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  1. [video=youtube;36o71Z9uwpw][/video]

    This is my general understanding of the franchise as a whole.
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  2. Dammit.

    I thought the the shirt removal would work...

    *hits the restart button*
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  3. She didn't look quite constipated enough. I want accuracy!
  4. VAMPIRES DON'T SPARKLE. T ^T -flips table.-
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  5. Heresy?

    *Looks closer*


  7. Seems like neither of them had the skills to get her. Lol

    They did come on to her pretty strong. XD
  8. Seems pretty accurate overall.

    Also, Jigglypuff is truly a wise pokemon.
  9. I really wonder about people that actually like Twilight....
  10. I just cried laughing. DAMN YOU PEOPLE
  11. Oh come on, like none of us have enjoyed something stupid/trashy/idiotic/in poor taste before.....

    That said....

    Hahahaha Twilight!
  12. It just, Bella's acting and presence kills it! I dislike her as an actress
  13. I actual dislike the characters in the story. They just seem so fake or boring to me. While the world that she created is unique it is still just wrong...vampires don't sparkle. And certain parts of the stories are okay, but overall I hate it. So overall I think it is a fad, and crappy, only for depressed dumb teenage girls. >.>
  14. x.x
    I am teenager: check
    I am dumb: sometimes, semi-check
    I am a girl: check
    I am depressed: Not check

    Phew I am ok!
  15. Haha, I thought this was actually a video game for Twilight. Now that would just be awful... it's practically taking over the world already!
  16. Lol when I came to the thread I thought it was a a computer game too. I would have cried if that was real.