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    Early one morning everyone in the city of Autumn woke up from the same dream. At first, they thought nothing of it. It was strange but not any different than the occasional nightmare or stress filled dream. Yet, when they spoke to their loved ones, friends, co-workers, or even random people on the street, they learned that everyone had had the same experience. And that realization panicked them as quickly and violently as a blister popping.

    Supernatural and paranormal events were normal in the city of Autumn. They resided in the shadow of the ARC, an alternate power source drawn from the pure-energy world Aerth, and understood that odd magical goings-on happened from time to time. Yet, these events were always minor and localized. Calls poured into SPARRO (Supernatural Paranormal Reconnaissance and Reclamation Organization) begging for some explanation. Unfortunately, SPARRO was just as clueless. While they were tasked with tending to and eliminating supernatural and paranormal threats, this was beyond their spectrum to handle.

    So what was the dream?

    The dream began in an underground labyrinth. Or at least that was the assumption given the low ceilings, heavy mossy, and the smell of wet soil. A branching path was presented to each of the dreamers. Each corridor represented an answer to a question. The dreamers were free to choose the path they viewed as the answer to that question. They always had to choose. They could never deviate. Most of the dreamers awoke after having gone down a certain path. They were left with an odd sense of dread as if they had failed something monumental. A small group of dreams, though, made it to the end. They were given one of four objects: the sword, the chalice, the telescope, or the crystal orb. The dream ended after that, a feeling of urgency washing over them. Little did they know, they'd been chosen.

    Earth has always felt the bleed through from Aerth, but things seem to escalating at an unnatural rate. The people of Earth, Autumn especially, haven’t seemed to notice. Only the twelve can witness the growing changes to their world. Of course, not everything happens in the shadows, but not even SPARRO has managed to correlate the strange goings-on with Aerth. Four harbingers from Aerth have arrived on Earth to slowly weave the threads of destruction. Yet, Earth has sought means to protect themselves. Each one of the objects from the dream is a key for defeating one harbinger. Yet, as many solutions have made themselves present… there are so many more questions.

    The world is coming to an end, and it’s up to these twelves witnesses to save it, destroy it, or remake it. What does the future hold for them? And will they survive what horrors are about to be thrown at them?


    They can represent personality, life paths, they way you want to be. They are glimmers into your person and not to be taken verbatim. For instance: a business mogul’s tactics are that of a sword, but his personality is the charismatic fluidity of a chalice. Yet, since his business is more important to him, he would be represented by a sword.

    The witnesses that claim the sword are always moving forward, aggressively and never second guess their actions. But they lack proper emotional/mental defense.
    [Their Archetype is a "Warrior"].

    The witnesses that claim the orb are people who look inwards. They know the mysteries within themselves and are true to themselves, but they don't know about the world around them.
    [Their Archetype is the "Cleric/Healer"]

    The witnesses that claim the telescope always look towards the future. They are cautious and prepared. But, they don't live in the present.
    [Their Archetype is the "Wizard/Sorcerer"].

    The witnesses that claim the chalice are those that give and take, that are fluid in both life, relationships, and social interactions. But they lack grounding in the real world.
    [Archetype is the "Bard"]


    1. Player Level
    • Yes, yes, yes… We know, we’re in the all ages area and all… However we are age discriminating bastards and we know it, and we don’t care. We want our members to be +18 years old, so if you don’t have the red star, you don’t belong among us, kid. We don’t care about your reasoning or how mature you think you are. The only reason we decided our thread needs to be here is because everyone thinks only of literature porn when Libertine is mentioned, and that really ain’t our cup of tea.
    • This is an advanced RP, so it obviously means we’re also only taking advanced players. (Meaning; no one-line wonders, terrible grammar for which you need to turn into a detective to unravel, or Mary Sues or Gary Stus running rampant.) We have no time to babysit or patience to teach you. If your level of experience is not enough, then we recommend joining another RP instead of this one.

      Note: We can answer some questions via PM's and such, but just don't expect us to hold your hand through the whole character creating session and the actual roleplaying. You're on your own. If you truly are an advanced roleplayer, something like this shouldn't be a problem for you.
    • This roleplay is aimed to people who are older than eighteen, and preferably even older. We want mature people who know what they're doing and what is appropriate and what is not, and don't get shocked by some content that may take place in the RP, even if we do try to avoid going into too much details on certain things. This RP contains some death, swearing, cheesy romances, occasional sexual innuendos and morbid sense of humor among other things. Maybe some dry humping if we happen to have a mood for that, dunno. You have been warned.
    • We simply couldn't stress this enough and we truly hope this is by now obvious, but the traits that we’re truly looking for in the players are; dedication, creativity, the ability to write posts independently, good grammar (or at least a sign that you are truly trying) and common sense. We want people that know what they are doing, or that have at least half a brain to come to us and ask if they are confused over something, instead of going out and wreak havoc in the role play, that we will have to clean up. If you are not able to do this it might lead your removal from the RP.

      However, let us make this clear; we will not tolerate people who come in here with an elitist attitudes and think they are better than anyone else, or believe that their role playing is pitch perfect and that they have nothing new to learn anymore. It is nice to have self-confidence, but looking down on others and making sure they know you do it, is a complete absolute no-no. If you are like that, at least try to keep your narcissistic personality hidden. Everyone here in the RP are friends, and we want people to respect one another. Try to keep the OOC drama out. IC drama however is encouraged. Someone who doesn’t know how to behave will hear from us.

