Twins Forever

Kain smiled. He was really happy his sister was alright with Lily coming over and had even suggested she could spend the night. He really liked how well those two got along. "We really do owe her after this." he said as he followed his sister to her car. "I heard her..when I in that coma. She's been through a lot, and she insists on taking us out twice now."
She could not believe that he had heard things in his sleep that was a good thing so he knew they were there. "I'm glad you could hear us." She opened the car door for him and then went around the other side to get into the drivers seat. After she got in she put on her seat belt and started the car then waited for him to get in so they could go to Lily's house to get her.
Kain thanked her for opening the door for him. "Yeah, the voices were a little faint, but I was able to make out what you two were saying." he said as he then got in. He made sure his seatbelt was on nice and tight, sort of developing a bit of a small fear with cars, and then he closed the door. He took his sisters phone, knowing he didn't have his on him, and he called Lily real quick. He managed to get ahold of her quickly and told her they were coming for her.
A smile appeared on her lips when she heard what he said about the words that she spoke. As she drove she listened to their conversation and it was weird that when he called he got a hold of her and she didn't. "I'm glad you got a hold of her." She said as she turned down the street to where she lived. She wished that Lily had come more often but she knew it was hard for her to see her boyfriend like that, it was hard for her to see her twin also.
Kain laughed a little when he hung up. "Yeah, she kinda yelled at me though for waking her." he said with a smile. "And she said she was sorry for missing you text and calls." he added as he watched them pull up to Lily's place. He stayed in the car and reached over to beep the horn and keep it going for a while, half rushing her out of the house.

Lily sighed when he heard the constant beeping of the car horn. She got her bag and said good bye to her mother before walking out of the house. She smiled when she saw Tisha's car there and hurried over so that Kain could leave the car horn alone.

"Took you long enough." Kain teased as soon as Lily got in and closed her door.
A small laugh appeared from her lips finally they were together again all three of them. Little did she know that in a few weeks things would change for the worse and things would be very different. "Anywhere else you guys want to go or are we going home? I'm not being your chauffere for the whole night you know." She laughed at her own joke as she pulled out of the driveway and started heading down the street.
Kain looked over the side window as Tisha pulled out of the driveway. "Nah, just take us home." he said. "I miss my bed." he added as he stretched a bit. Just the thought of laying down on something more comfortable than the hospital bed was making him tired. And he'll finally have someone to share his bed with agian tonight.
"Alright home it is." She was being extra careful while driving so she wouldn`t upset or make her twin brother nervous. Soon they were at home she to was tired. It had been a while since she was in her bed and not sleeping in the hospital chair. That made her very uncomfortable and sore plus the sleep she had was little and she was exhausted.
"Home at last." Kain said with a smile. He laughed a little too when he looked from Lily to his sister. "Well, seems like I'm not the only one going to bed as soon as I get inside." he said with another laugh. He could see how tired they both were and it wasn't a surprise to him. He had actually been hoping they'd be tired so that he wouldn't be the only one who wanted to go right to bed.
"I've been at the hospital every day and come on those chairs aren't that comfy." When she stopped the car she got out of the car and then locked it when the two got out. A yawn escaped her lips and she turned to Lily. "Please if there are any problems wake me up immediately ok?" She headed towards the door and started unlocking it she was glad she was finally able to bring her brother home.
Lily nodded. "I will." she said before she took Kain's hand and walked up to the house with him. She was going to make sure nothing went wrong. While he sleeps she knows she'll worry a bit, but she'll be close to him and that she was glad for. She could be sure he stays with them and not slip back into his coma.
The lock clicked open and she turned the knob then the door opened revealing their house. "I'll take the guest room it's right near your room so in case something happens." She said while closing the door behined the three of them and locking it tightly. She put her purse and keys on the table like she always did and then turned towards the two of them.
Lily and Kain walked inside when Tisha got the door opened. Kain had pulled her closer to his side, half to move her out of the way for his sister to close and lock the door and because he wanted her close. "I'll be fine." he then said to his sister.
When he said those words she smiled and went over to hug him even though she was tired she wrapped her arms around him. "I really missed you." She smiled at him when finally she pulled away and the tiredness was overwhelming her she was almost falling asleep now.
Lily moved away from Kain when Tisha hugged him, letting her put her arms around him better. She watched the two and smiled. "I'll be upstairs." she said before leaving the two and going up to Kain's bedroom. Kain smiled and looked at his sister. He returned her hug before letting her move away from him. "I missed you too." he said to her. He then went over and took her hand. "Come on, let's get you into bed before you fall over and hurt yourself." he said as he started taking her upstairs.
Tisha could not believe after he just woke up he wanted to help her and was the protective one again even though he was tired. "Alright." She said taking his hand and walking up the stairs with him then stopping in front of the guest room. She watched him go in the room hoping he would last through the night.
Kain let go of her hand and gave his sister a quick kiss on the cheek before making his way into his room. He kept the door opened just a crack and got into bed with Lily who was already sound asleep. He really did miss all of this while he was in that coma, and was glad to be back.
She smiled when he kissed her on the cheek and said goodnight to him. Before going into her room she watched him go to his room hoping he would be fine. Moments later she went into the guest room and laid down covering herself with a big blanket. Sleept came seconds later she was so tired that she immediately fell asleep.
With Lily back in his arms it didn't take Kain long to fall asleep. He was much more comfortable in the safety of his own home and with two people that cared about him. When he was finally asleep, he wasn't sure he'd want to wake in the morning. He figured he'd sleep in for once. Hopefully the girls wouldn't get too worried, besides, he felt like he deserved a lot of rest.
Maybe Lily should move in she wondered to herself as she fell asleep at least they would be able to be together. If he didn't wake up or wasn't awake they would try to wake him up. Since she had no sleep lately she woke up later then usual and realized she was in the guest room and her brother was ok. She sat up and yawned then ran her hands through her hair.