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    “And now for your news at ten,” the TV crackled out. A beautiful elf reporter sat behind a large desk. A near perfect looking human man sat next to her like some smiling doll. She started with the day’s biggest news. “Reports are still filing in about everyone having a similar dream. SPARRO is currently filtering through these reports. They have found few deviations and have stated that the similarities are remarkable. Still, they caution everyone not to panic. Nothing has come from these dreams, and they haven’t affected anything within Autumn. They are stating that’s probably interference from the ARC. They do caution, though, that if you are negatively affected by these dreams to contact your doctor. Though, they do believe it is nothing more than once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon produced by the ARC.” The female report then looked at her co-worker.

    He smiled brightly. “Next, you may be surprised to learn that our Mayor has a secret past time, and you’ll never guess why it involves horses.”

    The female reporter feigned interest.

    And that was it. Autumn neatly folded that problem away and assumed it didn’t exist. It had only been twenty-four hours since everyone had the same dream. Twenty-four hours of confusion, and a TV report neatly wrapped it up and applied a saccharine bow on top. That was that, they said. That was that.

    The media loved to brush the problems of the world underneath a rug of the headlines “lowest crime rate in years” and “intolerance is almost nonexistent.” People who lived with those issues knew that wasn’t true. Yet, unlike a lot of those grievances, this one only affected a few. They’d gone about their day, confused and disoriented about the dream. The evening rolled in, the news report played, and the city quieted after that. They’d go to bed, assured that it all been a coincidence caused by being so close to a magical power source.

    Yet, for those few, something else awaited them. Maybe they’d start out with the usual dreams, flying penguins, mundane workday invaded by nudity, being caught in a zombie apocalypse, but it would quickly jolt to something else.

    The world that unfolded to them looked like something out of a fantasy movie. Rolling green hills punctuated by infinitely tall trees, and a castle that loomed in a sunset bleached horizon. A young girl stood in front of them. Her eyes were hidden by thick, white bangs, but one could see a deep green glow from underneath them. Her lips drew into a smirk, and her hands folded over one another in front of her body. The breezed grabbed pieces of her tattered green dress, barely held in place by tarnished armor. Four objects laid at her feet: a sword, a telescope, an orb, and a chalice. They sat inside a circle made of bones.

    The girl looks behind her, the sunset becoming ever deeper, and then turned back towards them.
    If someone tried to speak their voices would be squelched. If someone tried to move their limbs would be unresponsive.

    “Children of Earth,” she said. Her voice was not as meek as her frame suggested. It boomed out over the plains. “You are summoned.” Her finger pointed forward. “For a long time, I have fought your battles. I have protected your homes, your kin, and your souls, but I cannot anymore. A darkness comes for you all. A darkness that wishes to swallow you up and reduce you into nothingness--no bones, no ash, and no soul.”

    She took a step forward. “So, it is your turn to fight. It is your time to prevent you and your kind from losing.” She walked around the objects and towards the group. The wind whipped around her harder, and yet it was stale where the group stood. “What is this enemy, you ask? The enemy is all around you. It is not a single figure, but an entity. It is an unfathomable and indomitable force. It will be preceded by four harbingers, though. They’re physical manifestations of your demise.”

    The girl smiled, wildly. “But, first, I want to test your mettle. These things you will face are not of this world, and not of this one either.” She spun around her. “They’re a viler sort, but this should suffice.”

    Three massive creatures erupted through the ground, made of mud, vines, rock, and a frothing rage. They stood dormant as the girl pointed forwards. “Deal with these beasts, and I will tell you of the first harbinger. They’ve already made themselves quite comfortable in Autumn.”

    The creatures lumbered forward. The group would find themselves being able to move and speak. Yet, the girl hung there for a moment longer to say, “and my children, this is not a dream. It will hurt.” She disappeared at the same time the beasts ran towards the group.


