Twins Forever

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Kain was just going out for a ride with his twin like they always did a week before their birthday. Kain was driving and everything was going fine. The snow fell steadily and he was careful on the roads in case of any ice spots. It was close to 7 but wasn't quite dark out just yet. They had nothing to worry about. At least that's what he had thought. When all seemed fine a car had come out of no where and hit them straight on. It happened fast and Kain could barely process what had happened before everything went completely black. Luckily both still lived, His sister had minor injuries, nothing to serious. Him though was another thing. He was alive but after his wounds were tended to at the hospital he didn't wake yet.

Lily had heard what had happened by his mother at about close to midnight. She didn't go to see him though, not yet for she wasn't believing it. Ever since they started dating she took him and his sister out for their birthday. And with that coming up so soon...she just didn't want to believe any of it. She planned on waiting until morning before deciding anything. So for now she put her pink streaked light blonde hair up in a pony tail and made an attempt to go back to sleep..
Tisha remembered everything about that one night where the car had hit and almost killed her brother leaving him in a coma. All she walked away with was a broken leg that was now healed and a few cuts and bruises that healed quickly. Now she was spending all of her time in the hospital room. The nurses and doctors now knew her well and they even let her spend the nights there incase something happened and he died. Died. Never would she ever think of something like that the twins were unseperable but now this accident left them seperated. She knew why Lily had not come to see him but she thought if people he knew would come and visit him somehow he would come out of the coma. Now she was sitting in a char beside his bed and putting a hand on his arm.
Even after deciding that she was going to go Lily remained in her car. She was in the hospital parking lot, unsure of what to do. Of course she wanted to see him, she really did. But she feared something might happen while she was there and that she wouldn't be able to bare. She leaned against the steering wheel in her silver car. It was off and she was just watching as people walked in and out of the hospital, having wishing she'd see Kain and his sister walking out like they were both perfectly fine. But that wasn't going to happen. Lily sighed and moved away from the wheel. She took the keys out and put them in her pocket. Soon she got out of the car, figuring she waited long enough and went into the hospital, stopping at the gift shop first.
Sighing she leaned back in the chair her stomach growled wanting to get something to eat but she did not want to leave. Little did she know that Lily was sitting in her car right outside the hospital she had her phone in case she had to message her about something. Glancing at the phone she saw it was nearly 4 pm and there was no text message from the girl. "Come on Kain." She whispered to him squeezing his arm knowing that coma patients could sometimes hear and she thought he would or at least feel her there.
Kain was only vaugely aware of little things that might have been going on around him. Not much. He wasn't near waking, but even in his current state he knew there were people with him.

