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    First of all, thank you so much for taking a look at my search and secondly I have two amazing people that I need to thank. First I would like to thank @Scorpio Queen for showing me that you can create amazing and pairings, I give her full and honest for some of the pairings that I'm using today. Also I would like to thank @Minibit for showing me just how much I can shine and that I don't need to run away if things get too difficult, there are plenty of hardships when it comes to roleplaying but you have to push through them to to truly shine.

    Okay now that's out of the way, now it is time for some information about me.​
    1. I tend to mirror posts most of the time but sometimes my posts can drop down rather quickly either because of writer's block or because of personal stuff. I apologize beforehand.​
    2. I tend to not be online as much as I used to thanks to my health problems and what not, However I will never ditch or abandon our roleplay, I will let you know if I am having some problems and need your help and I expect the same thing from you as well​
    3. When it comes to the 18+ nasty stuff, I enjoy but not if it conquers the whole entire plot, that being said I will do some sexual rps but there must be other information as well​
    4. please do not come to this thread and ask me to pm you, it one of my pet peeves. if you want me to pm you, then pm me. two birds with one stone​

    okay now that is all out of the way, let's get down to business, first a sample

    from a current rp with @PinkPixieDust

    Sarabas was looking forward to the garden party as well, not just a time where he could see the land that his ex wife had adored and loved so much, but to also to see what it was like. However a couple weeks before the ceremony and the festival, a couple of the garden fairies particularly a couple who had been at the party had come to speak to him and they were not happy.

    The first one was one of the dukes of the fairy kingdom he had seen him at the party, a willowly man with short brown hair and purple eyes, his wings were sharpened at the ends and he had this terrible habits of snickering under his breath as if something was always funny. "I'm surprised the king of the flower kingdom even invited you, your nothing more then a weed from the underbelly of the dark kingdom, we are trying to get our son to marry the princess, so you better keep your distance." he had said to him, snickering and sneering at him.

    The other was a rather thin and stumpy young woman with golden hair and bright blue eyes, at one point during his ecounter with the two, he could almost swore that they were related. She was very delicate though and when he invited her inside, he had treated backwards her hand over her mouth as if she was about to vomit. "Oh I couldn't darling, I just wanted to see who the riffraff that the king had invited in looked like" she had said, barely removing her hand from her mouth

    Sarabas had wanted to contact the king and the queen about this but had decided to pay it no mind, and had soon arrived at the festival dressed in his best appearance and trying to keep away from the couple or what he assumed to be a couple away from him

    guess what now it's been currently updated with one from my current roleplay with the amazing @PinkPixieDust
    so now onto the pairings, check it out bellow!
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  2. Fandoms
    Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood or The Original
    oc x roy
    oc x hawkeye
    oc x oc

    oc x sasuke
    oc x itachi
    oc x naruto
    oc x kabuto
    oc x orchimaru (beauty and the beast standpoint)
    female itachi x oc
    female sasuke x itachi
    Hinata x Naruto
    Sakura x Sasuke

    Black Butler
    oc x ciel
    oc x Sebastian (roles reversed or normal)
    oc x claude
    oc x joker (book of circus)
    oc x beast (book of circus
    Ciel x Elizabeth
    Joker x Beast

    Ouran High School Host Club
    oc x oc
    host clubs reversed (pm me for details, I might spark something)
    oc x tamaki

    oc x haruhi
    oc x kyoya

    Angel Beats
    oc x angel
    oc x otonashi
    oc x Masami
    oc x Yui
    oc x Yuri
    oc x Hinata

    The Idolm@ster
    oc x chihaya
    oc x haruka
    oc x Ritsuko
    oc x Azusa
    oc x Makoto
    oc x Kotori
    oc x oc
    oc x rin
    oc x anastasia
    oc x uzuki
    oc x Mio
    oc x Riina
    oc x Minami
    oc x Ranko
    oc x Mika

    Love Live
    Oc x Oc
    oc x Honoka
    Oc x Maki

    Oc x Oc
    oc x Nagisa
    Oc x Mariko
    OC x Yuuko
    Oc x Kanata
    Oc x Mimori

    Gakupo x Luka
    Kaito x OC
    Gakupo x OC
    Oc x Miku

    Pretty Rhythm (Aurora and Rainbow Live)
    OC x Aira
    OC x Rizumu
    OC x Mion
    OC x Shō
    OC x Hibiki
    OC x Wataru
    OC x Kaname
    OC x June
    OC x Naru
    OC x Ito
    OC x Ann
    OC x Bell
    OC x Rinne

    Uta No Prince Sama
    oc x Haruka
    oc x Otoya
    oc x Masato
    oc x Natsuki
    oc x Tokiya
    oc x Ren
    oc x Syo