    ▶ Feel free to detail your character’s day preceding this dream. You don’t have to do a play by play. You can just do the scene leading up to them going to sleep. Or, you can jump straight into the dream. Whatever you feel comfortable with.
    ▶ Yes. Your character has to listen to that exposition. You can internalize their reactions or verbalize it once your character is freed.
    ▶ How do you fight? You may ask. I trust you enough that you’re not going to KO an enemy. You can use your character’s abilities to their fullest because this is a dream sequence. If there has to be certain circumstances for your character’s powers, consider them there. This sequence is to show off all of what your character CAN do and CAN’T do. This is a group effort RP. This is why there is a mixture of different types of people.
    ▶ You can apply your hit, or you can do something to open up the hit for someone else. Though you must ask in the OOC if what you’re doing is good enough to KO the monster. We don’t want this fight to last an eternity, but this is the start of the RP… you can’t just lay out a monster… dream or not. We ask that you use your better judgment. But always feel free to ask in the OOC if something is okay.
    ▶ Most of all, this is an RP starting off with a BANG. So have fun!
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  2. [​IMG]
    Rook clicked the news off. “Does it involve fucking the horses, because that may actually be news worthy.”

    “Daddy,” Sam said, chastising.

    Rook jumped. “Ah, sorry champ. I thought you were out. I didn’t want to move you, but we should probably get you to bed before your father turns into a foul-mouthed pumpkin.”

    “Too late,” Sam said, sleepily crawling up and into his father’s lap. He pat Rook on the nose before curling into his father’s chest.

    Rook pulled his son into his arms and walked with him to the bedroom. Their apartment was small, but it was enough. There was a living room attached to a dining area, the kitchen was separated by a half-wall, and a bathroom off the side of it. There was a small hall that led to one bedroom. It was large enough to house both Rook and Sam’s things. It would be sooner rather than later that Rook would have to look into getting a larger apartment. His son couldn’t sleep with him forever. That would mean moving into a worse neighborhood, changing school districts, and a lot of other things that Rook didn’t care to think about.

    He flipped the light switch on with his elbow and took a step forward, immediately landing on a toy truck. He bit back noises of pain and limped to the bed. Fortunately, Sam was out. So, he didn’t stir or move when Rook slid him into bed and pulled the sheets over him. He’d already had his bath and was dressed in his jammies. Rook hadn’t done the same. He’d cleaned the kitchen while Sam had turned the bathroom into a water park.

    It was some time later before Rook crawled into bed, finding that Sam had spread out. He weaseled in and finally found a place that he could lay out within bothering his son. Of course. the moment he started to drift off, there was a leg thrown over his stomach. Rook grunted, but he just left it there.

    The dream started simple enough. It was always woods. Always nosing around in the brush, jumping at the sound of noises, and inevitably chasing something across a long open plain and towards… a… castle?

    Suddenly, Rook wasn’t a wolf. He was himself and in his work uniform. He stared at his hands. They were more realistic than he’d remembered them being in any dream. His clothes were perfect, down to a bit of coffee stain on his tie. He looked around to see he wasn’t the only one there. There were others. They were rendered in perfect detail. He squinted. Was that the assistant medical examiner? Rook couldn’t remember his name. He always called him Freckles. Freckles was tall, awkward, but a little bit intimidating. Rook liked him well enough. Why would he dream about him? Was it going to be one of those kind of dreams? Were the other people here to watch?

    A girl appeared before them. She looked like something out of Sam’s storybooks. He wanted to ask a question but found his voice mute. He couldn’t move his arms or legs either. He could look around, but that was about it. He didn’t care for this dream. He tried to will himself awake, but his mind wouldn’t budge. “Wake up!” he screamed, internally.

    The girl spoke of things. Rook tried to discern her words, but before he could grasp what she was saying--darkness, harbingers, death--three creatures the height of an eighteen wheeler burst from the ground. They also looked like things out of Sam’s story books. He remembered them being called “golems.” They were always very helpful towards the young knight. Rook didn’t think the looked so helpful now.

