Twin Shades

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    San Radiante Is the main island as part of several others in a small nation. It seems to be the ideal place to live, sporting multiple isles with differing climates and activities. The Suburbs are in the jungle, and San Radiante City is just like L.A.!

    Of course, then there's the issue of the recent…disease. Its called 'Flickering.' What flickers, is your gender.


    Just to recap, this is a MATURE GENDERBENDING group RP. Come take a look and see if it interests you!: We're looking for players that love detail and want something different in their roleplays. Whether your character is Genderbent, or living alongside them, it always makes for interesting character development and relationships.

    Seriously, we need players. Things are pretty quiet and the dustballs roam unchecked.

    Come and see!