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  1. Twilight academy is a boarding school for Mages ages 12-18. A Mage is someone with magical value. Mages are divided into four diffrent catagories. Scorcers, who have light magic, Necromancers, who have dark magic, Healers, who have healing magic, and element wielders, who have elemental powers. Twilight academy welcomes them all! And yes you do have to wear uniforms.

    Uniform for girls
    Gray skirt, upto the knee.
    White long sleeve uniform shirt.
    School jacket

    Uniform for boys
    White long sleeve uniform shirt
    School jacket.

    The school jacket has a badge that shows a symbol of what catagory they belong on.
    For the Necromancers: a silver moon

    For the Scorcers: a golden bird

    For the Healers: a heart

    For the Element wielders: the four elements


    Required Classes
    Voodo ( Necromancers only)
    Elemental Spells (element wielders only)
    Self defence spells
    Magic medecine (Healers only)

    Magic technology

    Rules meta gaming or god modding
    2.your char has to approved by me F cannons, S words. Any other cuss words are allowed.
    4.Keep everything PG-13 must be +12 to RP here can't have anymore then six characters.
    7.your grammar must be at least understandable.
    8.nobody is perfect so if someone's grammar isn't perfect don't give them crap about it
    9.I am the GM therefore if you have any problems tell me, and I'll handle it.
    if you break a rule you get a strike. Three strikes and your out

    Student CS
    Electives (must have two):

    Staff CS
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  2. Student
    Name: Amanda Hart
    Age: 14
    Grade: 9th
    Catagory: scorcer
    Appearance: side bangs, long brown hair, Blue eyes, pale skin, and freckels.
    Personality: tomboy, daring, and smart.
    Bio: Her parents both went to Twilight academy, they met during 9th grade. She enrolled as soon as she turned 12. She's a really good student.
    Electives: Battle, and Creatures
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  3. This seems interesting. could i reserve two spots, both girls. Also if i was to use pictures, do you prefer realistic or does anything go?
  4. Anything is fine, also You Don't have to reserve any spaces.
  5. Name: Thomas Scofield
    Age: 15
    Grade: 9th
    Catagory: Element Wielder
    Personality: Other people may find Thomas as 'someone who's a pain in the ass to have around'. Despite being friendly, Thomas can be talkative to the point that it annoys other people. He would talk to anyone about anything even if they don't want to hear it. Despite acting like a laid-back person, he's very calculating and is a creative thinker. He's a good friend and is very dependable at rough times.

    Bio: Ever since he was a child, Thomas dreamed of proving that time traveling is possible despite being the ancient texts that has already proven otherwise. His parents never really understood why, but he's very determined to fulfill his dream. He entered his previous academy as an 'Elemental Wielder' despite growing up in a family of 'Healers'. Even though his professors saw Thomas' great talent at manipulating different elements simultaneously, he was expelled from the school after accidentally blowing up the school laboratory while secretly performing experiments. His parents transferred him to Twilight academy where Thomas will repeat his studies as a 9th grader.

    Electives: Magic Technology and Potions
  6. Looks interesting :D

    Name: Mika Myuanell
    Age: 17
    Grade: 11th
    Category: Necromancer
    -Tall and slender figure
    -Purple eyes
    -Long, black hair that's tied up, along with side bangs that reach down to her chest.
    -Somewhat fair skin
    (I'll get a picture up later when I get the chance to)
    -Gets bored easily
    -Bit of a troublemaker as well
    -Somewhat hard to approach, but she's friendly once you know her
    -Enrolled when she was 12, just like most of people at the school
    -Grew up in a family of powerful swordsman, but she was the only child to turn out a mage, which was why she was sent here
    -She chose dark arts because the principal recommended it to her
    -Although at first she was clueless about almost everything (because she was raised in a sword-wielding family), she later managed to settle down and turned out to be a pretty good student as of right now
    Electives: Battle and Magic Technology
  7. Name: Ophyca Sylvara

    Age: appears to be about 11 to 13

    Job: Elemental Magic teacher (specializing in the element of Wind)

    Appearance: Around three and a half feet tall, a slender build and pail skin, pointed ears, and with a long, red horn protruding from his forehead. Light brown hair, bright green eyes that get brighter when he uses his magic. Green and white vestments, the hem of which hands down to his knees, giving him an even shorter appearance than he already has.

    Personality: Kind, insightful, plain spoken and direct, with an optimistic attitude about nearly everything. Doesn't say much about himself, or why he is as tall or young as he is.

    Bio: Ophyca is a Wind Sprite, one of the few that remain in the world. Most people that are still alive that know about his existence remember him as a kindly soul that would wander from place to place, a slight breeze following in his wake. But before long he grew tired of his journeying across the world, and decided to settle down, thinking how fun it might be to teach and help the younger people of the world learn and control magic.

    Picture Reference:
  8. Oh, it started xD Sorry I wasn't able to check. School happened xD I'll get my post up soon xD
  9. Sorry i was going to join but i may have too many RPs going on at once. Some of them are still pending and if they prove to be inactive then ill get back to you about this RP. again im really sorry
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