    They ran towards the group, and Rook suddenly had control of his body. “This’s some bullshit,” he said. “I don’t believe any of this.”

    The golem still ran at him, not slowing down. He brought his arm around, connecting it squarely into his gut. Rook went flying and landed hard against the ground on his back. He lost his breath. His back burned in pain. Shit. The crazy girl was right. “My spleen…” he groaned.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Mona sat alone at the granite island in her kitchen. She made herself a simple dinner and cleaned all pots involved before sitting down to eat. The place sparkled. She felt clean. The shelves housing the thoughts in her mind stood neat and tidy and pristinely white. Not like at the office, where advisors and secretaries and colleagues left their paperwork in heaps, stood up their old, paper coffee cups on the edge of their desks like dirty trophies. Mona could abide filth, but only where filth belonged.

    The plate sat empty on the table, knife and fork laid gently to rest across the porcelain beneath the arch of folded hands. Her white eyes stared ahead into the dim light of the living room. The sun had set below the skyline, even not reaching the upper floors of her building. Something unsettling shifted in her. Something that kept her from considering all the work that must be done now with yet another company absorbed into Blue Core's holdings.

    A wetness nudged her calf and she looked down to find the old Doberman setting his head in her lap. Mona slid from the stool with Argo's snout in her hand and moved to clean the last dish. She spoke in gentle tones to the dog, looking over her shoulder, as if he would answer her questions. He tilted his head to one side and then the other, waiting patiently, piping up with a low bark when she moved away from the sink.

    "Alright," she cooed and led the way to the bedroom where she fell unusually quickly to sleep.

    Mona dreamed, already an unusual thing. Very rarely did she dream. It was not the world of concrete and steel, glass reflections and artificial sunlight she knew. Long grass swirled with the wind, all too crisp on her own face, breathing life into the hills.

    She felt as if she flew over this verdant green and yet as quickly as she took off, she landed. This living landscape drew suddenly still. A girl before her spoke and Mona listened calmly. It was a curious speech, but a dream after all. Mona, when she did dream, was always aware of the dream state. Dreams could not fool her any more than the wishes of daytime.

    A curious speech, indeed. The words echoed in her mind. This is not a dream. Not a dream. Not...

    The landscape came alive again. The ground itself released three towering beings. Still, Mona did not move until another spoke. She hadn't even noticed them - the others. She looked wide-eyed at the man who spoke. The man who had a face. They all had faces. That was when she decided this was not just a dream. He hit the ground, he felt pain. Mona caught the faint scent of fear in his aura.

    She flattened herself, practically flung herself on the ground when she realized another one of those creatures was upon her. She tasted dirt. Tasted her own fear. Mona raised her head. Twelve of us - if this was an us - three of them. The thing moved on to another target, but Mona watched it. She knew its power, its courage - if not courage, then blind strength. She needed that, so she took it. Her own fear did not dissipate, but instead became buried by this borrowed spirit.

    Mona placed her hands under her shoulders and raised herself. Fingers curled around stone as she stood. The thing pressed closer to the first man it felled. Her arm raised at her side, she hurled the stone at the creature's back. It paid no mind. She threw another and it halted. It lowered the appendage it would have used to smash the man on the ground and turned. Turned on her. Fear threatened to overrun borrowed courage.

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  4. [BCOLOR=#346594][​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    Versander Veen strode into the back room of the dimly-lit underground club like it didn’t bother him one bit to be there. (Frankly, to be pressed in here, night after night, away from the green earth, the sky and the sea—death would be better.) He met the eyes of the others in silent salutation (trolls, weres, dark elves, goblins, two revenants and a human mage), none of whom were strangers to him. There were some murmurs of “Veen of Veen.”