    2. Activity
    • Be ACTIVE. Try to post as often as possible, at least once a week or so. The more, the better. If you disappear for more than two weeks while in an exchange with an ACTIVE user without notifying us, you can be sure your character has mysteriously died or NPC’d permanently in your absence. You can not leave the counter player hanging, that is just selfish. If you leave for a long time, you need to create an exit for your character. [See Character Policy for more details]
    • We're looking for players who are dedicated. And we mean, really dedicated for a long term role play. We hate nothing more than people who spawn a million characters, post a few times and then disappear without a trace about two days later. These and the type who blabs endlessly about empty promises and never get shit done. Thus we have established a probation time for the new players. We are going to observe your first ten posts really closely; are they timely and responsive to whoever you are interacting with, whether they adhered to the standards we expect of our players, and most importantly that any rule violations or obvious problems are corrected by the time the user has gotten that far.
    • Like stated in the 2.1. try to be active. However, if you do have things hindering you from posting and so forth, just keep us informed as too stated before. However, if you also are in exchange with another player, inform that player as well if you don't for some reason make an exit for you character. You have to understand that not everyone is willing to wait for you, and might want to use that time more productively and interact with others instead of twiddling their thumbs. It's not a personal attack towards you, and it should not be anything to get upset about. You surely can interact with that player later on, it's not the end of the world.

      So, while you contact us about your hiatuses, don't tell us anything like "oh would you inform this and this about my hiatus" or anything between the lines, because no, we're not your messengers or errand boys. We have tons of shit to do and dozen people to look after, we can't remember everything, nor do we have the time for that. So take care of your own ends and we'll take care of ours, and everything should run smoothly.
    • If you do end up going to hiatus, inform us on the exact moment you want us to put you on inactive. Don't tell us anything like "next week" or "next month" or even "the day after tomorrow" because seriously, like said before, we have a lot of people to look after in here and counting on Wicked's memory, Nemo's memory, Rekt’s or for the love of everything that is holy, Misa’s memory is one hell of a terrible idea. So tell us immediately when you want your status changed so that we can do it right away and we won't forget.

      Contact us again when you want your status back to active. Don't think that if your status is inactive and you suddenly post out of nowhere is that we realize on the spot that; heyyyy you're back in action, because some people just push in a post in middle of their hiatuses anyway and then continue their hiatus. (Which I personally can't decide if I'm happy or annoyed about. Probably more annoyed. Like are you just being hella lazy with your activity or what the shit?) Send us a personal message about your comeback, please!

    • Activity definition list by Nemopedia:

      Active – Role player is reachable through PM’s or other means of contact if shared and can reply every day or at least once a week.

      Inactive – Role player might be unreachable through PM’s or other means of contact if shared and can’t reply either or infrequently that might annoy the host and moderators.

      Note: All role players will be checked upon by the co-mod or host once a month if they haven’t heard of them or if their activity doesn’t match up to what they have briefed through with us. (With the exception of these who are waiting for posts to reply to.)

      Note 2: It is to the risk of the role player themselves if they don’t share other means of contact with the staff of Twelve Witnesses. We shall not put into special efforts to try to obtain this information or try to reach you otherwise if PM doesn’t work. And remember; contacting us is your, and only your, very own responsibility in the first place. Keep us updated, and everyone will be happy.
    • We have (well, mostly Nemo has) made a warning system according to breaking the activity rules to avoid having to deal with constantly disappearing and reappearing people, because that is not alright. Of course this warning system will also include breaking all the rules in general, but it is mainly dedicated towards these illusionist type of players that I'm personally so done with.

      Warning system:

      - Warnings are given by GMs to players for breaking rules.
      - After 3 warnings have been given the role player will be expelled from TW.
      - The role players in question will always receive a message about the warning with a reasoning why the warning has been issued.
      - The role player is given two weeks after receiving the message to write out a complaint if they find the warning to be unfair.
      - After two weeks any complaints shall be ignored and the role player will be unable to defend their case.
      - Role players are allowed to see their warnings (date and reasons) at all given times when asked for.
      - A log shall be kept up by one of the staff members with all warnings issued, date and time of warning and reason.
      - Warnings will always be issued privately and neither be shared to members to whom it does not concern.
      - Warnings will expire one year after date given.

    • IC Character interaction policy.

      As the title states the IC Character interaction policy is all about the interactions between characters in the IC. So, to be more specific, this set of rules will explain the proper etiquette for members who have characters interacting with each other. It, unfortunately, has come to our attention in our time on this site that several members seem to be neglecting replying in a timely manner, leaving their fellow members to wait for weeks, if not months, for a reply so that their character can move on. Not only is this disrespectful towards the other members, but it also unnecessarily keeps the IC up, causing a chain reaction of people who are waiting, and often, leads to the RPs untimely death. We had hoped, and expected, that the members would find the behaviour to be obvious to reply to the interacted characters as swiftly as possible, however it has been proven numerous of times that we have to regulate this and oversee it in a strict manner.

      However, it isn’t only the people who are leaving others to wait who are being chased. This very much goes for these who are waiting as well. Don’t become too dependent on the activity of your partner, go and be more aggressive yourself as well. We aren’t in kindergarten anymore and most of us are university age or working adults. We may and we shall expect some independency from you all.

      What does this mean? – This means, that as per the rules of activity the members are expected to reply within days, if not a week, if they are interacting with another character in the IC. If the member feels like they can’t meet up with that expectation, the proper reaction should be that the member moves their character out of said interaction as soon as possible.

      Another option is that they message the member who interacted with them and make sure that they edit their (last) post as such that this interaction never happened, or swiftly finds place in which they aren’t stuck to wait for all too long.

      If the member, however, fails to message, notify, or move their character out of the interaction at all and leave the other to wait for a reply without further message, they will receive a warning without further notification as well if the waiting period exceeds two weeks. One who feels that they don’t have to conform to the rules and or believe that they stand above the respect that is due given to their fellow members will lack such treatment as well.

