He glanced at the lady cleaning over there. He turned as the bartender plopped a cold beer in front of him and took a sip. "Hey. Know if a guy could get a job around here?"
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  9. Bonita Verity Ward (open)

    Bonita lifted her pretty hazel eyes, brushing a thick lock of dark hair from her face to look at the attractive man walking in. She was quiet, not watching her broom as she continued to sweep so that her gaze in his direction might go unnoticed. She watched as he made his way to the bar and asked for a beer, and then sat with his back to the bar - obviously so that he could look around, because for a moment, he glanced her way. She looked down immediately, trying to avoid their eyes meeting so that he wouldn't realize she'd been looking at him. She instead continued to sweep, gathering the dust into a small pile by a wall. She kept it away from any doors so that nobody would end up walking through it, lest she have to do it all over again. She paused a moment, propping her broom up against the wall and lifting her arms. She grasped her thick waves of dark hair and twisted them upwards, rifling around in the pocket of her dress to find a clip or an elastic. Her hand caught the latter and she took it out, tying the thick hair into a simple bun with a few strands hanging loose here and there. Once her hair was out of her face, she grasped the broom once again and resumed her sweeping motion.
  10. Colin glanced over his shoulder as he sipped his beer and awaited the bartender's response. The place was barren, but it was pretty early. In the meanwhile, he'd see if he could get a job, and maybe a place to stay.
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  11. Leone looked up from his cleaning when the door opened, his steady gaze resting on the male who entered. He tucked the cleaning tag in his belt loop when the man sat down. He filled a glass of beer for the man, a customary here you go, sir escaping his lips. His brow arched slightly at the man's question. "Probably, but I'd speak to Miss Queens over there. After she's done talking to that girl first, of course. She owns the place." He replied evenly.
  12. NAME: Melissa Leonidas
    AGE: Appears to be in her twenties when she is not grimacing; has the world-weariness of a centenarian.
    RACE: Faun.
    GENDER: Female.
    POSITION: Cook.
    Show Spoiler


    Melissa grumbled and wielded her knife with a ferocity misplaced for a kitchen. She filled a large wooden basin with a startling speed, and slid copious amounts of chopped apples into its belly. This was not the amicable cook of legends, but an ornery creature that seemed to be either very annoyed or very focused on the task at hand. Her only pause was to step away from the cutting board and sneak a quick sip from a silver flask.

    My pies are divine, damnit.

    Despite the fact that she was still fitting into the environment, a process that was compounded by her fiery demeanor, she was grateful to her employers. She was able to be at peace (was she ever really, though?) with herself, and was not given less than subtle hints to mask her heritage. Melissa stroked her gnarled horns, glad that she did not have to shroud them with a clownishly large chef's cap.
  13. Colin nodded and continued to sip at his drink while he waited. He eyed the cleaning lady as she swept She's pretty, he thought. He stifled a yawn and awaited the owner.
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  14. A cloaked Pene stared at the door, waiting for the person on the other side to stop cleaning it. Once she saw him move, she opened it and entered. The smell wafted into her nose, reminding her slightly of her master's grandma's house, minus the alcohol. She entered and sat at the bar stool in the corner. She pulled back the hood of her cloak, revealing her cat ears. Her locks of hair alternated between brown and black and her bangs were creme. She wore blue shorts and a white turtleneck. She had huge headphones hanging from her neck, playing 'Lost One's Weeping' by Kagamine Rin.
    She ordered a simple pumpkin coffee and sighed. Her journey between dimensions were always rough. Lydia the cat had once again sent one of her 9 souls to a random place to help out her master Iris get home from yet another dimension. It was Pene' s turn to go, and she wasn't happy about it.
    She stared at her pale, almost glowing skin. She was just a soul. She didn't even think Lydia was her real home body. They were so different. Pene had been in Lydia for such a long time though, she didn't know anything outside of it. If she had even had a life before it, she wouldn't remember.
    Still staring at her hand, she teared up a bit and lowered her face. She caught her tear, enjoying being able to feel something, but still wanting it to be different. As soon as she found the key to home, she would be returned to Lydia and spend more time there, if not another eternity. "What should I do?" She whispered to herself.
  15. "Here's your coffee, ma'am!"

    Aimi took the mug of hot, pumpkin coffee off the tray that she was holding, placing it in front of the cat girl. She hugged her tray close to her as she noticed the song playing from the headphones hanging around the girl's neck. Her eyes widened and she had to hold in a squeal. A huge grin crept onto her face as she said, "I love that song! Vocaloid is cool. Len is my favorite."