    “That’s right,” thought Sander grimly, “I’m here to do the dirty work.” But that wasn’t fair—Sander scolded himself mentally; they were doing him a favor. Sander was kin, Veen of Veen as they said, and thus would be careful with the boy when he meted out the punishment—a clean break and bones would heal. Veen took care of their own, blood relative or not.

    Sander nodded to the dark elf in charge, who in turn motioned for the offender to be brought forward. The human mage began to fluff the space. Sander spared a stern glance for his cousin, who looked at him with a mixture of bravado, hope, and fear. Young idiot. Sander held back a sigh and subtly flashed him a family hand sign: “You are not abandoned.”

    The elf strolled over to Sander and spoke in a low voice, “You know the situation, you’ve heard....”

    “Yeah, no worry—I know my fool cousin screwed up. Letting some piece of jet trash play him. We’ll make it right.”

    Pitiful troll – believing a human woman loved him. His cousin ogled the human side of life like a coinless beggar with his runny nose up against a pastry shop window, drooling for what he couldn’t have. And the boy was attractive – for a troll – strong sculpted lines, weird but flashy good looks, with green skin, spiral horns and a little webbing here and there. But “troll attractive” didn’t equal “human pretty” – not in this lifetime.

    The dark elf raised a brow in inquiry, “And the woman?”

    Sander let a twisted little smile escape. “She’s hit the jackpot, right? A tour, the envy of any journalist. Including participating in the ‘secret troll ritual’ that can give mystical visions to a seeker. We could do no less for such an enthusiastic visitor interested in our ways. I told you, we’ll make it right. It’s like … going to a spa and being, ah, reconditioned.” Sander had to veil his words, but he knew his listener understood.

    The elf sighed, “Not like the old days is it? These damn….” They both looked at their right wrists and made sour expressions. Then he shifted the subject. “So, Bucky Biceps – what do you think about this … dream … we all had? They’re saying everyone dreamed the same thing – EVERYONE.”

    Sander growled softly. “I told you never to call me that…Pointy.” They looked sternly at each other for the benefit of on-lookers, but their lips were twitching, trying not to smile.

    “What do I think? Nothing good, but then what is lately? Hell, maybe someone from Spare ‘Ho decided to recondition all of us!”
    . . .
    His cousin took the arm-breaking (staged as a common bar brawl) bravely. It ripped Sander up to hurt him, but he put his feelings aside as automatically as someone else would throw a dirty towel in a hamper. The kid was released to his custody, doctored up to the gills in a sweet drift of painkillers. Sander was ready for oblivion himself. He half-carried the kid to one of the suburban slum hideaways nearby and tucked him in for the night.

    Then he checked all entrances were secured (bolted, booby-trapped, and hung with Grandma Veen’s so-called hexes). He had promised Grandma—and though he didn’t believe in all that superstitious, woo-woo, new-age/old-age crap, at least they were decorative. Still, even though it was all bull, he HOPED they were protective hexes and NOT fertility—because just the thought of THAT made him queasy--damn, if the relatives weren’t always on his case about pumping out some rug rats. Sander clumped into the other room and slung his exhausted self down onto the oversized mattress without bothering to do more than pull off his boots.

    He let his mind float away and soon he was having a weird-ass dream of standing on a hillside with a bunch of strangers while a strange chick with weird armor and glowing eyes talked doom, destruction and other bad news. A fairy-castle sparkled in the sunset.

    Sander’s eyes idly roamed over four objects on the ground. The sword and telescope didn’t much tweak his interest, but the orb looked kind of magical. And the goblet kind of bothered him, he didn’t know why; dreams were crazy that way, eh? He wondered whose bones those were…

    The dream became more lucid – it was like being totally awake only freaking paralyzed. Sander knew folks who said they could fly in lucid dreams. He gave it a try, but he couldn’t budge, not even a little hop off the ground. Crap!

