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  1. I just wanted to check and see if anyone's interested in making a Legend of Zelda RP with me! I'll write a more detailed plot this evening, but the jist of it is set in the darker ages of the Twilight Princess.

    The world knows of how the curse came to be; Granting immortality, the ancient god Demise placed a curse upon himself to eternally reincarnate and cause death and ruin in his wake. He swore that his blood will spill that of the ancient hero, and that of the goddess' heir, in a cycle that would never end. This legend has long since faded into history, but the meaning remains clear - throughout the passage of time an evil has broken through the defences of Hyrule and forced mayhem onto the lands, only to be stopped by a hero...

    The reincarnation of Demise, known as Ganondorf, was sealed in a realm of shadows after attempting a failed invasion upon Hyrule, since his execution was prevented by his eternal life. Languishing in the darkness for years, only recently did he lash out once more, using his Twili pawn Zant to corrupt the denizens of the Twilight Realm. As the cycle did state, the hero himself charged across the lands to destroy Ganondorf, but a cruel twist of fate did occur.

    He rashly, arrogantly set forth to defeat Ganon at the earliest opportunity - without destroying Zant, or many of Ganon's followers, the Hero and the reincarnation of Demise did battle - and the Hero died, his portion of the Triforce shattering into even smaller shards and scattering them across Hyrule to seek out those who were worthy of obtaining it.

    Without a hero to restore the balance of light and dark, several years pass as corrupted swathes of Twilight merge chaotically with the land of Hyrule. Evil reigns in these darkened areas, and a new fanatical cult - the Darkened Ones - quickly rise to power, under the influence of the dark forces of Twilight and becoming their heralds to those in the world of Light. They become a governing force stronger than the Royal Family (who are kept lost in Twilight in the castle), ruling over the citizens of Light whilst their unholy masters command the Twilight.


    The plot will begin with a small, high-ish quality group of RPers (Still working on the number) It won't work on a first-come first-served basis, more that your application will be closely evaluated (along with your OOC attitude towards the RP) to see whether or not you have the spot.

    These Hylians and Twili will be 'linked' (excuse the pun) together such as the real game, in which Midna hid in Link's shadow. The opposite will occur for the Hylan in the realm of twilight - their spirit bound to the shadow of the Twili. I'm still debating whether or not to separate the characters so that one person controls a Hylian and one person controls a Twili, or if the applicants should make 2 characters and control them both - but I'm swaying towards the former.

    Sorry for the, well, really brief plot description - I wanted to see if this garnered some interest whilst I'm away today before developing it when I'm at home, so drop a post if you'd be intrigued in RPing this!
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  2. It has been established that only one who wields a triforce can defeat Ganon, and that there has been a curse even set down by Ganon to prevent his permanent downfall, that there would always be a hero of courage and powerful warlord throughout the ages that would tirelessly fight one another as long as the world and the triforce existed.

    Is there anything in your alternate timeline that addresses this? Unless of course, we're a ragtag group of dirty peasants looking for the lost-to-history hero and put an end to Ganon's reign of terror, which in itself would be a pretty interesting story. We then find the next reincarnation as a baby and have to try to keep the child safe, nurtured, and hidden from Ganon for many years - while at the same time, try to train the child when they get older. Which in itself would be a struggle, since nobody in the group is really an expert warrior. We're all bakers, blacksmiths, fishermen, and so on. Meanwhile, the rest of mortal-kind wages a futile war against Ganon and the twilight forces.

    Using gender-neutral pronouns since it has never been established whether the hero of courage would be born a boy or girl.
  3. So, what characters can we play, and what exactly will our roles be? Like, for instance, can I be Poe-hunter, catching those evil spirits that roam across Hylia? Or, what about a skull-kid?

    I love Zelda games, and am interested!
  4. The idea was, of course, to move away from the canon plot. In this alternative timeline, I wanted to use another source of evil - My inital idea was to use Zant who had managed to find the Fused Shadow, but I was wondering if the better option would be to create an enemy (Entirely fictional and non-canon) which would be destroyable by those without a triforce, and perhaps much facilitated by those who do.

