Twins Forever

Lily returned her hug and then stepped back. She nodded when she was told to be careful. "I will." she said. Soon she turned and headed back down the hall so that she can leave the hospital. She'll always keep her hopes up and even though it may seem he wasn't going to wake tonight, there's always a chance that he will. She just wished she knew when the time might came so that she could be there. With a sigh she then exited the building, going back to her car so that she can go home and maybe sleep. Lily has been up all night for the past couple of days after hearing the news. But now that it was only going to be her and her little sister in the house, maybe it'll be quiet enough for her to actually get some rest. She checked her phone real quick as well, making sure the sound was on and it was on vibrate for whenever Tisha texts her.
Tisha watched her left and she sighed before going back into her brothers room resuming her position in the chair. A few tears slid down her cheeks as she watched her brother lay motionless on the bed in front of her. Lily was breaking down and she could see that and she was on the verge. Her best friend was in a coma and she could not do anything to bring him out of it. Slowly she moved her hand towards her brother and put it on his arm again. Soon she would need sleep it was getting late and she had no sleep last night she was to worried. "Kain we miss you, you need to wake up." She said quietly not knowing if he could hear her or not.
Lily managed to get home safely. As soon as she went inside though she went straight to her room and to bed. She finally let herself cry until she feel asleep.

Kain was still unconscious, but could faintly feel something touch his arm again. He was close to waking, but not quite there yet. It felt as though he was merely sleeping, stuck in an endless dream, and even he wanted to wake already, but it was like something was holding him back. He had heard Lily's voice earlier, and that brought him a little close. Now hearing his sister's voice once again, it was getting him a little closer.
"Lily missed you and so do I." She said quietly almost knowing that he could hear her wishing he would wake up so she could text her and say everything was fine. Maybe if she had cmoe earlier he would have woken up already and they would already be on their way home together all three of them.
The words he was hearing were getting much more clearer. The was slight movement of his hand, not much of course. A couple minutes later his eyes started to open slowly. Everything was really blurred but he could make out the outline of his sister beside the bed. He couldn't quite find his voice though to speak yet.
When his hand moved she started crying and grabbed her phone quickly to text Lily to say his hand moved and then threw down the phone. "Kain can you hear me?" She cried out getting on the bed so he could see her better so he knew she was there and never left him. The tears streamed down her face as she saw her brother open his eyes after so long.
First he saw the lights on the ceiling and then he saw his sister. He was glad to see her, but it felt as though something was missing. "No need for tears." he managed to get out with a weak smile. His head was pounding and was about to look for Lily but decided to just ask instead, not really feeling like moving just yet. "Where's Lily?" he soon asked.Lily's phone went off on her nightstand, but she didn't really hear it. She fell asleep and stayed asleep. She's been so tired that she was oblivious to her surroundings.
"Lily was here not long ago and left. I can't help it." She smiled dialing her number and putting the phone to her ear after a few moments not getting a response. She continued to watch Kain as if expecting him to fall back asleep and she knew that Lily would not forgive her if she didn't get a hold of her.
Kain watched her pick up her phone and dial Lily's number. He yawned, feeling like he never got any sleep. He glanced at the time and then back at her. "I bet she's asleep." he then said. Which was true, for the phone went right to voicemail after a couple more rings. Lily just didn't feel like getting up just yet.
"Your right I have to go get a doctor I'll be right back." The doctor told her if he woke up she had to go get them immediately and that's what she did. After hanging up the phone she went out of the room to find a nurse or a doctor even though it was still late at night. While she was gone she hoped he would not go back into his come.
When Tisha left Kain looked around the room a bit. He was looking for a calander or something that could tell him the date. He didn't know how long he had been out and hoped it wasn't too long. He'd hate to have had to worry his girlfriend and sister too much. He didn't see a date anywhere near by though and so just remained where he was looked up at the ceiling while he waited for her to return with the doctor.
Soon after a few minues she came back with the doctor so they could check on him and make sure he was fine. She waited by the door as the doctor looked him over and asked him questions like his name and how old he was. Then he told him the day since coma patients often wonder what the date was when they they wake up. The smile appeared on her lips as she texted Lily again hoping this time she would finally wake up or she would have to wait until tomorrow.
Kain answered all the doctors questions correctly though his mind was still a little foggy. Not too much though. He looked to his sister, noticing she was texting Lily again and then he looked back at the doctor. "Can I go home tonight?" he asked. He really didn't want to stay in the hospital for another night.
"I would prefer if you stay in the hospital so we can see if you are ok. But honestly we cannot force you to stay." He said while writing something down on the clipboard at the end of the bed. "You are very lucky. Please let me know if something changes or if he needs anything." He said while looking over to his sister. She smiled at the doctor and nodded. "Ok."
No, he wasn't going to stay. He couldn't. He wanted to be home and in a nice warm bed. He even missed being able to cuddle with Lily in his bed. Kain sat up slowly. He noticed he was in a hospital gown and he looked to Tisha. "Where are my clothes?"
A small sigh escaped her mouth as she knew that he was not going to stay she went to the cupboard and got his clothes. "I would really prefer it if you stayed one night." She said going over to him and sitting on the bed while placing the bag of clothes on the beside beside the two.
Kain shook his head at his sister. "I've stayed long enough." he said and took the bag from her. He moved his legs off the side of the bed. Keeping the gown on and not facing his sister he put his pants back on. Once they were on he took off the hospital gown and threw his shirt on. He waited awhile as his feet touched the floor. When he felt he'd be able to stand he stood. "Besides, I don't want to worry Lily any more than I've already did." he said as he slowly made his way around the bed and already started heading for the door, a little impatient to get home and go to sleep in his own bed.
They used to share a room so they were used to turning backs etc... when they were changing their clothes. She looked away out the window so that he could have some privacy. "Did you want to go see her now?" They would have to stop and take care of some paperwork that she knew. She followed her twin brother out of the room and to the front counter so he could be discharged from the hospital. It would take a few minutes but she started filling them out.
Kain thought for a moment. "If you'd be alright driving over to her place." he said a bit quietly. He didn't want to be too much of a burden on his sister after just waking up. And she must be tired. "Actually, you think we could possibly bring her to our house?" he then asked after they got to the counter.
She did not mind doing this at all since he just woke up and he had not seen Lily for so long. "I don't mind at all she could spend the night to if you like." It wouldn't matter to her and she was just glad that he was awake and wanted to spend time with the two right now. When she was done she started off towards her car in the parking lot going slow for her brother.