      Asides from a warning, the member who is interacting with the other will also receive the permission to godmod the character of the member who failed to reply within proper time (over 14 (FOURTEEN) days), as such successfully moving themselves out of the situation. This may cross as contradictory to what we state in our regular rules about role play etiquette, however, know that this is a very exceptional situation and that godmodding isn’t allowed before permission is given by the GMs, or the member of the character itself.

      At the other hand, to these who are waiting. If you haven’t received a reply after two weeks we expect you to assume your own responsibility and message the member in question. Don’t run over to us to complain immediately, for we aren’t your parent, guardian, teacher, or nurse, but the (co-)GM. There is a difference and the biggest difference is the independency we give you. If you haven’t tried to solve the problem on your own we will probably send you back to do so. If you have tried and it failed, then we will take the step to help you out, however, do not expect us to always help you out whenever you run into trouble. The rules are clear on what you can do when the problem arises in which you have to wait for longer than two weeks. Godmod, or message the person in question. If the problem isn’t solved then, or if the member is causing a fit over you godmodding their character, then you are allowed to message us with your problems, however, and let me repeat: ALWAYS TRY TO SOLVE IT ON YOUR OWN FIRST.

      What if you don’t take any actions and let the situation as it is? Then you both will receive a warning. The one who leaves the other waiting for reasons stated above, the other for being inactive as well and for being too passive to take their own actions out. Seriously, even rabbits are more forward. Avoid this streak and make sure that it isn’t your activity that is suffering because of your own lack of backbone!

      When can we speak of such a situation? – Very quickly actually. An interaction finds place once characters meet and start talking, or engage in some form of action together. We encourage interactions between members as much as possible, however, we also encourage it to make it swift so that the story may advance and move forward. We understand that members have a life outside of role playing, and that replies aren’t always possible on a daily base.

      However, leaving others to wait for a post for longer than a week (7 (SEVEN) days) is unacceptable unless a reason has been given for this inactivity. These reasons can be very short, such as exams, or moving, hospital, etc… However shouldn’t remain for an extended period of time. If one has reason to believe that their inactivity will be for longer than a week they are responsible for messaging the members with whom they are interacting with and make sure that the situation is solved, in which the other gets themselves out of the interaction and thus aren’t stuck to wait.

      Any failure to do so, be it that there is no reason given for inactivity, or that they left without ending the interactions inside of the IC, will be given a warning to. As known from the warning system the member is automatically kicked out of the role play after three warnings. As you can read, this situation can occur very easily, but is even easier to avoid. Be wise, and always message the GM or one of the mods along with the members of the characters you are interacting with and avoid these unnecessary streaks to your name.

      In a nutshell for people who leave others to wait – If you’re engaged in direct interaction with another player, move your character away in your next post if you have time to write one. If you don’t, then message the counterplayer and ask them edit the post in a way that they make their character move on. Then message the mods with a reasoning why you’re taking a hiatus and approximately how long you’ll be away. If you fail to do any of these, then you’ll receive the warning and your counterplayer is allowed to godmod their way out after they’ve had to wait for at least 14 (FOURTEEN) days.

      In a nutshell for the people who are left waiting – If you’re left waiting by a player who isn’t messaging you or showing any signs of life, then you may assume they’re dead. You’re allowed to godmod your way out of the situation after their time is up and they’ve left you waiting at least two weeks (FOURTEEN days) or you’ve come up with some other way to solve the situation smoothly. You have a week (7 (SEVEN) days) to write your way out of the jamming situation.

      After that we will foresee it so that it affects your own activity and you’re lazing around too. Once the two weeks is up, it should be rather obvious that the player isn’t posting. Even if we stress that respecting your counterplayer is important and you should wait for them to post so they have their chance to react, but after appropriate waiting time is over it should be obvious that they aren’t coming. Same goes with plans with people that happen only in OOC but aren’t ever brought to IC. Your common sense should tell you that something isn’t obviously going to happen because you’ve been plotting with a nasty slacker. Take the reigns yourself, adapt in the situation and write yourself out of it and/or make a change in the plans.

      We understand that this might be hard to some players who are more passive by their nature, but we need you to straighten your back, lift up your chin and roll up those sleeves and get down aggressive sometimes too. Don’t expect others to get things done for you in this life all the time. That’s not how real life works, cupcakes.

      All in all – Your GM is tired of this shit. Get your act together, guys. Less complaining, more writing.

    3. Skeletons
    • Skeletons/character sheets should be written in third person.
    • Don't ask us to reserve you character positions. Especially if we don't know you. Also, don't post "this spot is reserved for my character" in the thread either, or Wicked will skin you alive. At least post something that looks like you really are working on it. You’ll get a position by applying directly for the spot, and if nobody else applies for it before you’re accepted, then it’s yours. That if you finish. Multiple applications for the same spot compete against each other, and the GM team chooses the winner.
    • A banner for your character is necessary, and they are used in the beginning of every single post made with that character. It helps other players to distinguish your character easier from the others and helps the flow of the game without the player needing to go back to sign ups thread to read your character every other time. You can make the banner either yourself or ask someone else to make one for you, I don't care who has made it as long as you have one.

      While making a banner, remember that it needs to match with the character's appearance description, and it needs to have the characters first name and last name at least, other information is just extra and optional. Style is free, and originality makes you about 100% cooler. Keep it smallish and neat in order that the banner doesn't take too much room in a post. You can add larger pictures under the skeleton's appearance where others can view them (preferably under spoiler, pity the fools who scroll the forums with their mobile devices, aight). The maximum height and width for a banner should be 500 x 250 pixels, but the more compact the better. Remember; wider is always better than taller. Unless you have drawn or GFX'ed the picture yourself, please refrain from signing the banner yourself and credit the artists if possible.

