Twilight RP?

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  1. Anyone interested? I wouldn't believe so. Unless there's fans on here or something.
  2. I love Twilight, I'd be happy to do a roleplay with you private message me and we will talk about it.
  3. I'm also a huge twilight fan :) <3, so i don't mind doing one with you :)
  4. Alrighty. I'll post the plot later today and see what you guys think.
  5. sounds good to me :)
  6. So I think I'm going to keep everything from twilight, the schools, the homes and stuff, except all new characters. Does that sound good?
  7. yeahh sounds good to me :), i know all the characters and that
  8. So we make new characters. I believe we can just post character sheets now that everything is the same.


    Appearance(Pictures pleasee):
    Anything else:
  9. Name: Adsila (Addie for short) Grey
    Race: Quileute/Werewolve
    Age: 18
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: Addie is an outgoing girl who lives in La Push, she knows of the legends of her tribe but doesn't believe them just yet, she can get introuble a lot and is also not behaving, but she is a friendly girl and get's on with most people if they are nice to her,
    [hope that is okay, i can change anything if needed :)]
  10. Erm. All of the old characters don't exist. i'm not sure what Jacob you were referring to.
  11. changed it, that better?
  12. Perfection. C:
  13. ahaha, glad it was right second way around :)
  14. Henry Reinhardt

    Race: Half-breed -- half human, half wolf
    Age: 18
    Appearance: While very masculine, he stands at 6'1".
    Bio: His mother was a werewolf, and after discovering she was pregnant, she then told her husband that she was indeed a werewolf. After that, he couldn't bare to see her, the woman being a creature that he fears, a creature that most people fear. Although she's very beautiful, he knew what she could turn into and become. She named her son Henry, and raised him by herself and kept him hidden from the rest of the werewolf society. Having a small home inside of the city. Now in his senior year of high school, she wishes he could get out safely. He knows, full-well, that he is a half-breed, yet he is not able to transform into a werewolf. Instead, his blood is mixed, causing his senses to become stronger. Although, he is not as strong as other werewolves, he is stronger than humans and he can still transform somewhat. His nails will grow and strengthen, his teeth will become sharp fangs, and his eye color will turn to pure darkness, his irises increasing in size, being pitch black.
    Anything else: N/A