    Then, for fuck’s sake, the doomsday chick warned them they were being attacked (warned them! she admitted she created the attack, the bitch!) and the dream turned to a living nightmare as three huge creatures ran towards the little group like certain death. Of course. No peace anywhere, not even in his dreams. And piss on it, the bad guys of rock, vine and mud reminded him way too much of some trolls he knew. Always with the black hats. Couldn’t the villains be a crew of movie-star pretty humans for a change? Stupid dreaming traitor brain.

    Sander tensed, suddenly able to move, adrenaline flooding his body—advising him this was a for real life-threatening emergency and it was time to pay or play. His mind strained to go into a red roar, but Sander beat it back, desperately trying to analyze the situation.

    A guy next to Sander spoke for the first time. “This’s some bullshit,” he said. “I don’t believe any of this.”

    That was the last thing the stranger said before a behemoth hit the guy, sending him flying and leaving him flat on the ground, groaning in pain. Sander wasn’t in a mood for good deeds, but he had no choice, even if this strange guy turned out to be one of “them.” One of the god-rucking-blessed humans dowsed in $200 cologne who got all the breaks and all the jobs and treated his kind like shite. Still. He couldn’t just stand by and watch a monster make steak tartare out of the poor bastard.

    Before he could act, a classy-looking young woman bravely pulled herself up off the ground and threw a rock at the creature that was zooming in on the injured man. And then another. That got the monster’s attention. Sander watched as her face filled with fear. Aw shite…. (Where was a mage when you needed one?) Plus he fucking despised anyone or anything that went after the little guys first – and these people were so short….

    He launched into the monster, targeting the huge freaking legs of the thing, deliberately angling to throw the creature off-balance. It tumbled part-way down a slope, but Sander felt sure it would get up quickly. He had only hoped to buy enough time for him to move the downed stranger into the relative safety of a clump of close-grown trees. He darted forward to scoop the man up in his arms.

    He turned to the woman and shouted “Get off the open ground!” No use giving the creatures any advantage.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Location: A dream Interactions & mentions: Everyone​

    When the news report of the dreams ended Aisling sat still for a moment with a pout. There seemed to be no definite conclusion tied to the situation now. A shame, for the girl had been waiting all day now in anticipation. How exciting was it that everyone got the same dream?

    Stretching herself Aisling got out of her chair with a yawn. No matter how much she liked to hear what this secret pastime was of the mayor the elf was exhausted after a long day. Besides, the uncomfortable aura her relative was oozing told the girl that she might be told to leave as well. Besides, what could it be about the mayor that was so newsworthy? Nothing innocent it seems, as her aunt shifted again.

    “Night, aunty,” she mumbled, bending over to give her guardian a kiss. The older woman hummed, waving her niece a goodnight, eyes never leaving the screen. “Don’t forget your cup,” she pointed out before the girl could leave the room. Blinking Aisling turned around, remembering the warm milk with honey she had earlier. To help her sleep, a home remedy to deal with the noises of the city. One thing that the little pumpkin never got used to.

    Sleep came to her easily, the warm beverage she had before helped her relax. Soon after hitting the pillow the elf dozed off, slipping into another strange dream.


    She found herself in a grassland, the wind blowing, the leaves rustling against each other. Her heart longed for the smell of fresh unpolluted air, for the warmth of the late-summer sun on her skin. Aisling was homesick, just a little bit, which was natural, seeing as she was far away from her parents and siblings.

    She missed the sunday dinner parties she had with them, running around in the land without a care in the world, and the bright colours of nature surrounding her. The city was fantastic, a bit overwhelming at first, but the elf had learnt to love it just as much as her birthplace, maybe even more. However, a longing back home always remained, especially when she wished for some peace and quiet.

    The wind picked up around her, her hair blocked her view and the next time Aisling saw again the scenery had changed. Still grassland, but trees and a castle had joined the environment. Feeling her senses tingle a little in confusion the elf realised that she wasn’t alone anymore. She could feel the confusion of others, amplifying her own. She never sensed emotions of others in dreams, so could it be?

