Twins! (Is this a thing?)

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  1. Hello Denizens of Iwaku. WE are Double Monachrome!

    We are twins who have been roleplaying together for a little over a decade and are not new to the scene, however we are a bit rusty as our muse(s) have had tendencies to go on joint vacations or clash. So now that the joint introduction is over with lets get some individual info out!
    I'm Mona, the female twin
    My interests primarily lie with
    horror and thriller RP's
    I can play either sex, though I do prefer playing
    women. My style of writing is a bit more detailed than
    my brother's though I do have a habit of forgoing dialogue
    for body language and expression.

    I'm Chrome, The male Twin.
    My interests are all types of fantasy, with a
    weakness for medieval times or historical settings.
    I can also play either sex but prefer male for obvious
    reasons. Where my sister focuses on detail and
    I have my way with dialogue, often having my
    characters with distinct dialects and accents.
    If there are any questions you would like to ask, such as; How does this work with two people any any thing along those lines please do. If you have any questions specific to one of us #Mona or #Chrome and the corresponding twin will answer.
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  2. I have to say this is the most interesting introduction post I've seen in a very long time! Welcome to Iwaku! Please let us know if you have any questions. We are always happy to be of help! Settle in and have a look around, I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities for both of you to be involved and many new friends just around the corner! Above all ...... HAVE FUN!!!!
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  3. Something tells me we're being hailed by a xenophillic alien hive mind putting their consciousness into terms we would understand because it wants to be friends. I for one welcome our new alien overlords!

    Just kidding! Thank you for the introduction Mona and Chrome. I hope things go well for you two!
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  4. Alien hive mind or not I welcome you both! Will you jave separate searches or will they be joined as well?
  5. Sadly due to the rules of Iwaku, we have been asked to make seperate accounts. While we may continue to help each other, this account is now the sole property of Chrome. I will be changing the name accordingly soon.
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