      Note: we don't want any real person faceclaims in this RP. So no using real people's pictures. I'm sorry but that's just kind of weird and awkward; someone could be doing that to your pictures as we speak and pretend you are someone else while writing with your face stamped on it. Creeped out yet? Please keep to art pictures, preferably something that is styled in manga/anime art style. Unless you're really exceptionally good at drawing, then please just stick to some "professional" artist. I really don't want awkward looking stick figures in here either. Yeah, I'm just that shallow. So sue me.

      Now, here's examples how I expect the sizes to be.

      Example banners by Rosie:


    • Skeletons/character sheets must be kept neat and easy to read for all parties. We’ve made a pre-coded skeleton for your convenience so you don’t have to waste your time and effort styling it; we want you to just fill out the info and be done with it. No deleting parts out because you don’t wanna answer something, and no adding extra stuff like more questions to the interview part.

      To avoid the type of people who post “Work in Progress” in S/U threads that really test our patience and our (Wicked's) good will not to cut a bitch for taking forever, or simply never finishing the work, we’ve established that when you try out for a spot in this RP, just simply use the pre-coded sheet as it is and only fill out all the needed info. No tampering with it before that, so keep those fancy pants in the closet until you’re accepted. Once your character is accepted, you’re allowed to go all out for design coding the sheet and personify it to look more you-ish. However, this means the core of the character must stay the same, (powers and how they work, personality, etc.) so no editing on those behind our backs. Adding small details or editing small parts is fine, as long as the character remains true to its original self.
    • Try to be as original as possible while writing your character, but make a character that pleases you and not us. We want long term characters for this RP, so make one that you like yourself and are comfortable with -- the main point of roleplaying is that you have fun. Try to refrain from making too similar ones that already exist in the RP, so it would help if you would at least skim over the skeletons that have already been posted in this thread. And try to avoid taking same/similar names as other character to avoid confusion. Yet again reading through other skeletons helps you to avoid this.
    • No overpowered skeletons. If the character has an unique power, balance it. Everyone has weaknesses! Try not to cram the character full with too much cool stuff, or it will start feeling quickly cramped and OP. My advice is to keep a special talent to one or max two depending on the skill set. But the best question you could ask yourself when giving powers to your character is; "Am I giving this to my character because it's a relevant part of them, or am I giving it to them to only look cool?" Depending on the answer to that question, you should know if you should give it or not. Another is to think it through that if you're going to actually use the ability in the roleplay at all. Would it be convenient IC? If not, leave it out and for someone else utilize instead of letting it just hang there in the skeleton like a dust collecting trophy.
    • When your skeleton is ready, please inform us personally so we can check it and accept it, so you can have our blessing to start posting with the character. However, if either of us tell you to fix something on it, you fix it unless you really have some legit, intelligent argument why you're not doing it. However out of the four of us, Wicked's tolerance for whining, moaning, bitching and stupidity is really low, so watch it. We usually explain as of why we want some parts fixed, and we are pretty thorough about it because we prefer people to learn from their mistakes rather than doing them again. Saves us from further headaches.
    • If the character is not finished within 30 days since its bones are posted in the thread, we’re not accepting it. We are sick and tired of watching all these unfinished characters, or even worse, the WIPs that never get any progress other than some self-important twat wanting to inform everyone about their existence and incompetence in getting any shit done, that people leave hanging in here and never care to finish them. If you do not finish the character, delete it. If you do not get it deleted, we will.
    • Avoid color coding your skeleton to white or black. Why? Because of Iwaku's layout system; everyone is able to change and switch them any time they want. Mainly there the backgrounds consist out of black or white themes, so that's why avoid coding the texts to those colors so they don't blend in with them; for black background users the default text is white, and for white background users the default text is black. We want the skeletons to be readable and enjoyable to all. Sure, there is also such as grey and pink backgrounds and probably more but... we can't go around and forbidding all of the colors, so we are just forbidding the coding of the ones we think are the most commonly used with the users. So, stick with the default color, and using something else besides black and white for fancying it up and you're fine!
    • The skeletons need to be readable, so avoid using font sizes like 1 for the whole skeleton and so forth. Also avoid using hard to read fonts, especially on large portions to the skeleton. If Wicked sees someone using Comic Sans, please get ready for your own funeral.
    • Save your skeleton(s) in case they somehow end up deleted in a way or the other. If you haven't stored it and it gets deleted during your absence, don't come crying to us how all your hard work was erased into the pixel space. Always take countermeasures. You know, just to be sure.

    4. Posting
    • Posts should be written in third person.
    • You have 14 days to make your first post after getting accepted into the RP and the IC has launched. If you don’t become active, we will assume you’re dead and vote you off the island, unless you happen to come into contact with a friendly local necromancer with lots of freckles.
    • Yes, the character banner needs to be on top of every post. I understand that if you are in a posting heat and on your mobile device that adding a banner is a bit tricky and that you may not have it in a post or two, but don't make it a habit.
    • You should write the location of your character under or over your character banner to avoid confusion in the RP area, and so people will know what posts to look for without needing to read every single one that is thrown in their way.
    • No "editing/WIP" posts. We have seen enough RP's die because of this. Writing a long post can not take more than couple of hours of your precious time and a short one approximately fifteen minutes, honestly. You either write the post wholly, or you do not post at all. Simple as that.
    • Posts must be neat, and at least two paragraphs (approximately 7 to 8 sentences minimum) long. We like it when they are written long because that means you have seriously made effort, but so you know, the length of the post does not define a good post. Quality over quantity.
    • It is okay to play around occasionally with NPC's, but seriously, roleplaying is a multiplayer game and not a single player game. Interact with other characters! If you wanna write just to yourself and do not interact with others, go write a book.
    • The posts, just like the character sheets, need to be readable. So avoid using font sizes like 1, white or black colored text, or really hard to read fonts, please. Also, if Wicked sees anyone using Comic Sans, they will kill you.