    “...???” she tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t escape her mouth. Sucking in a breath the girl tried to reach for her throat, wanting to feel what was wrong, but found her body tense and unresponsive. Panic waved through her as she wondered what was going on, the emotions of the other presences meshing in and clashing. ‘What?’ the emotions seemed to say, just as clueless and lost as she was while a young girl spoke.

    The elf didn’t understand the story, had no idea what was expected of her, but when Aisling felt that she could move her muscles again she ran. A first cry for instinct that prompted her to move when the beasts came towards her. She hadn’t caught onto the last words of the strange girl, neither did she pay much heed to them as she watched a man soaring through the sky past her. Not a common bird that she saw in the air, far from a it.

    The rest of the group seemed to be much braver than she was, however. A woman, that reminded Aisling of her aunt, started to throw a stone at the beast, followed by a troll tackling it down. All people she swore that she had never seen before in life, but yet dreamt of, or maybe not?

    Halting herself the girl wondered if this meant that she should help the other man, the one who got hit. If it was a dream they would all escape safely, she assumed. However, this place, despite her lack of memory of waking up, felt much too real. The emotions that were rising up, the intent of the beasts clashing. This was far from a regular dream, or even close to the dream she had last night.

    Before she could make a decision the troll had already taken the lead, calling for everyone to escape. To where, however? Aisling had no idea, but she vaguely remembered seeing a building. Turning around frantically the elf spotted the castle again, pointing into that direction.

    “There! Hurry!” she called, feeling panic slightly take her over. Should she run straight ahead for it, or was she supposed to check back and see if there were more injured? Aisling had no idea what to do, or what she could do, but she hoped that it would end soon, if it was still a dream.
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  6. [​IMG]
    The Dream The Castle
    Dark Elf || 24 || Music Store Cashier || Outfit
    Mood: Underdressed and Way Under Prepared
    Interaction: General
    Mention: General​

    Iris didn't have her T.V. tuned in that night. In fact. The electronic didn't see much use, especially on nights she poured over her computer as she made copies of music sheets for what clients hired her. It was more of a pastime then anything, but if there was anything that Iris enjoyed, it was music. But even as she fiddled with her preferred program, she wasn't oblivious to what was going on. The music shop she worked for saw it's fair share of gossiping cliques and if that day was slow, one of the regulars, a dark elf like herself with clear, pitch black skin saw fit to engage Iris in a conversion about what the dream could have possibly meant. Apparently, if it was caused by supernatural activity it was surely a sign from the all mighty forces above. Iris wasn't completely convinced.

    Well, that was until she found herself standing in the middle of a scene straight from one of her favorite fantasy classics; right down to the beautiful, mysterious woman and the castle in the horizon behind her. The dark elf blinked her wide, orange eyes, bewildered at the development. She didn't even remember falling asleep! And yet, as the woman spoke, there was a taste in the air. A very sharp, very crisp taste. She tried to lick her lips, tried to remember if she ever tasted with such clarity in her dreams before, but then realized she was frozen stiff and she was too panicked to remember. She heard of people experiencing a sort of sleep paralysis where they'd wake up unable to move because their mind hadn't registered they were awake yet. Was that what was happening? Was she do convinced she was awake she became aware of her immobile body while still dreaming? Was that even possible?

    “...and my children, this is not a dream. It will hurt.”

    Then there were monsters and a whole bunch of chaos ensued. It was like the moment she was able to move the world was thrown back into motion and all the emotions that were mere background noise became loud and persistent: confusion, disbelief, pain, fear, anger, distaste, rage, rage, rage. She felt them in the air, tasted them in the voices.

    “My spleen…”

    “Get off the open ground!”

    “There! Hurry!”

