Twins Forever

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Lily had woken up early that morning, still in her PJs which were soft pink pajama pants and a pink top. Every once in awhile she'd check on Kain, just to make sure he was sleeping and not slipping away again. Each time she checked he was fine and soon she stopped to let him rest while she went downstairs. Going into the kitchen she decided to make pancakes, bacon, eggs and toast for all of them, letting them sleep in if they wanted to.
Lily was the one that had the most sleep out of the three of them so she was going to sleep in till much later. She knew that if something was wrong they would wake her up but that did not happen. Rolling over she finally woke up to the smell of the breakfast cooking and her stomach growled. Getting up slowly she yawned and brushed her hair then went to check on her brother. "Kain?" She asked at the door before knocking and then going inside.
Kain was sound asleep when his sister walked into the room. He heard the door and everything else around him, but it wasn't enough to disturb his sleep. Since Lily said for him to get as much rest as he needed, he planned on sleeping until he asbsolutely needed to get up. But when his door up opened he caught the wonderful scent of Lily's cooking and that started to wake him..
When he did not respond right away she was getting worried and called out his name. A sigh of relief escaped her lips when he started to wake up and she smiled. "Lily is making breakfast do you think you can come down and eat?" He had not had something to eat for a long time meaning normal food. Not something given to him through a tube in a hospital.
Kain nodded slowly, still a bit tired but he felt like he hadn't eaten in days, which was half true. He then sat up and rubbed his eyes, trying to wake up more. "Yeah, I could really go for something to eat." he said before getting out of bed. He didn't bother to fix his hair and just left it messy as he walked away from the bed and met his sister by the door.
"How are you feeling?" She asked giving him a hug when he got to the door she was so happy he was awake. After she let go she walked downstairs to see what Mya was cooking. Also she was going to ask Mya if she wanted to move in so she could be with Kain all the time she probably would want that.
"A lot better now that I'm with you two again." Kain said after returning his sister's hug. He still felt a little weak for being in the coma for so long, but being around his sister and Lily, he felt better than what he did the last couple of days. He then followed his sister downstairs and the smell of Liliy's cooking grew. He smelt the pancakes the most and half ran into the kitchen. He loved her pancakes, they were always the best. When he got into the kitchen he grinned and wrapped his arms around Lily's waist, hugging her gently from behind. "You do know you don't have to keep doing all this stuff for us right?" he asked as he lightly kissed her cheek before letting her go so that she could finish her cooking. Lily smiled at that, but shook her head. "I know, but I don't care." she said. "This is what I want to do."
When he ran down and gave her a big hug she smiled her brother was back. "Mya I wanted to talk to you about you moving in. Also this smells wonderful thank you." She knew that she would be happy and maybe feel more comfortable about leaving her boyfriend everyday if she had to. She went over and helped her dish out the food and then placed it on the table for the three of them. Sitting down she started eating the food was good and she was starving.
"Move in?" Lily asked as she sat at the table. Kain then coughed, trying not to choke on his bacon. "She will." he said. He was a little excited that his sister had offered his girlfriend to stay with them. He'd love to always be with her and never be apart. Lily wasn't fully sure though even after Kain already answered for her. He seemed really happy about it, and so she made up her mind and nodded. "I'd really like that." she said. She'd do anything if it meant seeing Kain happy all the time.
"Alright we can deal with the rent later. I just thought it would make you two very happy." She said smiling seeing Kain's response to her question and she continued to eat her dinner. The two girls got along well and she trusted her a lot with her life they had been friends for years and years. Soon she was finished with breakfast and put the dishes in the sink to soak then later be put in the dishwasher. "I want to go to the store today we have very little food now."