    5. Profanity & Sexual Themes
    • Cursing allowed, but within the limits of good taste, please. We’re all grownups here, not some teenagers who think dropping the F-bomb everywhere makes them look cool.
    • Romances are allowed, but do not take it into Fifty Shades of Grey degree. And since this RP is in an area to be viewed by members of all ages, please take note about Iwaku's rules regarding this matter.

    6. Godmodding & Powerplaying & Metagaming
    • No godmodding or powerplaying. Gosh, this should be pretty obvious, and we do not tolerate it at all. Of course, unless the counter player gives you the permission to do so to their character. Yes, magic gives a lot of room to godmodding and powerplaying... but you should know the limit. Common sense is a valuable asset in this matter.

    • We do not tolerate Metagaming in the IC, the reasons are obvious if you look up the meaning of metagaming from wiki;

      "In role-playing games, metagaming is an "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of. Metagaming while taking part in relatively competitive games, or those with a more serious tone, is typically not well received, because a character played by a metagamer does not act in a way that reflects the character's in-game experiences and back-story."

      - From wikipedia on metagaming:Metagaming (role-playing games) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Metagaming is the act in which the player's character makes use of or is aware of information only known in OOC (Out of character). Surely you wouldn't know someone's complete background upon first meeting them, right? Not will you only spoil the story by Metagaming, but it will annoy the other party and confuse the rest of the group! Avoid such unnecessary bicker and avoid that warning we will most definitely give you.

      If we catch you on the act we will make sure to give you a warning and ask you (kindly) to edit.

      [Nemopedia: See it like this stranger who pretends and acts as if they know all about you. What would be your reaction to it? Avoid confusion and disgust and keep IC knowledge and OOC knowledge apart from each other! Breaking this rule will cost you one warning, I hope you can hire a lawyer to talk yourself out of it~ (For these who don't get it: this is a jab at Nemo's studies.)]

      [Wicked: This is one of my personal pet peeves, and has been for several years. And every time I come across it, it makes me lose my shit. So in short, metagame and you will get my full rage and "the fuck is wrong with you?!" speech.]

    7. Other Notable Stuff of Importance
    • Killing off other player's characters is forbidden, also including important NPC's. This is not that kind of RP. Unless you have a permission from the another player or from us. If you want killing, destruction and despair, go play a war game or something. Call of Duty has some good elements for that.
    • Keep OOC posts out of Sign Ups and IC threads. We don't want them there. At all. All the OOC's should be handled in the respective thread, PM's and so forth. Neat freak? We prefer the term “well organized.”
    • We can add more rules or add more details into the ones that already exist as we see fit. Most of the time it is the case that we run into these situations where we come across things that we thought were already obvious... but then someone does something against our logic and proves it is not, apparently, that obvious to all.
    • Speaking of obvious, this should be really obvious as well; yes, all Iwaku rules also apply in this RP. For further information about Iwaku's rules click here
    • Respect the rules. And your respectable GMs of TW. Or I will kick your sorry ass.

    - Special thanks to @Wicked for the rules

    Your GM's for this role play are: ​
    @Princess Misaou, @Tyrannosaurus Rekt, @Wicked, @Nemopedia

    Need us?

    Main form of contact: the OOC! (Here, surprise! :D) Tip: Tag us! Sometimes Iwaku likes to not give us the proper nudges...

    However, if you need more privacy, or want faster responses. The Private Messages (PM's) work pretty fine as well. I can't guarantee however that we will be swift in our replies. (*coughs*Nemo*coughs*)

    So, if you want to be sure of fast answers, or you don't even trust the PM's to protect your privacy (which is sketchy, but I won't judge) you can approach us over Skype or Discord. Just ask, or we share it with you here. Not all of us are so willing into sharing our contact information in public, so go and experiment.​
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  3. [​IMG]
    • During the great War of Currents in the 1880s, in an alternate timeline, the ARC (Aerth Recycling Current) won out against electricity. It was touted to draw power, not from this world but, from another world entirely. This world was nothing but pure energy, and it was cautioned that the energy might have side effects. The investors and financial backers of the ARC didn’t believe in such a thing. Instead, they were more interested in the profit it would give them. The ARC required no power of its own to function and was so easy to construct that the budget for it was minuscule. How easily it was incorporated into everyday use should have been a warning sign. Especially when the inventor, Alistair Dove, disappeared shortly after its launch.

      While history should have changed drastically by such an invention, it barely budged. Certain events, certain people, and certain disasters were always fated to happen. Timelines can only be altered by so much.

      Twenty years after the ARC became the main source of power for the entire Earth, did the effects of its power come to light. Ghosts, spirits, poltergeist, whatever you care to call the undead, bled into this reality. It was subtle at first. Maybe one would see grandmama's shadow along the hallway she liked to lurk down, or Ole Johny’s visage standing on the rails where he died. Yet, it became more and more impossible to ignore. Most ghosts just faded in and out like sunlight on fish scales, but a few enjoyed making themselves known. Paranoia and panic ensued as it seemed impossible to handle these apparitions. Unfortunately, the ARC was far from through.

      Ten years after the rise of ghosts, many people noticed that children were being born a bit different than they should have been. Maybe they had curious eyes, pale skin, or pointed ears. Maybe sometimes they shot sparks from their fingers, crushed toys far sturdier than themselves, or their teeth grew in fast and sharp. At first, there was alarm and wild speculation, and everyone held their breath that these children would become normal with age. They, of course, didn’t.

      Shortly thereafter, grown men and women changed as well. They would go to bed completely normal and awake the next morning to their loved ones screaming about newly developed horns, a tail, or maybe the fact they were levitating in bed. What had begun as subtle changes in the human physique quickly escalated into something far more. People were turning into monsters. It was such a drastic change that violence erupted. The Riots of 1930 forced legislation to enact laws to protect the non-humans. Other laws were also created at that time, ones that paved the way for a special branch of the government to regulate this new world.