    Link's untimely demise would then be an issue, however. I think that's something I'll have to work on; perhaps a Link never even appeared in this timeline, or has yet to arrive, as you said below -
    This idea is something that I'm personally not a fan of. Intriguing as it may be to see the LoZ story told from a civilian perspective (and I for one would actively encourage civilian characters, or as you put it, a "ragtag group of dirty peasants") it would largely put the focus onto raising the child more than actually, well...going out there and fighting the bad guys, for lack of a better term. The group would possibly be restricted to their village, and even if they had to move from place to place to find proper instructors it would be a repetition of the same elements of fear, of smuggling the child, being subservient to these evil overlords.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I'd prefer to have something more...typically LoZ in concept, a group of heroes going forth to save the world. However, you did kind of hit the nail on the head (as I've said before) in the sense that I don't want several copies of Links. Bakers, blacksmiths, and fishermen grabbing a weapon and going out there to kill bad guys holds an air of comedy and a LOT of character development.

    Mainly see above. I want to try and keep all of the people's race to Hylian - not only does this make the formation of the group of heroes a lot easier (bare in mind that "corrupted swathes of Twilight merge chaotically with the land of Hyrule" means there would be areas otherwise impossible to traverse without going into Twilight - and therefore getting massacred by the beasts within) but it also means that we have the issue of a lack of cultural variation, therefore a lack of different strengths that would be vital (eg, Zora waterbreathing would really help in certain situations) and, of course, it also makes it easier for the characters to relate to each other.

    Now I'm going to repeat it again; despite this being a LoZ RP, I am not looking for a group of Links. That's why I killed off the first one in my original draft for the plot. The story will flow a lot better if we work the characters from peasants to vanquishers of evil, the scope for spontaneity is much more diverse and the problems seem much more difficult if we don't have a super-soldier archer-rogue wielder of light and darkness there to snap his fingers and kill everything.

    The same goes for the Twili, too. In the game, practically all of the Twili have been mutated into horrific monsters, save for 2 known exceptions. In the alternate universe we'll be playing in, it's doubtful that Ganon will play a role whatsoever in the curse, and without the power of a Triforce fragment the curse would be considerably weakened - the Twili also live under fear of the monsters, who govern their streets and ensure that the unchanged people work hard at...well, whatever their goal may be (That part's a work in progress, hehe) lest they, too, are turned into mindless killing machines.

    In short, the plot is still largely a work in progress. The big, gaping issue seems to be the current fate of Link, and the power and goals of the governing body who control the Twilight Realm. I'll keep taking stabs at it.

    Thank you for your responses, however! I do have a question for you all whilst you wait for me to patch up the holes in my little, sinking ship of a plot.

    - How many people should be admitted into this RP?

    - Should each person have the ability to only make 1 character, or perhaps make 2 - 1 Twili and 1 Hylian? (NB: This might be changed depending on popularity of the RP)

    - Zant's initial idea for the Twilight Princess was to cover the world in Darkness, but if the Twilight forces of this timeline wanted to do so, their work would've already been complete - what, therefore, would the goals of these forces be?
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  5. The triforce is still something integral to the Legend of Zelda series, and without that trio, you're kind of left with something else. This might also be some semblance of me refusing to let go of Ganondorf, but let's see where I can run with this.

    Whether we will be seeing Ganon or any of his forms or incarnations in the roleplay is still a choice that can be made. We don't have to see him, or at least not in this edition of a roleplay if you want to run the roleplay in a series or trilogy, but he can still be a factor in the world and main reason behind all of the damage. For comparison, Zant as a boss battle and big bad in one game, and Ganon as the final big bad of the whole series. As for the cause of multiple heroes rising up, here's an idea: somehow, through some yet-to-be-explained mysterious power, Ganondorf not only killed Link, but destroyed the triforce that he bore. Not only would this throw the world in chaos and upset the balance, but it gives us an explanation. Fragments of that third piece were scattered. So now we have a dozen or so people that are just barely a cut above the rest by that sliver or fragment of courage that they have that allows them to fight back. Now we have a dozen or so of "destined heroes" who, individually, wouldn't hold a candle to Link, but can collectively hope to defeat Ganondorf.

