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  1. Dear Student

    We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Twilight Academy for young Mages. You will be placed in a catagory based on your power. We must remind you that you are obligated to follow all rule just like your other fellow classmates. As to wear your school uniform during class, and most importantly respect the other students, no matter what catagory they are in. We hope you enjoy the year, and we look forward to seeing you in class.

    The headmaster

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  2. With a small briefcase in hand, Thomas wandered around the hallways of his new school. The academy has state of the art equipment for training mages in different crafts and a laboratory twice the size the one he blew up back at his previous academy. The library also has books and ancient text that are most commonly found in a museum. He wasn't very thrilled about repeating 9th grade in a school where he doesn't know anybody but after seeing all that, he realized that he wouldn't mind staying here.

    But there was one problem: He's lost. He can't find the dorm rooms anywhere and doesn't have a map to guide him. He wasn't bothered when he left his school map at home since he thought that his new school wasn't so hard to navigate around. But he was wrong. Oh, so wrong. Where is everyone?, Thomas wondered while looking someone to ask for directions. Did I come to school too early? Thomas trudged on and made a few more wrong turns.
  3. "Time for another year," Mika mumbled as she stretched her limbs, before readjusting the shoulder strap of her bag.

    Right now, Mika's in her sixth year at the school. Being a year 11 student meant that her workload would increase immensely, much to her dismay. That meant that she couldn't just go out with friends every day after school, as then she wouldn't have time to do homework. Yet, Mika was very glad about one thing-She finally has her own room. All year 11 and year 12 students at the school gets their own dorm rooms. Apparently, it was implemented because the teachers thought this would allow them to be able to study more easily and efficiently, and they wouldn't be as distracted by other peers.

    Mika was quite early coming to school, however, instead of heading to her dorms instantly, she decided to pay a visit at the actual school-grounds first. Still the same old, same old design, not that she complained about it though. However, every time she placed her foot down onto the shiny floor, the sound would echo, as there was no one there to mask it. As she walked around, reminiscing her memories, she saw an unfamiliar figure walking around the school. The person looked he was completely lost. Is he a new student?

    Scoffing, Mika decided to approach him and grabbed him by the shoulder. "You're lost aren't you?"
  4. Thomas was startled when someone grabbed his arm. "You're lost, aren't you?", the girl with purple eyes asked him. Judging by how quickly she realized he was a newcomer, Thomas assumed she was a student from a higher year. "Oh, finally! A student!", he put down his briefcase and offered to shake hands. "I'm Thomas. I'm a year 9 student. Again. Anyway, yes I am lost. I'm looking for the dorm rooms but I can't seem to find it. Perhaps you could give me directions".
  5. "The dorms?" Mika repeated the boy's words, and resisted the urge to laugh. "You really don't know? Don't you have like a map or something to help you find the damn dorms?" She took a few seconds to stretch her arms out and yawn, since it was still quite early in the morning. "Whatever," Mika then added. "I'll show you the way."

    Making sure to take all the correct turns, Mika soon arrived at the boy's dorm building, which looked identical to the girls's dorm building except for the different coloured gates. Again, since it was still early in the morning, not many people had arrived yet. "Next time, bring the school map. You won't believe the number of new students who thought they didn't need to use the map and end up getting completely lost." Mika then slapped the boy's back. "Also what's your name? I'm Mika and a necromancer."
  6. Amanda was getting ready for the new school year she felt pretty prepared she heard that this year she was paired with a new student and the she would be their guide for the year she right before she entered the dorms rooms she heard the announcement "students Amanda Hart, and Thomas Scofield please report to the headmasters office" that must be her new student.
  7. "Oh, I knew it I should've turned left at this part!", Thomas exclaimed as the girl led him to the dorms. By now, he noticed some students are already entering the campus. They all have different badges on their jackets. He also passed by another person with a badge similar to his: a badge with four elements. "Hey, these badges", he asked the girl in front of him. "What are they for? They look really fancy. My previous school didn't have these".

    When they reached the Boys dorm, the girl introduced herself as Mika and asked for his name. "Eh? but I already told you my name", Thomas laughed. "Oh well, I'll reintroduce myself. My name is-"

    "-and Thomas Scofield please report to the headmaster's office", the speaker attached to the ceiling boomed.

    "Yeah, like the announcer said, I'm thomas-Wait, what?!", He yelled in surprised as he realized he's being sent to the headmaster's office (again). "But I haven't done anything wrong yet!", He sighed. "Well, thanks for leading the way Mika", he said and ran off. A few seconds afterwards, he ran back to Mika. "How do you get to the Headmaster's office again?"
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  8. Amanda arrived to the headmasters office "good evening sir, is this about the new student I'll be working with?" She said, "yes Amanda" then a boy entered who looked around Amanda's age "don't worry Thomas you're not in trouble, I looked at your records, and I thought you might need someone to show you around, Thomas I'd like you to meet Amanda Hart, she's one of our best students" then the headmaster turned to Amanda "Amanda this is Thomas Scofield he's the new student you'll be working with" Amanda looked at the boy, she was going to work with him, okay, she could do that. She is very good student, she'll pull it off. As long as he doesn't give her crap.
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