Twilight 2025

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  1. Thanks :3

    The main reason I'm not having Belle speak with contractions is that she's actually French, and has only been living in this provincial English town for a few years! Initially I was going to give her a broken English, but decided against it.

    It's also something I do without meaning to haha. I tend to write without contractions a lot of the time, with the exceptions of "it's". The only times I consciously and purposely use contractions is for dialogue for American characters rofl.
  2. I see nothing mentioned about vampires that sparkle. So where are they? Huh? HUH?!
  3. Yea Dude, I could totally get into this.
  4. *Throws R/D out the window*

    This could be interesting.
  5. Well thats two people at least interested and a few others who were scared about it being a Twilight RP! Whatever happened to not judging a book by its cover >_>;
  6. Since you've started the RP Ooc, might as well link it, too :D for those who are interested, but haven't signed up :)

    Twilight 2025 Ooc
  7. Kunari kiss him deeply, “You were away for too long.”