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    Name: Teller Miguel



    It had been several weeks since his father had died.
    Jet had been alpha of the Northern Florida werewolf pack when he had been challenged and finally fell in battle.
    Most challenges were to the death but when his father fell the challenger, named Drake, turned on him.
    Of course Teller was in line to take over but he would of had to fight as well and knew he was no match for the much stronger and older wolf.
    Turning tail he fled, not quite sure where he was going for the first couple of weeks.
    He just knew west was the safest direction.
    He was a young wolf and not used to the cold so there was no going north, especially with winter right around the corner.
    As hard as it was for Teller to leave his dead father he knew it was a death sentence if he stayed and the older male had never been much of a dad to him, just an alpha.
    He hadn't been educated much besides his private studying since his dad wanted him to grow up strong, not overly smart.

    After a long while of aimless wandering Tell found himself in California. His father had said a long time ago that his mother had left them when he was born and ran away to California, he guessed he hoped to find her though the chance of that wa
    Teller could tell there were a few packs in the air as he sauntered into the dark city but as long as he didn't try to mark anything as his he figured it would be fine to settle here for now.
    One positive thing to being his father's son was the fact that they had money.
    Well, at least until Drake withdrew it all.
    Running into an alley next to a Bank of America he shifted into his human form looking much like a kid from the streets since he hadn't really planned on his father's death and what not.
    Then he ran around the corner and quickly withdrew his fathers eighty thousand dollars, shoving the bills into his baggy pant's pockets.

    Once that was done he tore up the debit card and tossed it away, then headed for one of the cheaper apartments in the area.
    About an hour later and he was flopping back onto the floor of his new place.
    It wasn't much but for the price it was what he needed.
    There was a tiny kitchen, small bedroom, and a decent sized living room.
    There was also a bathroom next to the bedroom with just enough room for the shower and a toilet.

    Teller was intent on just crashing but he knew he needed clothes for tomorrow, his first day of school. Real school.
    Sitting up abruptly he had a huge grin on his face.
    "I finally get to go to school!"
    Jumping to his feet Tell bolted out of his apartment and went to the mall, not really caring that his clothes were rather dirty and had holes in the pants.
    Hell, some of the people walking around had a ton of holes in their jeans...odd.
    Glancing around he quickly noticed the high priced stores, frowning as he walked by.
    Those weren't were he could afford to shop if he wanted his money to last.
    So instead he went over to Ross, the place that had really nice stuff for half the normal prices.

    It was kind of nice to relax and not have his father breathing over his shoulder.
    He would of never let him go clothes shopping, deeming them unnecessary and a waste of money.
    After picking out several pairs of jeans and a few shirts, along with two sweatshirts he ambled over to the register and dropped all the stuff.
    Heh, he didn't know how to even use a shopping cart, just carried it all.
    Once Tell paid for everything he headed home..
    After a nice hot shower the kid shifted into his wolf form and curled up in the corner, passing out moments later.
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    Name: Donovin Valko
    Nickname: Vin
    Age: 17
    Race: Vampire

    Life was pretty good. Donovin woke up every morning to a maid or two walking into his room pulling back the curtains though his bed was well away from the window they still did it. He would roll over and just stare at them, at least his mother had good taste in help but on the other hand they were all stuck up even if they were the help. Donovin watched as they left the room without even saying a word but they knew he was up. He was always up before they came into the room and they learned that a few years back. That was when Donovin had a little fun with the new help. He would hide and scare the crap out of them or drop something on them from the door but time went on and his mother lectured him about the help and Donovin stopped his antics. So now he had to find his own way to have fun outside of the house.

    That's when the parties and fights came into play. He was a good student to the teachers eyes and after that he was the bad boy to everyone else. Though to his mother he was the model son which was why she let him get away with just about everything. Maxing out credit cards, throwing parties and the like. Donovin was aware of his home life and wondered if that was why he acted this way. He couldn't remember his father and his mother never spoke of him. Just that he was some guy that would rather live out in the woods then with civilization and Donovin didn't press for answers. He was told enough and given so much more. It seemed like there was no end to his mother's money and that was another thing he didn't questions. Donovin got the best of the best, including school and 'toys'.

