INTEREST CHECK Twilight 2000 (No vampires, nothing to do with the book)

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  1. Twilight 2000 is by far my favorite alternate history setting in tabletop history. Realistic and gritty it really drives home the point of the setting, makes you feel it. Now I would be playing the role of GM and not actively playing a character however I will have one if things get out of hand. Heres the plot:

    Now before posting interested you must fill several key criteria as a player since I won't be having a hand in this.

    1.) You must be mature and able to create situations for your character that builds them, this includes mature subject matter such as death of a fellow soldier etc.

    2.) Be a story driver and a team player, everyone is responsible to drive the story themselves but must also include the others.

    3.)Know a bit about tactics or otherwise military equipment, I'm not talking a 5 paragraph on breaking down your M16 but enough to show you know the basics.

    4.)I will be creating situations for you as you travel form place to place as a GM but it up to you to get there.

    5.) THIS is important, communication with your fellow players. You are all in this together, talk amongst yourself and come to a decision that fits the goal of the group. Together you have a chance to get home, divided you are likely to die.

    Now you will all be part of a rag tag team of US soldiers from different branches and units, banded together for one common purpose. Getting home. Why and how is up to you.

    Technology is around 2000 meaning PASGT system of protection and M16s. Do some research before you make a gear lists.
  2. Totally interested!!!