Twist, twist... TWIST A WISH GAME!

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  1. "Sort of?"
  2. Granted, But you'll still age.

    I wish for interplanetary travel.
  3. Name: Jason Barnes

    hero name: tbd

    age: 19

    Look: [​IMG]

    costume (if one): None

    normal clothes: same as above, but no tie, navy blue overcoat, a black shirt, and cargo pants. He also sometimes wears this: [​IMG]

    personality: kind, a bit strange, friendly but kind of reserved, not super trusting, smart,

    short bio: He grew up in Boston. His parents were scientists in a secret government agency known as Dagger, tasked with making advanced field agents to act as a secret American team for covert and strike team missions. His mother, who secretly wanted to protect her son, convinced the board that Jason's power should be shape-shifting for infiltration and skin density for combat and stealth. After years of being experimented on and doing things he didn't want to do, he ran from the organization, not even telling his parents where he'd be going. The organization tried many things to get him back, including threatening his parents' lives and sending his team to capture him. As previous leader of the team, he knew how to take them down, and had to take down 3 out of the 4. The fourth, his best friend John, let him go. He's been on the run since. He's currently hiding out in Baltimore, masquerading as a student. He didn't need the education, he was taught pretty much everything when he was little as part of the program. He was trying to blend in.

    powers: shapeshift, change skin density (for example, he can turn himself to steel, glass, etc), super strength

    other: Keeps a knife in his back pocket and a 9mm in a belt holster behind his back. He's 6'0". Goes to the same college as Gwen. He has a secret blade he commissioned from a contact while he was a part of Dagger. It's essentially a sword made of energy.
  4. Granted, nothing attacks anything else. Carnivores die of starvation and herbivores multiply rapidly and wipe out all vegetation causing CO2 level to rise to lethal levels.

    I wish for happiness.
  5. Granted, but everyone around you will be miserable and eventually kill themselves

    I wish for beer.
  6. Granted, but it's warm beer, boiled and hot. It's healthier that way, though. <_<

    I wish to have the longest name in the entire Iwaku community.
  7. Ray

    Ray woke up early to work on a new piece of tech he'd been working on. If this did what he wanted it to do, it would revolutionize battery conservation and reduce battery waste. After a few hours, he looked at the time and realized he needed to head to work. He got his satchel and drove to the coffee shop down the street from his building. He got to the front of the line and saw his friend James. "Morning James. I'll have the usual."

    James smiled. "Morning Ray, coming right up. It'll be ready for you in a few minutes."

    Ray smiled. "Thanks man." He patted the counter and went to go sit at a table while he waited.


    Jason woke up late. He looked at the clock and said, "ugh, fuck." He got dressed and ate some breakfast before he grabbed his bag and headed for school. He felt like shit because, despite his steel skin, one of Dagger's asshole agents hit him hard in the stomach the previous night.
  8. Granted, but its frozen so solid you'll never get a drop.

    I wish for the meaning of life.
  9. Gwen

    She made a little paper airplane with her doodle. Despite being anxious and somewhat of an over worrier about classes, she still had something childish in her heart. She sighed as she crumbled it up and threw it to the side. She noticed it landed near the students foot and she groaned. She just hoped that he didn't see all of it.


    She noticed someone picking up her stuff and she was about to protest until he offered her a hand. Either he is a very nice man or wants to do something devious. He's in a suit for Gods sake. Either is a devoted volunteer worker or politician.

    Her eyes flickered up however and she assumed the man's face she saw was kind. And somewhat familiar. Oh! Wait was he the man in the magazines from the book store? No not the model. Perhaps a business man? That's it!

    "Thank you kindly sir." She smiled as she grabbed onto his hand and pulled herself up. She brushed off her skirt and grabbed for her purse "I normally do not make habits of walking into street objects." She giggled innocently and then claimed "Especially not this building here. I mean, I wouldn't be caught in this place. I'm much too much of a lowly peasant for the likes of this palace." She turned and she recognized him finally "Oh! You are the owner yes?"
  10. Granted, but they tear your body to shreds the moment you touch them.

    I wish for a slavegirl i can keep on a chain.
  11. Jason

    Jason moved his head a bit, saw what the noise at his feet was and went back to trying to fall asleep.


