Twisted College Style Rp

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Well before I start telling my idea I will like to tell you I have ADHD and it inflicts with a lot of my stuff so I might be inconsistent even if I try to be consistent. Now anyways here's my idea.

There is a College that you are able to get in for free but you have to sign a contract that you will never leave the school grounds until you are given permission by the head master. It sounded too good to be true and that was right. Everyone who entered are put into the college and sent to many different places with both genders but still you didn't realize where you were until it was too late. You are in a school for pornstars. Usually your just used as a toy for them and the lucky ones earn money being one. Though the one problem is if your marked as a toy your treated like trash and usually taught how to keep the person happy but the toys that don't pass get thrown away, literally. So it was a life or death situation for the toys.
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