GROUP RP PLOTTING Twisted Little Mermaids

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So i'm thinking of making a roleplay that's like the little mermaid but twisted.

I was thinking something like there three mermaids who are sisters and they are cursed by the sea witch. This curse makes them human and the only way they can join there family in the sea again is by seeking out there true love and killing them. They don't belive in true love so they figure when they find the guy it wont be that hard to kill them. Then when they find them they realize they cant kill them (because they fall in love with them) but they can kill the people that surround them. (Family, friends, etc)

I was thinking of letting each mermaid have some kind of power to. Anyway this is my first rolepay so I would love some friendly adivce before I even think about posting it.

All ideas are open.
This.... Is really interesting. I don't have a mermaid character, but I'm thinking of making one now.
What time period is this? Are there castles and such, like classic princessness? I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate Jester in it.
Whoa. That sounds pretty awesome. I'd love to rp this.:OO
Yes I was thinking of having it back when they have the boats with the mernaids in the front, castles, etc. I'm just not sure how to start it.
I like this idea and would love to participate (and help if needed)!
Yes of course. If you have any ideas on the rolepay that would be great.
Well, if you think you have a pretty solid idea and enough interest, you should put up an OOC so that people interested can start making characters, first of all. :3
If not and you want a more solid idea, I'm sure people would love to give you input though it is ultimately your roleplay!
Ok thanks, i'm new to this website though and i'm not sure how to do the whole OOC thing.
Sorry, I did not see your answer. ><
Here is where you make the thread for people to post up their characters, discuss plots, and all of that good stuff so that you can get officially how many people you have playing.
This is a good example of a roleplay out of character thread, or OOC.
He has a basic outline of the plot, information on the setting, and a character sheet for people to fill out and submit.
His if, of course, based on his own roleplay idea but the sections he has are good guidelines. :D
Starting is always the hardest part, but once you get it going, it's pretty easy. :D When you make a thread in the place Kitti suggested, link us all here so we can find you. :) I'll gladly add up my character sheet for Jester, and then probably make a new character as a mermaid. :D Which is actually pretty exciting. I've never had a mermaid character.
Oh my goodness this sounds so fun.. <3 I love mermaids, and I love disney. >:3 Bringing this spin on The Little Mermaid traces the story back to it's origins, and I love it! ^__^ I would love to be a part of this if I could be! :3
Of course i'll make the roleplay sometime tomorrow and post the link on here so you can all pick your character. Just got back from a basketball game and don't know if i'll get to it tonight.
It's late at night and I can't post a bio right now, but can I call Aquata? It would match my character. If not, can I call Andrina?