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    Zero walked through the forest on the outskirts of the small city in which he lived. It was mid-summer and pretty hot. The sky was cleat of clouds and you could see pure blue for miles on end. Zero liked the little city. It was... Homey. He ran a hand through his dark black hair and walked on until he reached a river that cut down right in the middle of the forest. Zero had never ventured beyond it though, he just felt like it was bad to go to the other side. He bent down and put his cupped hands into the water. He then brought them up quickly and flung water a his face to cool off. Zero shook his head, water flying then looked at the forest beyond the river, wondering if he should go across or not.
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    Maulu was walking around in a forest, a bit tired after traveling from her home dimension to this little place. But if she was to be assigned to be the demon of a small town, then she'd be the best one there was. Her human form stappled through the woods, as she wasn't used to walking like the humans. But who could blame her, really? She was still young, only being a few hundred years old.

    As she approached the end of the forest, she noticed a small river, and... Somebody looking towards her. This was not exactly the best impression that she wanted to make on the townsfolk...
  3. Zero hadn't expected to see anyone on the other side of the river, especially a human. He slowly stood up, knowing it couldn't be someone from his town because they always said not to cross the river to the other side. He stood straight and looked the girl over. After he examined her he stated straight into her eyes. "Who are you?" He questioned.
  4. Malau sighed as she heard him call out for her name. She hadn't prepared one, and she was way too tired to come up with something now. She couldn't just say her demon name, as that'd give her away immediately.

    "My name is... It's Kira." She just blurted out the first thing that came to mind. She was too tired to care, either way. She didn't look much at the boy on the other side, instead looking for a way over the river. "Umm, excuse me! Could I get some help over?" Her entire body didn't want to act this kind, and neither did she. But if she wanted to get over without using her demonic powers, she did need help.
  5. Zero didn't like the fact that she hesitated. It gave him the impression she was lying. He narrowed his eyes and took a step forward, the tip of his shoe touching the water. "Why should I help someone who lies about her own name? Where do you come from! Answer now or i'll slit your throat within seconds." He threatened. He pulled a knife out of her pocket and put it an angle where the light shined on the blade, showing just how sharp it was. They say it was made from a dragons fang.
  6. "H-Huh?" She responded, acting surprised. "Why would I lie about my own name? I'm just a bit tired from traveling from my hometown, Hin! P-Please don't hurt me!" She continued, trying to sound as innocent as she possibly could. She couldn't afford being busted as soon as she got here.
  7. Zero calmed down but didn't put his knife away. "Fine. Give me your hand." He said and walked into the river. He put his hand out, waiting for her to take it. He kept a tight grip on her knife so that it didn't flow downstream by accident.
  8. "Alright, thank you." She noted that his knife was still out. This guy did not trust her one bit... Good for him, but bad for her. She'd have to keep this little fa├žade for a while... To win over some trust. "So, what is your name?"
  9. "Zero." He told her and took her hand. He carefully led her across, watching out for slippery rocks and things. When they reached his side of the river and looked around then walked past her. "C'mon." He said, heading back to the town.
  10. "Alright, alright..." She mumbled as she followed him across, taking a good look at the city. "So, Zero, what does people do for fun in this city? It doesn't look very large." She said in an attempt at distracting small talk. Who knows, she might even be able to use it in the future.
  11. "Indeed, there isn't much. That's what makes our little city stand out so much. We are very resourceful and creative. So, just use your imagination. If you have one, that is." Zero told her, looking over at her to see her reaction. His gaze flickered forward as a young voice called out to him. It was one of the cities children. "Rin!" He called to her, a smile plastered on his face and his eyes bright. The young girl ran up to him and hugged him around the waist. She looked up at him and opened her mouth to speak but then heard the others. Suddenly, a bunch of kids were around Zero. They were all talking to him at once yet he seemed to understand what they all said. One of the drama queens of the group began complaining about his life and the whole group, plus Zero, laughed.
  12. As Zero explained what the city folk were usually up to, Malau just nodded and smiled at him. So, these people were simply doing what they could think of with the things they had? This... Could give her the perfect approach, really. Break their minds, and you break their lifestyle. Well, as they say back in her dimension, simple is best.

    As the kid ran up to Zero, Malau was slightly taken aback. She had never liked children, not any kind of them. As she had to stay innocent, though, she was just about to explain it away by being surprised, when a bunch more came along. She almost lost it from sheer surprise, but managed to keep a lid on. "Well, you certainly... Seem popular with the children here." She said in an attempt to release a bit of steam.
  13. Zero stopped laughing but the children kept going. He turned to face her and shrugged. "I like children. Sure they get annoying at times but this cities children will leave if you ask them to. No argument." He explained to her. Zero turned to the children and told them to go play with each other cause he had to show Kira around. They all nodded then ran off. Zero watched them go, his arms crossed over his chest. "Now then le-" He was interrupted as he felt a tug on his shirt. He looked down and smiled when he saw his little sister. She was holding onto a flower. A rose to be exact. "Hey. Is this for Kira?" He asked her, taking the flower. She nodded. Zero laughed a little and ruffled her hair. "Your so sweet Ai." He told her. Ai bowed to Kira then turned and walked off. Zero stood up and handed Kira the blood red rose. "She doesn't talk much." He told her.

    Ai, his little sister
  14. Malau was a bit confused at this sudden gift. Never in her 200-something year old life had she actually been given anything, or at least nothing that she'd have to return later on.

    She accepted the flower, really appreciating the color of it more than anything else, and smiled in thanks to Ai as she was walking off. "Well... Can't fault her, I suppose. Some people just doesn't like speaking." She said as she was holding the flower gently. "Well then... What were you about to say?"
  15. Zero looked over at Kira and saw her smile. That was first but hopefully wasn't a last. He smiled as he saw her smile and hope of her fitting in rose in his chest. "Well, are you hungry? We can stop by the bakery. The baker makes great cinnabons." He told her, already heading that way.
  16. "Well, I..." She tried to come up with a good reason to just leave to somewhere else, where she could place the rise so that it wouldn't get damaged. As she couldn't, she just shook her head and looked at him once more. "Sure. Okay, let's visit the baker."
  17. Zero was glad that she agreed to go. He grabbed her hand and ran to the bakers. The building was average sized and a tan color. "C'mon." He said and pushed open the door. A tiny bell jingled as they entered and there were quite a few people in there. Zero led Kira to a corner table near a window and helped her sit down then walked over to the counter where he ordered four large cinnabons.
  18. Malau just allowed herself to be dragged towards the table. She could easily get out of his lock, but decided against it for now. As they sat down, she looked at everyone else in the bakery, observing them a small bit.
  19. Zero nodded at what the women behind the counter said and laughed a little. He walked back to the table and sat across from Kira. "Our sweets will be here shortly." He announced to her. He leaned back in the chair and look outside. Around them, girls whispered about Zero and they were all blushing as they did do. Talk about crushing. Of course, Zero knew this but he decided to ignore it.
  20. Malau heard their whispering, and let out a small sigh. It would seem that she had ended up being found by the popular guy of the city. At any rate, she didn't understand what they saw in him. Then again... Demons don't look for the same things as humans do. She looked at Zero and smiled a little. "Have you eaten here a lot before?"
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