Twilight of Hope and Despair(IC Mk.2)

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  1. Cory started walking home after the bell rang for school to finally end. The walk was pretty quiet for once letting her mind drift. She thought about her past before becoming a magical girl. of growing up at first as a beggar than gang member. of how she did pretty much anything except selling herself to get by. Then on the Night she met her Guardria. how it appeared out of nowhere while she was dumpster diving and she trusted instinctively what it said. about how when creation began They became the embodiment of hope and the Desdra of Dispair and how they have fought a bloody war ever since. and it would grant a wish in exchange for becoming a magical girl, like that anime stuff. not entirely sure she gave her wish and it vanished, though would reappear later. thinking it conned her she had gone back to digging but then her little sis all grown up showed up. "man it's been awhile since i bawled like that." she murmured. she had held up her end of the bargain and had noticed something as the battles went by. this war was reaching fever pitch. and she would protect her family no matter what. then she shook her head "why am i thinking this stuff? man this so not like me..." she said to herself and continued on her way.
  2. Summer:

    Summer rode down the street on her bicycle, humming a cheerful tune. It was the day after she had agreed to be a magical girl, and she was excited to do...whatever magical girls did. She was heading towards the grocery store to get her family some food when she ran into something, and fell off her bike.

    "Man, I'm so clumsy!" Summer looked up to see what she had ran into, only to see a black haired girl wearing a green amulet.

    "Ah, I'm so sorry I ran into you, miss! Are you hurt?"


    She closed her book and sighed. A perfect ending to an almost perfect story, she thought quietly. She would have preferred that those two boys, Piggy and Simon hadn't died, but then again, it wouldn't have ended this way if they were alive at the end of Lord of the Flies, would it? Not that she hadn't known the ending, this was her fifteenth time reading the book, and she still enjoyed it.

    May set her book down, and flipped the library sign to 'Closed'. She locked the door, and walked out into town. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll meet a magical girl that I can corrupt, but I'm not counting on it....
  3. "oof!" she days going down on her rear with her and her amulet poping out but dosn't seem to much in pain "i'm fine had less nasty blows handed to me. what about you kid you alright?"she asks though she sensed something from her. then when her Guardria shadri showed up and said "yoh Cory this is the newbie." he said that explained it. "got'cha. I know the drill. you can go back to your studying just don't get caught." she turns back to Summer "so how much do you already know?" @Elemental*Stars
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