      The NHC (Non-Humans Committee) was formed in the late 1930s. With its implementation came several ways to curb the violence towards non-humans (and later, by non-humans.) One of its most well-known creations was SPARRO (Supernatural Paranormal Reconnaissance and Reclamation Organization). Humans and nonhumans, both, were teamed together to help with various threats that the ARC had placed upon this world. While they are treated like another branch of law enforcement, they are actually part of the government that is privately funded by various sources. Throughout the years, they have developed ways to deal with and regulate the supernatural power that the ARC has drug into this world. And even to this day they are the one thing that brings order to the chaos. Hell, that’s even their slogan.
    • While intolerance for species runs rampant, intolerance varies from species to species. I’m going to give you a quick run down of the MOST tolerated to LEAST tolerated species.

      HUMANS: Of course, they’re the most tolerated. Look at them. All fancy and perfect. And while they are the core of the xenophobia that happens in this world, ALL species do it. Don’t assume that because they’re the most vocal about their dislike, that they are the only ones.

      MAGES: Mages are viewed as Humans + by most people. And while those with awe-inspiring powers might be feared, they’re generally looked upon with interest and reverence. This might come from the fact that more mages do more good than bad, and they use their powers to better society and not conquer it. Still, there is the occasional mage that just sours it for everyone. But like a lot of tragedies, there is a wide berth between these incidents, and people usually forget their hate in between.

      LIGHT ELVES: What’s not to like? They’re like prettier humans with the ability to feel all the emotions. While they bear little difference to their Dark Elf cousins, people like them more because they seem “less threatening.” That isn’t true. They have the same capabilities as the Dark Elves. The only difference is solely cosmetic. Of course, they are disliked by all the “Earth Belongs to the Human” activists, but they aren’t prone to being the victim of as many hate crimes as other species.

      REVENANTS: What, you ask, why are they high on this list? Why? Because they’re immortal beauties that are heavily controlled by the government. Illegal and forced changes rarely ever happen on the streets of Autumn. And when they are illegal, they’re usually asked for by the victim. People view being a revenant like becoming a supermodel. Look at all these perks: eternal youth, eternal beauty, and all I have to do is change my diet. That being said, there is a lot of hate directed at them due to the actions of some of the first revenants that arrived on Earth. They couldn’t control their powers and left a lot of dead in their wake. Nowadays, revenant-related deaths are very rare, but people still like to dredge up the past.


      DARK ELVES: Dark elves face two-fold discrimination. Outside of their own kind, most people believe them to be shady schemers that don't bear any resemblance to their Light Elf cousins when they actually are exactly the same outside a cosmetic difference. Within the dark elf community, they show great discrimination against dark elves that are lighter than the much-valued pitch black. They believe them to be tainted by their much-hated cousins, the Light Elves. This has led to the dark elf community not being able to band together and promote that they should be given the same amount of respect as their light elf cousins. And this in-fighting has led to dark elves taking various places in society. There are some that do really well and others that do very poorly.

      WEREFOLK: Now, they probably shouldn’t be as low on the list as they are. For the most part, they always look human. It is unfortunate that a lot of this hate and lack of tolerance stems from individual instances. People fear werefolk, because there is not enough information out there to educate both them and the werefolk populace. People don’t know why they accidentally change in the middle of the day in the middle of the crowd, and sometimes werefolk, especially those that have been changed, don’t know either. It just happens. They’re scared. People are scared. And on more than one occasion a gun-toting patron of Autumn has shot a werefolk after they changed out of fear. It also doesn’t help that most werefolk turn into predatory animals. And quite frankly, sometimes the human half of them can’t control the animal half. It is unfortunate, but it is the truth. They still have their minds, though, and if it wasn’t for the panic surrounding werefolk, they would sit there patiently and wait to revert back. It's this fear that they could snap at any time that puts them very low on this list.

      GOBLINS: Small, green, and the least humanoid race out of all of these. A lot of people do not view goblins are threats, and why should they? That being said, based on appearance alone, people find them repulsive. It is a common belief that goblins have as many diseases as plague rats. That isn't true. If anything, goblins are cleaner than a lot of their human counterparts. There is an instinctual knee-jerk reaction to frown and give goblins a wide berth. Of course, this is not everyone. There are many humans, and other species, that aren't put off by the way that goblins look. Unfortunately, those that do not like goblins will decry these people and call them "gob knobbers," which is a ridiculous slang, but they like using it. These people are on the receiving end of just as much torment and misunderstanding as the goblins are. Many goblin activist units fight against this discrimination and hope to set people's mindsets right. But, as we know, people rarely change their mind when facts are presented.

      TROLLS: No one is surprised by this. While they are more humanoid than goblins, they are still a far cry from humans. Tall, strong, and prone to emotionally complicated emotions, trolls are not viewed as stable or productive members of society. Out of all the supernatural beings, trolls constitute the highest homeless numbers. They also hold the lowest paying jobs and usually don't have a high school education. They are treated as second-class citizens in a world where that shouldn't happen. Just like goblins, trolls are given a wide berth and viewed with heavy disdain. Those that associate with them are treated similarly, and those that are known Cursed are practically shunned. While there have been a lot of movements to get them more recognized in society, they face a constant uphill battle of society not caring what they say and their own selves betraying them.

      With the exception of elves, trolls, and goblins, most of the supernatural community can hide what they are. And they do. While official federal and court documents will say what they are, there is a massive stigma for the supernatural to not reveal it in any way/form/fashion to their coworkers, friends, and sometimes even family. This is not only to protect them but their loved ones. And if physical violence isn't hinted at, then they could receive social discrimination, or even find themselves losing their job.