    Death Note
    Sword Art Online (I'm kinda new to this)
    Kiniro no Corda Primo Passo
    Fate/Stay Night
    Mirai Nikki
    Food Wars
    T. V / Movies
    Elsa x OC
    Elsa x Anna
    Elsa x Original Snow Queen
    Anna x Hans
    Anna x Kristoff


    Flynn x OC
    Rapunzel x OC
    Mother Gothel x OC

    OC Street Rat x OC Female Genie
    OC Street Rat x OC Street Rat
    Genie x OC Genie

    Robin Hood
    OC x Robin
    OC x Prince John
    OC x OC

    The Hunger Games
    oc tribute x judge
    oc judge x president snow
    oc tribute x oc tribute

    My Little Pony
    oc x rarity
    oc x lyra
    oc x octavia
    vinyl x octavia
    oc x sunset shimmer
    oc x twilight sparkle
    twilight sparkle x sunset shimmer (platonic or sisters

    Ever After High
    oc x daring
    oc x raven
    raven x apple
    raven x cerise
    cerise x oc
    oc x oc
    Cerise x Pitch (Rise of The Guardians)
    Female Raven Queen x Male Apple White

    Rise of The Guardians
    oc x jack
    oc x easter bunny
    oc x tooth
    oc x pitch
    oc x oc
    pitch x nightmare moon / princess luna (my little pony x rise of the guardians)

    Once Upon A Time
    oc x snow
    oc x robin
    oc x Rumpelstiltskin
    oc x oc
    Robin x Regina
    Emma x Hook

    Steven Universe
    Pearl x Rose
    Ruby x Sapphire
    Pearl x OC
    Rose x OC

    Total Drama Island
    Criminal Minds
    Monster High
    Vampire Diaries
    my neighbor totoro
    full moon wo sagashite
    howl's moving castle
    spirited away
    Adventure Time
    my neighbor totoro
    Video Games
    Final Fantasy

    Final Fantasy X - X-2

    Yuna x Tidus
    Oc X Yuna
    OC x Lulu
    OC x Rikku
    OC x Paine

    Final Fantasy XII
    OC x Vaan
    OC x Baltheir
    OC x Ashe
    Balthier x Ashe
    OC x Fran
    OC x Vanye
    OC x Larsa

    Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core
    OC x Zack
    OC x Cloud
    OC x Yuffie
    OC x Vincent
    OC x Genesis

    Final Fantasy XIII
    OC x Snow
    Snow x Serah
    Snow x Lumina
    OC x Lumina
    Oc x Lightning
    OC x Yuel

    Dragon Age
    Fenris x FemHawke
    Anders x FemHawke
    Zevran x FemaleWarden
    Alistair x FemaleWarden
    Morrigan x MaleWarden
    Lelianna x FemaleWarden
    Cullen FemaleInquisitor
    Dorian x MaleInquisitor
    Josephine x Male or Female Inquisitor
    Solas x FemaleInquisitor

    Mass Effect
    Garrus x FemShep
    Jack x MaleShep
    Kaidan x FemShep
    Ashley x MaleShep

    Fallout 4

    Paladin Danse x SoSu
    Nick Valentine x SoSu
    Piper x SoSu
    Curie x SoSu
    MacCready x SoSu