    Donovin rose out of bed and walked over to his closet, he already knew what he wanted to wear today but it was just nice to look at everything in his closet. Several well tailored suits hung on one side of the small room all zipped up in nice bags, on the other side there were slacks and jeans with nice shirts and a few jackets. at the back there button down shirts and ties. Lining the bottom of the closet was a range of shoes from dress shoes to sneakers that looked brand new. Donovin pulled down some black slacks, with a forest green button down shirt and shined black dress shoes. The price to pay for going to a prestigious school, uniforms, or close to them. The criteria was that the guys had to wear nice clothes almost a suit or they could wear a suit and the girls had to wear reasonable length skirts with a nice button down shirt or a suit as well. Colors had to be solid and no bright colors. But Donovin didn't mind at all since he was used to wearing that style of clothing most his life.

    After showering and dressing Donovin made his way down stairs to the breakfast nook where his mother sat with her coffee still full reading the paper. She didn't look up at him and he didn't say a word. Donovin just walked over to the fridge and grabbed himself a bottle of some kind of liquid. After putting it in the microwave for a few seconds he walked over to his mother and placed a hand on her shoulder giving her cheek a kiss "I don't want a call from your school today" was all she told him as he had headed out of the room "I promise it wasn't my fault" he said in reply and just walked out of the room. That was how most his morning with his mother were but on special event nights they interacted more. Donovin grabbed his back on the way out of the house and there the car was waiting for him. It wasn't anything too fancy, just a black sedan that had it's own driver. The door was opened for him and he slid into the back. 'Just another day' Donovin thought to himself as the car sped it's the way to his school.
  3. Teller awoke in a very opposite fashion.
    Sitting up in human form he ran warm fingers through his mussy hair and groaned.
    It was pitch black in the building except for a tiny stream of light filtering in through the drawn blinds.
    He was about to just go back to sleep when everything came back to him.
    Jumping up he bolted for the bathroom.
    His shower was quick but he scrubbed everywhere and everything.
    Once done he pulled on a pair of boxers, torn up jeans, and a comfortable slightly-too-big dark blue shirt with 8293 sewn across the front of his chest.
    Not really sure how to do his hair Teller just ran his fingers through it a few times, then just mussed it up.
    Whatever, he'd just see how the other kids did their hair and copy them tomorrow.

    Grabbing a backpack he'd also snagged at the cheap store he tossed it over his shoulder and bolted out the front door.
    Nothing could ruin Tell's mood as he ran to school, literally grinning like an idiot as he past the rich kid's school.
    Of course he would have loved to go there but he didn't have anywhere near enough money to go there and feed himself.
    Wolves at quite a lot and he was a growing male.
    He did turn to glance through the open gates momentarily before turning back and continuing to his new school.

    West High was huge and considering it was the only public school in the area it was no wonder.
    There were kids everywhere and Teller couldn't help but stop abruptly, his grin growing even wider as he eyed everyone.
    Of course the kid didn't understand it was rude to stare at humans and within a minute he had three guys in front of him, their eyes narrowed as one stepped forward, grabbing his T-shirt and yanking him forward.
    Tell had to hold back a growl as the guy got in his face, easily lifting his feet off the ground.
    "Tch, fresh meat. Listen idiot, don't you know you aren't allowed to look at any of my girls like that?"
    Tilting his head Teller furrowed his brow in confusion.
    " all these females?"
    Sniffing slightly he frowned, not picking up the scent of a wolf on this kid.
    Why was a human claiming multiple females, wasn't that illegal? Or at least morally wrong?

    The guy growled and dropped Tell only to wind up his fist and aim a punch right at his face.
    Tell ducked easily, then sidestepped as another punch came his way.
    Without realizing it they were drawing a rather large crowd, some of the kids who were just arriving stayed by the front entrance blocking others from getting in while those inside formed a giant circle of wide staring eyes.

    Teller was a bit put-off by the attention but he couldn't afford to not pay attention to his new enemy.
    It was about five minutes later that the guy ran out of energy, he had been going all out but had also missed every single jab and kick he had aimed at him.
    "Are you done?"