    It also gives us a theme. A moral, or at least some symbolism. That anybody with even the littlest amount of courage can make a difference, and with teamwork and sacrifice, change can be made.

    EDIT: Personally, I think each person should just be allowed one; a single; uno (that's 1, folks) character. And I'm tempted to say "Hylians only", but I guess it would be fine as long as the race you choose your typical mortal race. Hylians, Kokiri, Zora, Goron, Gerudo, so forth. Something at least humanoid. I'm inclined to say no to Twils.
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  6. I'm in agreement with this. Perhaps the pair of them went into courageous battle and, in destroying Link through means yet unknown, he broke his own curse - he's mortal, but the resounding blast set the whole place out of balance and shattered Link's part of the triforce into itty bitty pieces, scattered across Hylia.

    That's where I'm a bit at odds against you. The main reason I want to stick to Twili and Hylian is because of the whole 'paired up ' RP, the dependency of one character on the other and therefore teamwork has to be put into consideration when traversing across Twilit countryside and normal countryside. That, and my personal love for Midna is just about as strong as your love for Ganondorf xD

    The RP is also meant to start in Ordon Village, which would make it considerably more difficult for the other races to begin. I prefer to keep my RP group together instead of scattered across the world - I only really have enough time to properly control one particular group and keep it firmly rooted into the plot. If people are all over the place, my limited time will cause delayed responses, a lack of originality and the RP will peeter out and die before we get our heroes all together.

    An alternative is that Ordon Village becomes a multi-cultural safe-haven from the Twilight forces in this timeline, gaining fame from being the birthplace of the Fallen Hero, and that each year they hold a ceremony to commemorate Link's untimely demise, which should attract the visitors. But yeah, I really want to start in Ordon, hence the reluctancy to allow different races.

    I suppose if people are fine with wanting diferent races (as Penny said, she(?) wants to be some sort of skull kid) then I'll remove the Twili option and allow certain different races so long as we all start up in the same place. Note that I'll be using a canon character (yes, I mean Midna and there will becouple others we'll meet later on) as my main character.

    Right, I gotta dash, but I'll let you guys think over that for a bit!
  7. If you're wanting to start in Ordon, then yeah, I can see how we would be stuck with just Hylians. Unless some of the players were fine with holding out on posting until later in the roleplay. The idea I had is that the triforce wouldn't discriminate between races and I thought that'd symbolize something like that "anyone is capable of greatness" trope.

    As for mortal races pairing with Twili, I just don't think that would be feasible in a logical sense. There's a psychology in war: if you're on the winning side, you're going to pity the underdog. If the enemy is large, daunting, and presents a huge threat, you are going to rally against them like there's no tomorrow. That's part of why many American, British, and so forth citizens were eager to fight Germany in the 1940's. They were big and scary and wanted your land. The same would understandably apply here. The Twili might see the mortal underdogs and feel pity and might try to reach out to them. However, Hylia and friends, their only hope has been destroyed and there seems to be no stopping the twilight armies. They're slaughtered in droves, their homeland is tainted, and I'd imagine there'd only be smold'ring and unadulterated hatred for the Twili. If you're still wanting to include them, then I guess the relationships between the characters plus their betrayal might be an interesting dynamic, if not a testimony to whether or not we should be trusting the Twili.
  8. Well, I can find a way to fix Ordon, and I suppose the Twili part is still in planning then. My idea was to show a sort of "good versus evil instead of light versus dark" - If I were to use your war metaphor, the Twili involved would be the refugees or people turned against the 'big bad enemy' from within their country. People with good morals but born under bad circumstances, being able to help out in the resistance.

    But, again, I'm happy with opening up mortal races and removing the Twili option - just bare in mind that Midna will be one of the main characters and will play the same 'assistance' role as she did in the canon game.

    I'm going to fancy up the title a little so this garners more interest, and work on detailing the plot. EDIT: I've managed to sort out the beginning, the plot itself is still very condensed. There's a lot of misc. stuff I want to add about what life's like in Twilight-ruled Hyrule, the changes that went through the years to certain locations, more lore about the Darkened Ones amongst other things.
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  9. This isn't gaining a lot of interest. I'll keep it up until the end of the week and if there's still nobody replying then I'll scrap the idea.
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