In the gift shop Lily had bought a few flowers, a balloon and a card. She knows she was probably going a little overboard with the buying but that is what she did when she was worried about something or scared. She did stop at the cafeteria of the hospital as well and got herself a sandwich as well as one for Kain's sister, knowing very well that she'd be there right now with him. The twins were very close, and it wouldn't surprise her if Kain's sister hasn't had anything to eat yet. After she was finished in there she got the room number from one of the docters that were caring for him and made her way up there..
Letting go of the arm of her twin she stood up to go look out the window she needed to stretch and use her legs. The small bleep bleep of the monitor could be heard meaning her brother was alive and she gained great hope since his heart still beat. Even so he was not awake yet and that was bugging her. Sighing she went over to the window and opened the shades slightly allowing a little bit of light in the room not hitting her brother though. The sun hurt her eyes as she was not used to the sun she was always in hospital now.
Lily always hated hospitals. She was best at getting lost. Luckily though, it didn't happen to her this time for Kain's room was rather easy to find. She knocked lightly at the door before entering, seeing Tisha over by the window. "Hey.." she said a bit quietly as she set both sandwiches down on the white counter. The flowers and balloons though she put on the table that was right next to Kain's bed.
When Lily walked in she jumped not expecting visitors for a while and she never messaged she was coming. When she saw the flowers she smiled and the sandwich her stomach gurgled. "Hey. Is that sandwich for me?" She asked going over to the table where the sandwich was she was starving right now.
Lily smiled and nodded. "Yeah." she said. "I had the feeling you'd be hungry." She went over and got her sandwich as well. She was glad she bought one for each of them. After picking up one of the sandwiches, she moved a car over beside Kain's bed, wanting to be near him. She then looked over at Tisha. "Sorry I didn't text. I wasn't even sure I was going to come in. Been in parking lot just trying to think about it for a least an hour and a half." she said as she started unwrapping her sandwich.
"Thank you so much how much was it I will pay you back?" She picked up the sandwich and unwrapped it then started eating it she was so hungry. "You don't feel comfortable do you? The doctor said we should talk to him as much as we can and I think it would be good for you to be here." She said placing a hand on her shoulder as she started eating more and more. Soon she had finished the whole sandwich and threw the wrapper in the garbage.
"You don't owe me anything." Lily said with a light shake of her head. She wasnt going to make her pay her back for anything, it wasn't like her. She then frowned a little at what was said next. It was true, she didn't really feel all that comfortable here. But she wasn't going to leave. She then felt Tisha's hand on her shoulder and she looked to Kain. "I don't think I'm staying for long.." she then said quietly as she soon went back to eating her sandwich. It wasn't just because it hurt her to see Kain the way he was, but she really didn't like hospitals. Her father died in one when she was little, and ever since then she was afraid of these places.
"Thank you. Would you like some time by yourself?" A small smile appeared on her lips as she looked at her friend they had become close when the two started dating. Maybe if she stayed there and took some time to talk to him things would be different and he might respond to her even though he did not respond to his twin sister. She wanted Lily to spend some time with him in case heaven forbid that something happened to her brother and he died she would have no time with him at all.
The thought sounded nice but Lily wasn't sure. When she finished her sandwich she threw out the wrapper and sat back down. She thought for a moment before nodding. "That'd be nice." she then said. Hopefully nothing would go wrong while she stayed with him alone for awhile. She wasn't going to spend -too- much time though just to be safe.
"I'll be just outside the door I have to go to the washroom. You can shut the door and call me if you need me." She knew that Lily was unsure and it was a good thing for them to spend some time together. The doctor said that he was doing good since his heart was strong and he was breathing on his own.
Lily nodded. She was glad Tisha wasn't going to be too far away. She then moved her seat closer to the bed so that she was close to Kain. Words weren't coming to her though, for she didn't know what to say. But she did take his hand into hers, half wishing he'd wake before she left for the day. It'd be nice. She highly doubted that'd happen though. Not yet at least. It seemed too soon for it. "I miss you.." she then whispered quietly as she laced their fingers together like Kain would always do whenever they held hands.
Her bladder was bursting and she was glad to be out of the room at least the washroom was not far away from the room. After that she went and got a can of pop which was just on the other side of the hall and started drinking. Having something in her mouth felt good and it would wake her up a little bit. Since she does not leave the room she had very little sleep and no caffeine she grabbed another can so she could have something for later. When she grabbed the other can she headed back and was just outside the door she kneeled down and sat on the ground.
Most of Lily's time spent in the room was in silence. She wondered if he knew she was with him or not, and had the feeling he did. When she did speak she told him what she planned to do when he wakes. She wanted to take him and his sister out somewhere and no matter how long it takes for him to wake she'll always be thinking about him. She even decided to visit him more often too. Eventually she looked at the clock and noticed that almost an hour has gone by. She hadn't realized how long she spoke to him until now. She then stood from her seat, let go of his and gave him a light kiss before walking away from the bed and leaving the room. "You can go back in there now." she said.
"Are you sure you want to leave now?" She asked knowing it was only an hour but at least it was a start she had come to see him. Quickly she got up and grabbed the can of pop that was on the floor beside her and would put this on the table in a little bit. The way Lily was acting meant that he had not woken up and she felt bad for him but she didn't want to think bad thoughts. How was she always the strong one with things like this she had no idea why she was not breaking down.
Lily gave a weak smile and nodded. "Yeah. I should really be heading home right about now anyways." she said. She did promise her mother she'd stay home to watch her little sister today while she went out. "Text me if he ends up waking?" she then said. If he was to wake while his sister was still there, she would really like to be told about it.
Nodding she gave her friend a hug to make her feel better. "I will text you the moment he wakes up." She said not knowing if it would happen tonight but she would not tell her friend what she was thinking. Lily had to have her hopes up or she would just go into depression same with his twin sister. "Just be careful ok?" She did not want to deal with her friend getting hurt because she was not thinking straight.