    There was a loud cheer from all the kids surrounding them and Tell flinched, glancing around a moment before turning his attention back to the guy.
    Whispers started up behind them as the guy's friends helped him up and towed him away.
    Before he knew it Teller was surrounded by all the kids giving him high-fives and pats on the back.
    "Alright!!! The new kid's the school leader!!"
    He was asked his name and awkwardly replied; "Teller?"
    Soon the story wound pass to the other school cause come on, this was some seriously juicy stuff!
    The previous school gang leader had been top dog for over a year and he just got owned by a new kid who didn't even touch him!
  4. Arriving at the gate to his school there were already several students standing around, some held briefcases others had backpacks or folders. The driver pulled into the circle driveway behind several other black vehicles. From the outside all the students looked the same but just like other schools there was a hierarchy and everyone knew it. As the driver opened his door some other students started to crowd around. Donovin was one of those that made the rules, he could buy and sell anyone or thing he wanted and all the teachers listened to him. Hell if he wanted he could probably get away with murder...though he already had, it was just no one knew about his late nights out of school.

    Donovin exited the car and adjusted his shirt. The driver didn't wait and Donovin didn't care, once the car was gone he turned to everyone holding up a hand to silence them. "I'm not in the mood today" he told them. Something about today felt normal but there was something that started to nag him when he got to school. "You're gonna want to hear this" one of the guys spoke as the crowd parted around Donovin and another guy walked through looking much the same as him. "Let me guess. A new student starting issues already?" He asked in a tired voice and the other guy just had a small smirk on his face "Something like that. Come lets talk" he said and they started off for the inside of the school.

    The crowd thinned as the two walked away, everyone knew that when those two were talking you didn't bother them. "Just spit it out already. I don't have all day" Donovin told him as they walked through the doors of Buxton Academy "You were right about the new kid but it's not about this school. It's about the other one. You know the leader of the school that you've been having problems with..." "What did I tell you Oliver? I don't have all day" Donovin said slightly exasperated "Well Vin, he got his ass kicked by some new wannabe" Now that caught his attention, they stopped walking and Donovin turned to him. "We'll discuss this after classes. Get as much information as you can" he told Oliver and they parted ways on that note.
  5. School was definitely NOT what Teller expected.
    He thought he would just vanish into the background and enjoy his studies but everywhere he went he was asked questions, poked, prodded, grabbed, and hugged.
    Everyone kept saying that he was amazing and super strong but living among wolves his entire life he didn't see his strength as anything but ordinary.
    Of course he knew humans would think him strong but he hadn't touched the guy!
    He'd just gotten to tired to stand and the kid had passed out.
    However, no matter how many times Tell tried to explain this no one seemed to want to listen.
    The only thing they cared about was getting on his good side, which was slowly withering away as the day went on.

    Of course he was a patient wolf but that was the problem, the wolf part.
    He was genetically made to be short tempered though he tamped down his attitude extremely well after years of training himself to do so at the thought of one day living among humans.
    But now it was all just getting to be too much. Too many people wanted his attention at the same time!!

    The second classes let out he was out the front doors and running.
    Of course kids were trying to follow him, wanting to know where he lived so they could be 'friends'.
    Tch! It was just like being back at the pack and watching the younger pups chase around his father for acceptance!
    With a growl he sped up and dodged behind several parked cars, then vaulted a decently high fence right into a patch of honeysuckle bushes.
    The pollen danced around him as he landed with a thud and Teller had to cup his hands tightly over his mouth when it triggered several squeaked sneezes.
    Thankfully he was able to get control quickly and silence himself as the students from his school ran by.

    Once he figured it was safe to get up the kid did so, stretching and glancing around.
    Hmm? It would appear he'd jumped the fence to the richer school...
    Well, it probably wasn't a good idea to stay there so he quickly made his way over to where the open gate should be...but instead found it closed and locked??
  6. It was around the second break that Oliver had some more information for him but it wasn't much to go on, it was like this kid appeared out of thin air but it was at least something. Donovin's schedule was full as usual and even his break times he was doing something. A project here, tying up lose ends there and keeping up his social status not to mention keeping the others in line. Donovin was also making everyone aware of the new leader for the other school just in case the other guy tried something sneaky. Classes lasted a little bit longer in the day but as the last period rolled around, though it was hardly a class. More like self study or for those who had internships to get to already.

