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  1. I think the title is self explanatory.

    Head Mistress
    Faragonda made her way to the court yard to greet her new students. A tall, curvy toned girl with raven hair walked next to her. She was wearing a small blue dress that fit her well. "Aria. Are you ready for your introduction?" Head mistress asked. Aria nods. Griselda continued seeing if students were on the list.

    (Btw everyone will probably play random staff)
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  2. Amber was walking up through the big metal gates of Alfea for her second year of classes. She had been dying to come back to Alfea and practice her magic again. She was walking along the stone pathway to go register with Griselda for her dorm room and class schedule but stopped in her tracks when she saw Ms. Faragonda with a taller curvy girl with dark hair. She knew the headmistress would be making an announcement shortly so she kept her ears opened.
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  3. "Priness Zeru, sweetheart? Are you ready?" Zeru was sitting at her makeup table looking at her reflection, staring at herself for a while. "Come now, Princess...I know that you are nervous but, this is your dream to finally go to Alfea. Besides you'll be able to come back on holidays." The maid tried to comfort her, which kind of worked.

    Zeru walked down to the heart of the palace and was greeted by her family. The King, Queen, and the two Princes. Still standing on the staircase looking down at her family. Thinking how hard it'll be to leave them, her thoughts were soon cut off when Joy came down the stairs.

    They glared at each other as the both walked down the stairs, fnally making it, the two broke their gaze at each other and hugged their family members goodbye. They made their way to the chariots they said their finally words to each other.

    "So long, dear sister....try not to get in trouble okay?" Joy tried to get under her sibling's skin.

    "I could aay the same thing...since you're officially the witch of the family." Zeru said calmly, Joy growled abd glared at her sister. "Well,...I should go, Alfea is waiting." With that said both of them stepped into their own chariot and once they clicked their teeth, the pegasui that were pulling it, took off.

    Zeru landed at the gates of Alfea, she watched as the others enter the gate and smiling and waving at their friends which she assumed. Stepping out of her ride she summoned two horse treats for the two pegasui that pulled her. "Take care now, and thank you my friends."
  4. Ms. Faragonda looked around at all the fairies. She smiled to herself and looked to Aria who stood quietly next to her. She stood in a proper manner as well as elegant.

    "Gather around Ladies." Faragonda called out. All looked to her and walked over. "I have assumed Griselda has gone over all the rules and what nots. I do hope this year will be fun for everyone. Also I would like to introduce someone very important to you all. This is Princess Aria Lee of Aurora. This year she will surve as both a student and an instructor."

    Aria looks up and smiles slightly. "If you need anything at all I am glade to help you after all this is kind of my Royal training." she laughed at how pethitc it had to sound. A Princess who never learned to be a ruler. She had all proper manners and such but not ruling.
  5. Amber's ears perked up when she heard the headmistress' voice and she turned to see the girl still at her side. 'How can she be a student and an instructor..' She thought to herself. 'She probably thinks she's all that.. like most of the princess' do' Amber thought as she turned away to go unpack in her dorm. She wasn't a princess only a commoner with her life on earth. Back on earth she was basically a princess but here.. she was a nobody who was lucky enough to be accepted into Alfea, where the royal magix blood ran among the girls here. Amber sighed as she found her dorm and pushed the door opened.
  6. "Amazing a student that's an instructor..." Zeru said to herself as she pulled out her luggage from the chariot, and walked through the gates. Ms. Griselda told her where her room will be, once she arrived she saw another girl there, she had platinum blonde hair...which surprised her because in her homeland, girls nor boys had that color hair. "Hello."
  7. Amber looked up to see another girl enter the room. "Oh hey. I'm Amber. You are?" She asked politely as she took a seat on the couch in the main room of the dorm.
  8. Zeru was distracted by the girls hair a little. As she walked into the room fully. "I am Zeru, princess of Skilia, and you are?" Zeru said smiling.
  9. Amber laughed softly as she looked at the other girl. "I'm Amber, I'm from earth.. not a princess" she clarified for the girl and then smiled. "I'm the fairy of the shining sun.. you?" She asked as the girl stared at her platinum blonde hair. She felt a little nervous as the girl kept her gaze on Amber's bright hair
  10. Zeru's eyes sparkled when Amber told her about being from Earth. "How fascinating!, a actual fair from the planet Earth. I heard stories of it but, thought it was just a fairy tale, but I guess not." Zeru smiled. "Sorry for my behavior, its just that I'm not use to being around non-royals, and I'm new to Alfea and making friends im pretty much new to everything, what about you?"
  11. Amber laughed out loud at Zeru's response. "Haha! No fairytale, but humans on earth think fairies are all just a myth as well. I discovered I was a fairy when I was 16. I'm 19 now. It's my second year year! I've not had a lot of luck making friends.. royals don't actually like commoners like me" She explained as the two chatted on
  12. Amy watched the introduction from the back of the crowd, her lips pursed as blue eyes stared at the student and instructor. "Impressive..." the fairy had been in her room the whole time since it was cooler there and so practically heaven for the ice fairy. Once it was over she remained against the pillar while people dispursed, being quite the shy girl she often found herself like this. Eventually she shook her head, pure white locks shifting upon her shoulders as she sighed. "Mou..." . Thinking about her brothers request she knew she had to atleast try to make friends...but who...
  13. "Well, I like you already!" Zeru smiled at Amber. "Oh, and I'm the fairy of weather by the way. I apologize that I didn't tell you before,I was distracted by the unusual color of your hair."
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  14. Amber looked at a lock of her loose platinum blonde hair. "My hair? What about it?" She asked as she wrapped the strand around her ring finger and then tucked it neatly behind her hair again. "Fairy of weather huh? I think we'll get along just great!" She said with a giggled as she took a look out the window and noticed a girl with bright white hair as she wandered about.
  15. "I'm glad to hear that." Zeru smiled and went to her dorm room. It was a nice roomy place but, it doesn't compare to her room back in Skilia, after unpacking her necessities she walkedaround the whole school.
  16. Amy had chatted quietly to some other fairies before she quietly excused herself. "Alfea...its to hot" she whined, pushing the hair from her face as she headed back inside. She had to say...this year seemed like it would be interesting. Amy eventually reached her room as she slipped inside. Instantly it was a lot colder and she smiled before collapsing into her bed.
  17. Aria made her way to her dorm room. Opening the door she sees two other girls standing around chatting. One had platinum hair and the other had curly brown hair. Aria waved slightly before quietly going to her room. She didn't what to disturb them or get in the way. Well that was before she got a sudden question. "What year are you ladies? If you don't mind me asking." She asked poking her head out her room door slightly.
  18. When Zeru finished walking around the school she returned to the room, a few seconds later, the tall, curvy girl from this morning walked in waving at them slightly before vanishing into a room. After some time, she walked out and spoked to them. Zeru couldn't help but smile, another friend to make. "I'm Zeru, this is my first year here."
  19. Aria, purple "Oh so your a freshie. I hope you enjoy your time here." Aria says with a slight smile "Tonight should be fun. We have a welcoming party and the boys from Red Fountain are coming. I'm Aria by the way I'm a fifth year student."
  20. Leaning back on her bed the snow fairy yawned softly, eyes fixed upon the ceiling as she huffed in boredom. There wasnt much she had to do..mor was she forgetting something? Sitting up she scratched her cheek with a frown. "I messages brother..." she mumbled before shrugging as she stood up. Even if he was only at red fountain she missed him. Now that she was up she stepped quickly over to her desk chair where she slumped down and turned to her book.
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