      Of course, this feeling of needing to hide oneself true nature has not helped harbor trust between the supernatural community and humans. Humans have learned not to trust anyone. And in that respect, they've accidentally accused other humans, that are a bit odd, of being supernatural. There have been numerous accounts of wrongly accused humans being viciously hurt or killed.

      And while I'm speaking a lot of these things, Autumn is not a dystopia where no one is safe. For the most part, SPARRO keeps things in line. These are instances of extremes and not the day-to-day. That being said, it is a place wrought with monumental hurdles for people that are even the slightest bit different.

      I mainly am discussing this so you can think about your character and what hurdles they have had to cross to get here. And if they are one of the supernatural that look human, have they concealed their identity or made it know?. What has been the backlash from it? Please think about these things as we move forward in the RP. While the forces of evil are what directly face our characters, there will be many moments where they have to face these societal challenges as well. And they can't be easily cleared with a hug or a few words.

      GM NOTE: Unless the character makes it blatantly obvious, your character will not be able to recognize a human-like supernatural from a human. Please don't metagame and say that you KNOW that character is a revenant or a mage. Unless the author writes it so it is a known, public thing, your character does not know.

      Original post by @Tyrannosaurus Rekt

    • HEX, the abbreviation for: Human Enchantment Xenogenesis. Ever since the rise of the supernaturals, Humans have been fascinated with their power. But not just fascinated, they also desired it. Not wanting to be left behind, with access to things such as magic, they began to advance the face of technology and science. What if there was a way, for humans to share the power some of these supernatural’s have, while maintaining their humanity? Should these supernaturals ever rise against them, these people would be able to stop them. These were the questions the scientist asked themselves.With that the scientists decided to try and recreate the supernatural mage.

      Well, beginning the research they found out that, it wasn’t going to be so simple. The human brain doesn’t function at 100% because the human body, despite their potential, can’t withstand it. But if there was a way to unlock those portions of the brain it was believed supernatural abilities would be unlocked as well. They needed a catalyst of some sorts. Not only that, but the willpower to withstand such a dangerous procedure.Using ideas from catalyst mages, who cast using a mage stone, but modifying it, the scientific team created a microchip that once implanted in the brain would unlock 100% of the individual’s brain with hopes that this would trigger supernatural ability development. So since the human body can’t withstand unlocking their full potential, something needed to be made that could. With that in mind a scientific team and a team of technology specialists developed a suit that would allow the user to cast with their newly found powers, since the body wouldn’t be able to do it on it’s own. What’s interesting about the suit is that it has a mind of it’s own. Of course, for the suit to be fully effective the subject would need to form a bond with the AI. The AI’s job would be to monitor the subject’s vitals at all times and to give the body what it needs to be able to withstand casting. For that, a relationship needed to be made. What made it difficult was that the AI had to choose to work with the subject, not just the subject controlling it.

      Once those two elements were completed they started testing. Though it just resulted in failure after failure. Not wanting to cause national uproar the scientist figured it was ethically and morally impossible to get a volunteer for this project. So they would need to create a subject on their own, that way they wouldn’t feel as guilty doing the experiments. Though creating a child without using natural means was easier said than done.
    • The idPersona was developed only ten years ago, and yet people have no idea how to function without them. They are chips embedded into the right wrist of every person after they reach the age of twelve. They can perform calls. They can link you to the internet. They hold all your personal information, and they are the primary payment method. idPersonas pull up everything in holographic windows that only the person can see unless they turn sharing mode on. Usually, when someone is using their idPersona their eyes glow, so people know not to disturb them (if them swiping at something invisible didn't seem to be a big sign.) All idPersonas allow their user to customize them heavily, and all of them have an avatar that keeps track of everything they do. The avatars are a one-time choice, due to the fact that they are your identity on idSpace. Though they've been received with high praise, there is some negative press about them. idPersonas record everything you do. They say this is to help facilitate with legal cases and help keep crime down, but people fear being hacked and their personal information being available to whoever. There has never been a known case of idPersonas being hacked, and according to their ever-changing security algorithm--it will never happen.

    • A hyper modern city that was completely revamped with the rise of the new power source called the ARC. The city Autumn flourished with the implementation of the Aerth Recycling current, giving way to a whole new era of technology and development.

      Autumn is entirely reliant on the energy provided from the ARC and as such referred to as the capital city of the energy from the new world. Because of their heavy use of the ARC the borders between Aerth and Earth is extremely blurry as well. However, so far this effect has proven itself to be harmless. Many supernatural species can be found living together with humans peacefully in Autumn. Unlike in the rest of the world, where they are usually divided, or discriminated against, the supernatural have a lot more rights within the city making them almost equal.

      As a modern city Autumn is divided in several districts that each have their own unique qualities and notable spots to visit. Some are goals, others are notorious, but as Autumn is a big city almost everything can be found in and around this place.

      A big body of water runs the city into two parts. The citizens of Autumn like to call it 'Spring'. Like the establishment of many cities, Autumn as well started around the waters and slowly moved itself inwards. As the water leads to a direct connection to the sea it was once an important form of transport economically. Nowadays, as Autumn mostly focuses on technology development, the city relies less on Spring, giving it more room for recreational purposes.

      With the appearance of supernatural beings and the merging of Earth and Aerth a popular theory is that the source comes from the water. With companies helping a hand in polutting the once clean river. The government supports this claim and forces companies to clean up after themselves, or contribute in projects that does so for them.

    • A perfect example of how traditional architecture and modern industry flow into each other can be found at the east of the river in the Town Hall district. The district is known for maintaining most of its historic architecture while still implementing all of the technology without falling behind to the rest of Autumn. It is also known as the place with the longest queue's, but these are created by other reasons than malfunctions.

      As the name suggests the Town Hall can be found here. The information of every citizen is registered at this place and if the person in question ever needs to reach that information, for whatever reason, they need to come to the Town Hall personally. The district is known to be very bureaucratic, which causes long lines of people waiting.