    Donovin made his way out of the school with Oliver at his side and many others on their tail. Today he would be studying with Oliver and making up a new plan for an attack on the other school. As the chattering of the girls reached a new level Oliver stopped not to far from Donovin's ride. "And who do you suppose that is?" He called softly to Donovin and he turned his attention to the front gate. He shrugged his shoulders not really concerned at the person. They had somewhere to be and a time to be there "Who cares? The others will take care of him for even stepping onto this property. Let Matthew know that there is some rat on the property" Donovin told Oliver and then got into the car. Oliver quickly pulled out his phone and called Matthew "Rat on campus. Take care of it" was all he said and then hung up the phone following Donovin into the car.
  7. The gate had been open a few minutes now but Teller had been surrounded by whispering students in uniform for twice that amount of time.
    He didn't want to be rude but also really didn't want to be there.
    It was like he was on display, something that was completely different from everyone there.
    Sure he wasn't dressed like all the fancy kids but that didn't mean he was to be stared at like some monkey.
    Pursing his lips in annoyance he starting trying to shove people aside to get away but a sudden yank on the back of his collar had the kid stumbling backwards and falling back on his butt with a grunt.
    "The heck?!"
    Glaring up he noticed another kid, this one obviously not happy with him judging by the leer on his face.

    Everyone suddenly started backing up but they stayed just close enough to keep the strong circle in tact.
    A few hushed whispers told Teller that this kid was Michael, one of this school's gang kids.
    Looking up at the kid Tell quickly started telling him he wasn't here for a fight but promptly got dirt kicked in his face for the attempt.

    Damn these wasn't like he was parading around showing off his junk or something!!
    With a quiet growl Teller got to his feet, hands fisted at his sides.
    After a quick goings-over of his handbook for the public school there was no hindrance against fighting off-campus.
    Good thing too because that Michael kid suddenly swung right at his face.
    Instead of ducking and dodging like he had at the other school he grabbed the guy's arm, dropped his weight and bent, sending the guy sailing into the crowd that scrambled just quick enough so the kid sailed through the air about fifteen feet before slamming into the ground.
    Hushed silence suddenly fell and Tell suddenly felt that might not have been the smartest thing to do...
  8. It took a bit for the car to get through the crowd of people that surrounded the gate, all the while Donovin was looking over some documents but Oliver was intent on finding out the status of the fight. He knew that Donovin would want to know the result as quickly as possible. However Oliver wasn't expecting for the fight to go so quickly, then again all he saw was Matthew being tossed. He knew that Matthew could take more then that but if this new kid was that strong the fight would soon be over. " might want to see this" Oliver stammered and Donovin looked up in time to see Matthew hitting the ground. "Stop the car" he told the driver just as they were passing the front gate. "Yes sir" he heard and the car slowly stopped.

    Donovin turned his attention out the window and straight to the rat, the kid looked scrawny enough in his mind but if he threw Matthew that easily. His mind started to work a little more as he sized up the kid but it still didn't seem like it would be that much fun to kick his ass. It was true that Donovin hadn't fought in a long time and it seemed like the rat was alone so this couldn't have been an assault on them. After deciding it wasn't worth his time Donovin got out of the car on the opposite side of the fight and Oliver followed suit. Donovin walked around the back of the car and Oliver met him there, they had already gathered a few students around them who were asking questions about the fight. With one raised hand their questions turned to whispers and then died off. "Oliver dismiss Matthew, I'll talk with him later. As for the rat...let him leave" Oliver had turned at the first order but soon stopped in his tracks "Are you sure that's wise Vin?" He asked softly and Donovin just glared at him "Alright. Whatever you say Vin" was the last thing he said and walked through the crowd where Matthew was getting to his feet. "Vin say you're dismissed" "What?! I was just getting started!" Matthew shot to his feet and was in Oliver's face "Go home Matthew" he said sternly and the guy glared at him then turned away. Oliver then turned towards the kid's direction and the other student's cleared a path for him. Once Oliver was in front of the kid he stuffed his hands into his pockets "You got lucky today rat. Get lost before Vin changes his mind" was all that Oliver said and then walked back to the black sedan.
    When Donovin saw Oliver walking back towards the vehicle he waved his admirers away and got back into the car. "Alright Frank. Take us home" Donovin told the driver once more.
  9. When the crowd finally split Teller thought he'd finally been allowed to leave but when another kid came up to him he was none-too-happy.
    However, when the kid suddenly had the other guy leave, Tell was a bit shocked.
    It was obvious the newcomer was higher in rank, especially looking at it from a pack mentality.
    But...he did feel like an alpha.
    Maybe a beta or third in command but definitely not the one calling the shots.
    Of course Teller knew humans had hierarchy just like wolves he didn't think he'd come across the gang variety of it so soon.