    Slice of Life
    Celebrity x Manager
    Celebrity x Rival Celebrity
    Actress x Actor
    Actress x Actress
    Actress x Retired Actor
    Therapist x Client
    Therapist x Therapist
    Soldier x His/Her Husband/Wife
    Idol x Rockstar
    Rockstar x Female Rockstar
    Female Rockstar x Choreographer
    Female Rockstar x Long time Friend
    Rockstar x Band Member
    Arranged Marriage
    Boss x Intern
    Employee x Employee
    Blind Girl x Blind Date
    Model x Photographer
    Ice Skater x Ice Skater
    Ice Skater x Model
    Ice Skater x Manager
    Fashion Designer x Model.
    Gang Member x Pregnant Girlfriend
    Malifa Member x Pregnant Girlfriend
    Bride to be x Pregnant Maid of Honor
    Pregnant Bride x Soon to be Husband.
    Cosplayer x Magical Anime Girl come to life
    Loan shark/Victim
    Rival Mafia's kids
    Photographer x Bride
    Photographer x Pregnant Model
Experiment X Scientist
    College Student x Professor
    Boarding School Roommates
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Student x Teacher
    Psychiatrist x Patient
    Ex-Girlfriend x Ex-Boyfriend
    Rock star x Old Friend/Fan/Groupie
    Boss x Secretary
    Master x Slave
    possessive boyfriend x Daddy's girl
    possesive girlfriend x step brother
    Sick woman or boy/nurse/visitor/doctor
    Sick boy or girl at home/best friend
    Orphan x Murderer
    Spoiled Girl x Hardworking Boy
    Jealous Boyfriend x Engaged Girl x Best Friend
    Princess in line to the throne x Best Friend
    Street orphan x police officer
    Made-Up Celeb x old friend
    Dancer x Soldier
    Spoiled Rich Tyrant x Debt Collector
    Village Sacrifice x Vengeful God/Demon
    Gypsy x Demon
    Best friend/Best friend
    Sworn enemies
    Mafia boss/Mafia member or victim
    Mail order bride x husband
    mail order bride x bride (woman disguised as a male)
    Circus Performer x Circus attendee
    Pirate x Captive (possibly royalty?)
    druggie x druggie
    alcoholic x alcoholic
    dying x friend
    recovering from something x friend
    street fighter x street fighter
    Accidental Pregnancy
    Single Dad x Single Mom
    Boyfriend X girlfriend
    Ex boyfriend x Ex girlfriend
    Bodyguard x Celebrity
    Singer x Band member
    Teen parents
    Reunited first loves
    Sailor x Wife
    Married man x Single neighbor
    hide spoiler
    Vampire x other mythical being / human*
    Werewolf x other mythical being / human
    Witch x other mythical being / human
    Demon x other mythical being / human
    Angel x other mythical being / human
    Fairy x other mythical being / human
    elf x other mythical being / human
    Phoenix x other mythical being / human
    Siren x other mythical being/human
    Devil x Angel
    Devil x God/Goddess
    Elemental x Elemental
    Vampire x hunter / huntress*
    Werewolf x hunter / huntress
    Demon x hunter / huntress
    Phoenix x hunter / huntress
    werewolf chief's son x his longtime childhood friend*
    Vampire Princess x Human Prince
    Elf Prince x Fairy Princess
    Elf Prince x Human Princess
    corpse bride x spirit husband
    spirit x human*
    Mononoke/ Human
    Dark Angel/Human
    Egypthian God x Priestess
    Time Traveler x Lost Love *
    Siren x Rockstar*
    Siren x Siren
    Siren x Idol
    Siren x Rockband
    greek god x egyptian goddess
    kitsune x anubis
    siren x dragon
    siren x inspiring magician
    Ancient God x Mortal
    Demon x Cursed Person/Contractor
    Demon x Mortal
    Pirate x Mermaid
    Medieval / Religion
    greek god x egyptian goddess
    Egypthian God x Priestess
    Ancient God x Mortal
    Pirate x Captive (possibly royalty?)
    Pirate x Governor's Daughter
    Princess in line to the throne x Best Friend
    Princess x Prisoner
    Gentle Queen/Goddess x Insane King/God
    Prince x Princess / Maid / Knight
    Princess x Prince / Maid / Butler / Knight
    (sickly) princess x vampire healer
    knight x prince/princess/maid/butler/knight
    geisha x apprentice geisha
    geisha x client / samurai /lord
    Samurai x General's Daughter
    Samurai x Female Samurai
    Samurai x Female General
    Solider x Captain
    Solider x Wounded Enemy Captain
    Solider x Wounded Solider
    Recruiting Solider x War Hero
    Little Brother x Big Brother
    Big Brother x Sister
    Geisha x Apprentice
    Princess x Maid
    Princess x Prince
    Geisha x Geisha
    Female Peter Pan x Male Wendy
    Princess of the moon x prince of the sun
    female peter pan x captain hook
    dutchess x firework expert
    queen x thief
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  3. @Geometric_Cinderella

    Hello! I kind of like the idea for the ChefxApprentice pairing, if you're interested! ^-^ It seems like it can be made into a really cute story, and I'd be glad to create it with you. :D CX
  4. sounds good, mind messaging me.
  5. female sasuke x itachi
    Hinata x Naruto
    Sakura x Sasuke
    Tidus x Yuna
    Snow x Serah

    I could go for those pairings I listed up top ^~^
  6. hmm the snow x serah, sounds good, I didn't realize I had the female sasuke x itachi on my list. hope people don't get the wrong idea.
  7. Just a question, are you at all interested in Blue Exorcist or no? (It's a severe craving at the moment. Just thought I'd ask x3)
  8. sorry don't know it.
  9. Hello,

    If you are still interested, would you like to do a Egyptian god X goddess roleplay? I have seen the movie Gods of Egypt and have all of my inspiration pour from that. Though Egyptian was the first mythology I ever studied.
  10. uh sure, and I haven't seen the movie.
  11. still searching

    craving: mass effect and dragon age , also fallout!
  12. still searching

    update : I started school today so if it's taking me a while to respond or I haven't gotten back to you, let me know.
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