    It was then that she noticed that she was supppse to be working and nof socializing. Mentally slapping herself, she bowed slightly at the girl, straightening back up quickly. "I hope you enjoy your coffee, ma'am~!" With that, she turned and went to go put the tray back up so she could go to other tables.
  16. Pene looked up when her coffee was on the table. Before she could respond, the waitress was gone.
    "Thank you!" She said, hoping the waitress would hear. Pene had an almost infinite number of vocaloid songs and would have shared some of her favorites.
    Maybe she would come back on her break. 'Its not like I have something to get done that I want to do. Lydia can wait.' Pene thought. She ordered a coffee cake, then took a sip of her pumpkin coffee.
  17. Name: Bry (No middle or last name)
    Age: 18
    Race: shapeshifter
    Gender: female
    Years at the tavern: 0
    Position: visitor

    I walked to the bar and sat down wearily, waiting for the waitress. I had had a bad day, and also wanted to take a look at this place. I had never been to a tavern before. I looked at what they had to offer. I decided I'd just have coffee, maybe a beer later, but then flying home would be a bad idea.
  18. Bonita Verity Ward (open)

    Propping the broom gently up against the wall of the tavern, Bonita turned and began towards the bar counter. She smiled sweetly towards the bartender, asking in a soft voice if she could have a quick glass of water. Once he had handed it to her, she smiled and thanked him before moving back over to her corner. She was pretty much done sweeping, she had only to gather up the dust pile and dispose of it before she moved on to her next task for the day. She lifted the small glass to her pretty full lips and took a small sip, the chunks of ice clunking softly against one another as the water sloshed about with the motion of the glass. She smiled a bit at the refreshment, wiping her face gently with the back of her forearm. Once she had downed the water, she let one chunk of ice slip into her mouth. The cold didn't bother her, so she set the glass down on a display unit nearby and let it rest in her mouth, melting slowly on her tongue as she began towards the cupboard where her cleaning supplies was kept.

    Bonita was quiet as she continued about her duties, taking out the dustpan and a small brush from the closet before shutting the door behind her and returning to the corner. She knelt carefully, balancing delicately on her feet so as not to let her knees brush against the floor. She had become accustomed to silly little things panging her tail when she had it - brushing her fin against a chunk of coral, losing a scale, or the occasional light jellyfish sting that seemed to be the mermaid equivalent to scraping one's knee, but pain in her legs still irritated her, so she wasn't fond of resting her knees against the harsh wooden floor of the tavern. The rough texture pressing into her delicate new skin was uncomfortable, and she had instead learned to carefully balance in a kneeling position. It was a slight strain on the ankles, but it was nowhere near as bad as the wood digging into her knees. She swept up the dust pile into the pan, a few odds and ends clinking in as well - a shard of glass that she must have missed the last time she cleaned up a dropped drink, a small pebble that had probably come free from somebody's shoe, and a small sapphire charm that Bonita hadn't noticed when she was sweeping.

    The dark-haired maid raised an eyebrow as she saw the strange little gem. It was tiny, perhaps a quarter of the size of her baby fingernail, and it was incredibly simple - a dark blue stone set in a circle of silver, with a teeny tiny loop for it to attach to some chain, though Bonita had never seen a necklace chain fine enough to fit through such a loop. She looked around slowly, but was unable to see anybody who appeared to be searching for anything - or anybody with a tiny chain on their necks or wrists that appeared to be missing something. Figuring that she would set it aside in case anybody came looking for it, she tucked it into the pocket of her dress before finishing with the sweeping. The dustpan was dumped into the garbage bin before being returned to the cabinet from which it had come, and the maid went to wash her hands before she started in on her next job, the slowly melting cup of ice she had left behind entirely forgotten.
  19. Name: Diego Muertos
    Age: 124
    Race: Skeleton (Previously Human)
    Gender: Male
    Years at the Tavern: 0
    Position: Customer

    Diego opened the pair of small wooden doors and entered into the tavern. The room was crowded, stuffy, and bustling with noise. Diego shuddered in disgust and quickly made his way to the the bartender, making sure to keep his face covered under his black hood. "Give me a beer! I'm thirsty!" he demanded in a dry,raspy voice while sitting down at an empty bar stool. The bartender filled up a mug with beer and put on the counter. Diego quickly snatched the beer and messily guzzled it down splashes of beer falling onto the floor. "Hey." Diego said quietly to the bartender, "Is it true that this tavern is a haven for my kind? A haven for the dead?"
  20. Leone allowed himself to stand back on his heels for just a moment, until a man came in rudely demanding that he give him a beer. He entertained the thought of dumping it on the guy's head for all of two second before he set it down. "Well, I suppose as long as you don't cause trouble and play nice with everyone, this place could be safe for you. I've been to hell and back more than a few times and they let me work here still." Leone stated as he stretched his wings once again. There was a chill in the air every time the front door opened, and it was making his useless wing hurt like hell. He pulled a bottle of Excedrin Extra Strength from his pocket and got himself a glass of water. He took two pills and hoped for the best.