    As the new kid faced him and spoke he had to do his best to keep his body calm.
    Being called a rat might not mean much to humans, that they would spit out that word so carelessly but to a wolf that was like being called spineless.
    No wolf lives without a backbone.
    He started walking towards the retreating body of the newer kid, fists balled strong as they swung at his sides.
    The crowd grew painfully noisy to his sensitive hearing but that just spurred him on.
    However, when he was within about ten feet from the car Teller suddenly hit the brakes.
    That car...
    Whoever was in the back was DEFINITELY the alpha.
    Power radiated from behind the black-tinted windows and Teller's eyes narrowed trying to past the glass pane.

    However, within a few seconds the crowd was dispearsing and a teacher from the school was running towards him shaking a ruler.
    Tell's eyes widened and he quickly turned, bolting for the front gate.
    Shaking his head as he dodged around the corner and off the school's property he mentally chastised himself.
    That had been extremely stupid! He should have just dodged the guy or climbed back up the wall, not risk him getting suspended!
    He hadn't thought of it earlier but these teachers could easily contact the other school about his trespassing.
    Thankfully they shouldn't know his name...except when he finally came to a stop a few blocks away to catch his breath he checked his pockets...and realized his new school ID was gone.
    Double damnit.
    It had his name, age, school ID number, and home address.

    Well, all he could hope for now is that the teacher isn't the one who finds it...or, if god was smiling down on him today, that no one found it.
  10. "It's not like you to let someone go who has clearly wanted a fight with you" Oliver mentioned as Donovin handed him a folder "He took Matthew out with one hit. That tells me that either Matthew needs another lesson or this rat is better then we thought" he commented pulling out more documents. He was trying to get the planning for the fall semester festival done and out of the way. At least he had lackies to take care of the rest but as the school president it was his job to ok all the plans. "This one needs to be redone" Donovin mentioned as he handed Oliver another folder "I'll contact them immediately" was his reply and just pushed the folder into his satchel. "So I take it you are wanting things to escalate a little more with the rat before you do something" Oliver questioned and Donovin finally stopped looking through folders "Something like that" "That could blow up in your face Vin" "It could but it's my decision. However I see it working out. If I allow things to escalate others might think I'm getting soft but the downfall of that kid might just be the push I need to get the other fighters to back off. This is my senior year and I would like to graduate knowing that things will be handled after I'm gone" Donovin explained and the car came to a stop in front of his house.

    "Risky Vin but I see your point" Oliver told him as they both got out of the car. "Now enough talk about this kid. We need to finish the planning and I've got a banquet to go to with my mother tonight" Donovin told Oliver as a finally word making his way into the house. Much like normal Oliver walked off to the lower study to finish his tasks while Donovin made his way to his room.
  11. One of the kids who had been left staring as the kid bolted glanced down, eyebrow raising as he leaned forward to snatch up an ID card.
    Glancing over it he read allowed bu quietly; "Teller?"
    That was definitely not a common name among people he knew...Ah.
    Must be that new kids'.
    Glancing over he was going to give it to Donovan, since he probably would want the information on it but the car was already pulling out into traffic.
    Grumbling under his breath he quickly made his way over to the parking lot and after a few quick talks with friends he pulled out his phone and texted Donovan;
    "The kid dropped his ID, I'll drop it off in your mailbox on my home."

    With that sent he started up his bike and slipped the card into his back pocket.
    Awhile later he pulled up outside of Donovan's house and slipped the card into the box before vanishing down the street.
    He had a party to get to and had already gone twenty minutes out of his way to drop off the item.

    Teller got home pretty quickly mainly because he ran most of it and he lived rather close to both schools.
    It had been a much more eventful day then he'd intended but hey, he was in school now!!
    Grinning happily Tell shrugged out of his clothes and started up a nice hot shower.
    His dad had been one to disagree with the human's way of keeping clean, having only let him lick himself as a wolf to clean his fur.
    As good as that really did clean him he wanted to try the human version while he was living among them.