    Ray smiled and helped her up. He gave her stuff back to her. "It's just a building, no need to call it a palace or anything. I am." He held his hand out to shake hers. "Ray Harper, pleased to meet you, Ms...?" He waited for her to say her name.
  12. Alrighty everyone!
    I finished all the human subraces/cultures for tonight. Tomorrow I plan on finishing Elves and adding rules, the following day Orcs and Dwarves, then Thursday finish the last of the races, along with starting on magic. By the end of this weekend I hope to finish Magic, Religions, and anything important to character building. The following week I hope to see everyone's character, post up my own and get the IC started. I will work on the rest of the lore in my free time, but I want to get the IC started

    Any questions regarding your character, races, lore etc. can be asked here. If you want it to be unknown to the other players, feel free to DM me. Very excited for this everyone!

    Edit: I will be posting another Human Subrace/Culture soon, involving RiddL's island.
    Incase you've already read the piece of lore I write up "The Early Age" I want to notify everyone I will be changing it up some, including the "World Split Event" that created the islands and separated the continent of Kelmont in two, the second continent believed to be destroyed while others, primarily the dwarves, believe a second land exists.
  13. Granted, but it murders everyone when you aren't looking.
  14. Granted. You gain nothing. :P

    I wish for a conversation that I could participate in for the rest of my life.
  15. (I started watching season 3 of flash, season five of arrow and season 2 of supergirl but I stopped watching after a while. I definitely want to keep watching Flash.)


    The pain came back and she cursed "Shit." She mumbled as she forced herself to swallow and exit the room with her things. She noticed some bone coming from her elbow and she promptly worked on removing it before other students exited the room. She stuffed it in her bag hastily and panted. That could have been really bad
  16. Granted, but the world is now a nuclear wasteland with no survivors. You'll be the last to die, to radiation poisoning.

    I wish that women wanted me at first sight
  17. (Oh awesome! I have been just watching a lot of crime shows recently.)


    She allowed a smile "That must be hard. I have my own projects at home. Making little programs, little video games when I can." She shook her head again and readjusted her collar "Not big things. Little cartoon things. I have also been trying to analyze changes in flowers. Self pollinating by using q-tips." She nodded "Both things are slow."


    She scurried into the class and huddled into her seat. She leaned back and tried to compose herself from the pain. This generally never happened at school. She didn't lose control easily. This only happened when her body thought something bad could be coming, but she shook away the feeling. She was sure she was just having a cold and something and that was making her control weaken.
  18. Blair

    Dylan huh? Is he a co worker? It's fine if there is no positions. I'll probably go check out a university or something to see if they have any research opportunities. But I appreciate it a bunch. Seriously dude. I've never met someone who would randomly help me on the street and help out in the job department.

    She continued her coding until she managed to get something. She put on a recording of a woman from an old show and let it identify her voice. Hopefully it would transfer over to when she spoke


    Shaking she let him inspect her hand "I can regenerate body parts and sometimes create new parts. Bones being the main." Again she lied, this time making it smoother and using her calm voice. The voice she used when she was convincing herself too that it was indeed true.
  19. Blair

    "Meetings must be boring. Presentations were the worst thing for me in college." She laughed gently as she drummed her fingers "But I mean it pays well. And you do get time to work on gadgets."

    She noticed the tender come over and grin
    at her. "A wild Blair wanders into my counter." She says as she hands Blair her usual starting drink, a simple root beer "Unfermented root beer is super effective." The woman then said "It's been a while dude. How've you..." the woman's stare turned to Ray and she said "Oh hey friend that Ray Harper?" Her jaw dropped and she turned to Blair "When?! How? I..." she paused and Blair laughed

    "I've been busy Eileen. I just met him today. Made a fool in front of him by walking into his building." The woman still stood there with a shocked expression. She went back for a moment and Blair chuckled "Eileen is a bit of a drama queen."


    "Both." She said as she got cozy. She brushed the gauze around her hand as they spoke. So far she was relaxed so she wasn't so worried about any accidental injuries
  20. Granded, but you're forced to be alone, wandering the universe never to come home

    I wish for boobs