      [Information to come]

      [This section is locked]

    • Don't be fooled by its name. Just above the Town Hall district the people will find one of the busiest places in the city. The Business district is not the financial district of Autumn, like some people would imagine it, but is the district were you could say that the youth and the civilians hang around at. Shops, restaurants, arcades, one names it and one will find it there. The Business district isn't so necessarily the place where people go to in order to earn money, but the place to spend it and to go out in.

      [Information to come]

      [This section is locked]

    • Just down Spring the biggest 'modern' district is located called; Downtown. It is the financial heart of Autumn, most of the headquarters of big corporations can be found in this district, having settled themselves close to the water and to the power source that drives Autumn. Most of the corporations, settled down in this districts, are technology companies, who are developing new electronics and ideas rapidly.

      [Information to come]

      [This section is locked]

    • Ironically fitting to its name this district is located snugly in the midst of the other districts at the east side of Spring. It is a large neighbourhood made available for families to move into.

      What makes this place different from the Suburbs, or Newtown, is that Midtown is the experimental living quarters of the city. The latest developments of domotica and technologies that should make life easier, or take away one less worry from the normal folk, are tested in these streets and houses. There is permanent residence available in the district, however, most of the people who live there only do so temporarily to test out the new appliances to see how they work out for the average folk on a daily base.

      [Information to come]

      [This section is locked]

    • Just east of the water the district called Newtown is located. It is one of the most modern places of the city to live in. Good transportation is available, making it easier for the civilians to cross the river, as well as commute to other places. Most of the places are dressed and make use of the latest gadgets on the market, which is one of the reasons why living in Newtown is very much wanted and seen as a sign of success.

      This has to the down effect that Newtown is dealing with more interest in it than it can offer. The city is trying to build new accommodations at a rapid speed, but packed with all of the technology, and having to meet the demands of the people, the housing simply becomes almost impossible to afford for the average Joe. The wait list for housing is long and there are speculations made as well that humans are bumped up the list more often than any other being.

      [Information to come]

      [This section is locked]

    • At the west of Spring, just underneath the Newtown district, the Suburbs can be found. As the function is of many suburbs it is the district where most of the population of Autumn resides. It used to be the most popular neighbourhood to live in, however, with the rising of Newtown the Suburbs has been neglected. Nowadays it is the place where people live in when they couldn't afford themselves a place anywhere else. It results in it that some of the streets and alleys of the Suburbs are considered to be notorious and infested with shady business and figures. The fact that the crime rate in the Suburbs is known to be one of the highest within the city doesn't help its reputation either.

      [Information to come]

      [This section is locked]

    • The Aerth Recycling Current, more famously known as ARC is the power source of Autumn, can be found south in the city, just before where civilisation seemingly ends. Everything that requires energy, from your microwave to the public transport, is drawn and produced from the ARC. It is there that the borders between Aerth and Earth is the least noticeable and where the influences of either world are the greatest.

      [Information to come]

      [This section is locked]

    • In the north, at the east side of Spring, the office building for the Supernatural Paranormal Reconnaissance and Reclamation Organisation, or also known as SPARRO, can be found. This is where the headquarters is located and where all reports and findings of abnormal sightings are reported. They maintain a huge archive where all information and ongoing investigations are stored, effectively also making them a giant powerhouse for knowledge on supernatural development and activity. They archive cases from all around the world and closely watch over the interactions between supernaturals and humans.

      [Information to come]

      [This section is locked]

    • Far away, in the very north of the city, at the west side of Spring, a large body of thickly packed vegetation can be found. It is the forest everyone is told to stay away from. The Grim Noir forest is a place every citizen of Autumn knows a tale from, but very few dare to enter. Even fewer are the ones who did enter and returned to tell the tale.

      For some reason this piece of untouched nature is especially affected by the ARC, despite standing from standing so far away from the power source. Perhaps it is because of the dense growth of vegetation, or its allurance as a fairy tale setting. In any case, many creatures who can’t stand life with the common-folk escape to the forests. Where they live like hermits, or as a isolated group, and in tune with the nature. However, very few go there for recreational purposes.

      [Information to come]

      [This section is locked]

    • Not too far away from the flashy technology, and modern life in general, there are plots of lands that stretch out far and are dominated by greenery and plants unlike the city. They are located at two places in the city. One at the furthest point of south at the east side of Spring, and one at the very east of the city across the water. These are the farms and ranches of Autumn, one of the main suppliers of food to the city and outside. After all, despite the advanced technology and fancy developments the citizens still need to feed themselves.

      Time stood still at the farms and ranches it seems, but that doesn’t mean that their ways didn’t grow with the new power source. Strange fruits from the Aerth started to grow in this world as well due to the changes the ARC brought, and the rapid growth in technology that came with it also helped revolutionise the agricultural section.

      [More information to come]

      [This section is locked]

    [More places to come]


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  6. Getting kind of stuck with defining what a "Power" would be. Who's it available to (assuming there's a racial or tech basis)? Do all the 'supernatural' species get some kind of high fantasy power and the humans end up coming up with a tech alternative? Is it kind of like that Avatar TV show where you get some kind of element/specialty of some kind?

    I've been assuming Goblins are basically mundane with a racial attachment to money and wealth but I might be wrong.
  7. Hm. I should probably write this somewhere, but you don't HAVE to have a power. I mean most roles will due to the supernatural nature of the role/race, but it is believable that someone would only have abilities. It makes sense.

    And you are correct about the goblins. They are rather mundane. That being said, if you want give them a racial ability or at least a power for your character... you can. We're very open to people expounding upon the skeleton of our world and making it their own. So, as long as it is not world-ending and ties in with your character... if you just want to make up a power... go ahead. We like what we're seeing with your profile, and so we're sure whatever you choose will be awesome. :)
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