    After a fifteen minute shower he shut off the water and pulled on a pair of khaki capris, a black tank, and his tennis shoes.
    Heading out the door his mood had brightened even though it was getting dark.
    His stomach growled loudly since he hadn't eaten since yesterday morning and with all the amazing smells from the restaurants in this city he couldn't not try one.
    Chinese it was!!
  12. Donovin had pretty much been inside his own head since school let out and was wandering through his closet once again to find what he was going to wear tonight but nothing was appealing to him. Maybe it was time to get a new suit or at least a new shirt but as that thought crossed his mind his phone vibrated. That was odd for him to be getting a text but he pulled out his phone anyways and looked it over. Well his night was getting better by the second, after a quickly call to Oliver to retrieve the id he walked out of his closet stripping off his school clothes and tossing them in a hamper. For now he would just wear jeans and a shirt. Once that was taken care of he made his way down to the study with Oliver.

    "So the rats name is Teller" Oliver said just as he saw Donovin "he's a moron to let his id get lost but good news for us. The school places their name, age, school id number and even his home address on the id" he continued after handing the piece of plastic to Donovin. He looked it over once and then started to turn it over in his hand. "This seems a little to easy. I mean we practically hold all the cards right now" he commented and Oliver's brows knitted together "Like it's a set up?" He questioned and Donovin nodded his head "But what person would be stupid enough to agree to that and not to mention letting themselves be used against you" "Someone who is new not only to the school but to town. Like I said earlier, it seemed that this kid appeared out of thin air"

    After dealing with this new information Oliver bid farewell for the night so that way Vin could get ready for the banquet tonight. But even being alone it was still hard to get ready, he didn't know what he was going to wear and his mind was too wrapped up on this new meat to focus on the event. "Donovin you have an hour to get ready. If you are not ready then I am leaving without you and you can find your own way into the company" his mother yelled at him through his bedroom door. He just rolled his eyes as he listened to her walk away from his bedroom door. It wasn't like he really wanted to work in the company but money needed to be made so that he could spend it. Though unlike most kids he would be entering in the top of the company if he could get in good with the board of directors.

    After taking his time for that last hour he finally dressed after a shower and slicked back his hair some. With a bit of colonge he finally walked out of his room and down the grand staircase where his mother was waiting at the bottom. "Cutting it a bit close" she snipped at him "It's not like they can start without you" he retorted as they walked out of the house and up to the limo.
  13. Teller took his time eating his food, enjoying it much more then the human's around him could think possible.
    If the kid orgasmed right there they honestly wouldn't have been surprised.
    After all those years of 'no preservative' food and only live kills it was so nice to actually have cooked food with a bit of stuff that might not be the best for him.
    Once he finished the saucy part of the food he grabbed his untouched eggroll and headed out.
    The kid was more of a night owl though he'd tried to change his sleep schedule so he could be up for school each day.
    Guess it would take a bit longer then he thought.
    Also, he was still really wound up from his first day or school and all the new things that had occurred.
    With a slightly lopsided grin the kid decided it would be fine to just enjoy a long stroll in the city, it would tire him out enough to sleep and he had his eggroll to nibble on.

    With that understood he headed down past the schools into the big city.
    All of the lights and giant buildings had Teller's mouth falling open as he slowly walked down Main St.
    He'd seen cities from afar but the lights and buildings always looked so small but when you're actually walking amongst them?
    It's insane!!
    It was already around eight PM and Tell was still wanting to go further.
    However, he stopped after another ten minutes of walking, grabbed a bottle of water and perched outside a giant office, pulling his feet up onto one of the benches to finish off his eggroll and have a drink.
    His wolf was yipping happily in his mind as his eyes never stopped wandering from sight to sight.
    Fancy dressed humans were starting to file into the large building and he couldn't help but stare at their beautiful clothing and the determination sparking in each of their eyes.
    It must be an important event...
  14. His mother chatted happily on the phone with at least two people, Vin tried to ignore it as much as he could. It wasn't like this was anything new but tonight was the night he would be announced as a candidate for the company. Everyone already knew him but not in this light, he was going to be placed on display more then any other night. He would be surrounded by people asking questions about his moral and work ethic, frankly the lot of them couldn't compare to his intellect or strength but that was something the humans would never understand. The limo came to a complete stop in front of the building yet his mother was still chatting on the phone. "Mother" Vin called softly to her and she ignored him. "We are here and I doubt you want to be distracted when we go in" he told her a little more sternly. His mother could be an air head at times or rather act like a love sick dog ever since Vin could remember. She had many suitors but didn't seem serious about any of them.

    In the back of Vin's mind he wondered if his mother was still in love with his father. He knew that vampires usually took one partner the rest of eternity but sometimes circumstances weren't kind. A vampire could take several partners over a life but that was rare. Vin quickly shook that thought from his head as the limo door opened and his mother quickly said her goodbyes to whoever was on the phone and just as elegant as always stepped out of the limo with the help of the driver. Vin followed suit and stood his full height next to the limo, someone press people started belting out questions but his mother waved them off. They then turned their sights to Vin and he smiled at them as pictures were being shot "I have no comment as of this moment" he told them and they proceeded inside for the party.
  15. Teller had been standing up on the bench.
    Not just the sitting part but the backrest. Several people were staring at him with wide eyes but whatever was going on in front with the limo seemed to steal their attention away after a moment.
    He had just wanted to see who had gotten out because he felt that strong 'alpha' feel again just like at school and when his eyes caught on a young man he actually slipped and stumbled onto the flat part of the bench with a grunt.
    The guy could have seriously been his twin!
    Of course Teller hadn't looked in a mirror most of his life but he saw himself in ponds and what not and if his hair was just a bit shorter and he gained an inch or two in height they could have been related!

    Without really thinking he jumped off the bench and sneaked into the giant building through the swarm of paparazzi trying to get in at the same time.
    He ducked to the side and followed along the wall, then made his way to the giant back room where the huge part was being held.
    It wasn't that he had intended to crash the party but he had to see that guy again!
    Hoping not to get caught Teller slumped in the very back knowing that he was at least only visible from the stage, if that.
    Just a glimpse and then he'd be gone...not like he could stay for long anyways since he definitely wasn't dressed like everyone else.
    Who the heck where's a tank top and torn jeans to such an extravagant party? Teller.
  16. Once inside the building Vin relaxed a little bit, he knew how to act around these people. It was much the same at school, he could do and say what others were thinking of him. Which made it easier to act the part, Vin was good at reading peoples facial expression and bending it to his will. With a soft sigh he put on that award winning smile and started to greet people. His mother had already ran off to socialize leaving him to do this on his own. Granted he liked it that way, it was better for him to show he could stand on his own then have his mother do everything for him. "It's good to see you as well" Vin greeted.

    This would go on for a little bit and then the announcement would be made so until then he had dodge their questions about his entrance into the company "I'm sorry. That will have to be discussed later" Vin told one gentleman and then moved on to another group. He checked his watch several times as it got closer to the main event. His eyes scanned the room once more counting the heads of all the people and keeping his eyes on all the members of the board.

    Soon people started clinking their glasses which got everyone's attention and cued Vin to make his way to the stage. It proved to be a little difficult with all the people that showed up to the event but he managed. "Are you ready?" His mother whispered to him and Vin just smiled at her. He took the lead and approached the mic "Good evening ladies and gentleman, as you all know I am Donovin Valko, the son of the president of the company. I want to thank everyone for their attendance tonight. As you all know this event was arranged for myself and I appreciate your willingness to consider my entrance into the company. If you are to accept me I promise that I will take this company to new heights. To the company" Vin finished and raised his glass to everyone. The toast went well and his mother took over from there, she explained the rest of the nights events and Vin made his way off the stage after her announcement. He knew that the share holders and board members would want his attention.
  17. When the kid he'd been trying to get a good glimpse at hopped up to the stage his eyes widened, mouth growing into a huge smile.
    "Oh my gods!" He squeaked, trying to keep his voice quiet so he wouldn't attract attention as the volume in the room dwindled.
    With his superior vision Teller could easily see all of the features that would label them as related.
    Of course his father had never said anything about him having a sibling, let alone a twin, and he'd never talked about his mother either.
    He knew it wasn't because his father hadn't loved her but maybe because it hurt him too much that she chose to not live with him.
    A slight twinge of sadness pulsed through him at the thought of his father's death.
    He knew it would happen, it happened to all aphas eventually but still, his dad was all he'd ever known.

    Teller was about to sneak back out when his arm was grabbed firmly by a guard.
    "What are you doing here, kid? You know this event is only for those of the company!"
    Of course the guy would be pissed, this company held a huge amount of importance in the city and to it's investors.
    If information got leaked there could be a serious problem.
    With a sharp yank Teller was suddenly being dragged towards Donovin.
    The guard knew he should take Tell to Donovin's mother since she was the current boss but since the kid was going to take over one day he was curious to see how he'd handle the kid.
    Stopping close by he waited until the other had finished talking with clients before clearing his throat for attention.
    "Excuse me sir, this kid was found sneaking around in the back of the room, what would you like to do with him?"
    They could easily press charges and the guard was figuring that would be his answer, but best to ask first.

    Teller was trying his darnest to not snarl as he was dragged.
    He could easily get away from the guard but that would cause a bad scene and show off his strength.
    So, when he was pulled close to the boy who looked like him he tensed up, grinding teeth behind his pursed lips.
  18. Vin was already getting tired of this, all the talking and ass kissing was getting to him and his brain already started thinking of ways to sneak off but he knew that wasn't going to happen. "Thank you for your time" Someone told him and they walked off. Vin turned to get himself another drink only to be interrupted. Slowly he turned around to face the guard at his explanation of bothering him and then Vin's eye landed on the rat. This was defiantly a smack in the face and his earlier assumption about the kid went into over drive. So there was a plan to find a weak spot to take over his territory, that fueled Vin's anger to the brim. Upon further inspection of the kid something struck Vin as familiar but he couldn't place it. "Sir?" The guard inquired bringing Vin back to the room "I'll take it from here" was all he said as he took grip of the kids arm. The guard looked at him oddly but listened to him.

    Vin then started to drag the kid off as nicely as possible so he didn't give a bad impression to the event attendees. However he made sure that he could still see everything that was going on as he pulled the kid into an adjoining room. "You've got balls coming here" Vin hissed out at the kid as he set his eyes on him. He couldn't get over the fact that something more was going on and as his eyes scanned the kids face he found that the rat had a similar bone structure as him...almost exactly like his as if they were related. But Vin knew for a fact that he had no siblings. "If this is some kind of ploy to find a weakness so you can beat me and take my territory then you are dead wrong and will pay for your mistake"
  19. Teller seriously wanted to sink his teeth into the kid's arm as he was grabbed but that would spell disaster for him.
    Instead he just growled quietly and allowed the other to lead him.
    The second they were both shut in another room he ran forward and spun on his heels, eyes narrowed on Donovan.
    He could feel the anger rolling off him in waves but his own alpha blood didn't seem to register that he should shut his mouth and just agree that he'd back off.
    He hadn't come tonight to snoop, just wanted to see the boy that looked so much like himself.
    But noooo, he had to get into a territory war with this guy or submit?!

    "Your territory?" Teller spat, doing his best not to let his fangs elongate to bare at the other.
    If he was in wolf form his hackles would be pinpoints. As it was he was letting some of his own anger roll through the room as he lifted his arm, pointing a finger straight at Donovan. It was nearly touching but he knew to touch another alpha, even a human, might cause them to snap.
    "I don't care about our territory! I'm not here to steal whatever pathetic strip of concrete you want for yourself.
    I just came in here tonight by mistake." The last word was slightly growled but he quickly bit down on the sound, then promptly tried to move around Donovan for the door. Tell was in no mood to argue with a human, even if he did seem oddly strong for one judging from the power he felt coming off of him.
    "Move aside."

    Dirty human.
  20. Vin couldn't help but chuckle at the response that he got, the kid had fire and it was a bit nice to see that. Not many challenged him lately and he was getting rather bored just playing behind doors. "You have made one huge mistake" Vin told him in a low tone and as soon as the hand came towards him, he shot out a hand gripped the kids wrist and yanked him upwards. He wasn't sure what he planned to do though knowing that anything that resulted in a fight would cause problems for him but this kid was insulting him to his face. But just as quickly as he picked him up he let go regardless if the kid fell on his ass or stood to his feet. "The smell on you makes my nose sting. The only time that happens is when there's something wrong with a person and all my senses are screaming at me...telling me that you are not what you appear" Vin hissed out when he was finally able to get his head back.

    He advanced some on the kid with fire in his eyes "Why do you look like me?" Vin hissed out not caring how much he showed of his true self. His fangs were already long and his eyes had already shifted slightly to a blood red. He was not opposed to killing this human right here and then rejoining everyone at the party. "You better speak fast or I might just come to my own conclusion and kill you" Vin snapped before taking a breath.