    There? There where? She searched for the speaker of the voice but rage, rage, rage. She spun around and stumbled back when the creature of vine had chosen her for its target and she scampered behind a tree just barely before a large fist connect with the trunk where she had been just seconds before. A loud resounding crack split the air and exploded along her taste buds and there was just too much. She wanted to just sit there and curl up as tight and as small as she could and just let it all blow over but the creature of vine suddenly had it out for the poor tree and tore at it as if going through it was the only viable option. Iris' head spun. She still had no idea what was happening, just rage, rage, rage. The trunk of the tree crackled loudly when it was ripped away and just thrown aside and Iris was suddenly glad she had changed into something comfortable when she came home because a skirt wouldn't have served her well during the sprint she launched herself into.

    Where could she possibly go to get away from the creature? An image of the castle popped into mind and suddenly she realized what the woman was talking about when she suddenly shouted, "There!" The dark elf veered sharply and ran back the way she came, instinctively covering her head with her arms when the vine creature tried to take the same sharp turn she took and reached for her, but its momentum sent it sliding. It clawed the ground for grip to keep itself from totally falling and launched itself after the dark elf. She tried not follow a straight path and weaved around the trees, trying to keep herself as ungrabbable or, much more preferable, unpunchable.
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  7. [​IMG]


    "You're going to miss it," Mall spoke dryly to Evangeline as she struggled with putting on her night clothes while brushing her teeth. "Mmmohhh" (I know!) She replied back to her companion. Still, even though she knew she didn't have long till she missed her chance it didn't help with the struggle she was having. "Honestly Evie, you're terrible at time management" Mallory scolded her while Evie managed to successfully wiggle into pants that were starting to get tight but she refused to buy a new pair of pajama bottoms, she liked these ones. Taking the toothbrush from her mouth and rinsing her mouth with water she shot back a reply, "Well maybe if someone reminded me or woke me up like I asked, we wouldn't be in this mess." She growled. Mallory appeared next to her in holographic form, a smug expression on her face as she shrugged at the pink haired girl, "And you never own up to your responsibilities. Oh Evie, what am I going to do with you?" Evie groaned and rolled her eyes at her. Instead, she quickly dashed out of the bathroom to her living room, where the tv was on with the news playing. She scanned the room looking for the remote but having no luck finding it. "Great" She said with a sigh. She really was going to miss it at this rate.

    She wasn't exactly paying attention to what the news had to say, she heard bits and pieces about dreams, not to be concerned, and all that. After searching furiously for the remote she found it in between the sofa seats. Finally plopping down on the couch she turned to the channel only to find out she had just missed the ending credits of her favorite show's new episode and she couldn't rewind it back to the beginning. "Damn it!" She pouted. She was going to have to wait till it came on again or look up the episode online or something. Mallory snickered at Evie's reaction which only caused the girl to pout. She had really tried to get here as quickly as possible and here comes Mallory laughing it up at her misery. Some friend she was. Evie yawned, maybe it was best for her to go to bed early tonight, she had stayed up late last night gaming online anyway, she was starting to feel sleepy.

    Stretching she went and headed to her room, turning off the lights in her condo as she did so and making sure she locked her doors. She was surprised by how tired she was suddenly getting. If she had managed to catch her show she wondered if she would've been able to stay awake the whole hour and a half or would she have passed out on the couch. Maybe it was a good thing she missed the episode. But she had really wanted to catch the episode since the series had a bad habit of leaving cliffhangers at the end of every episode. Evie climbed into bed and snuggled her pillows and got comfortable. She turned on some relaxing sounds to help her fall asleep and was off to dreamland before she knew it.

    Now Evie usually had wild and crazy dreams and this one wasn't an exception. This time, though, when her mess that she calls dreams finally cleared up enough for her to be able to understand what was going on, she was falling. Or more like she jumped. She jumped for a reason but for the life of her ,she couldn't recall it at the moment. It was on the tip of her tongue but she just couldn't remember. Some men that were trying to attack her jumped out of the plane too. She held an object in her hand while she came closer and closer to ground. She knew she had to protect what was in her hand no matter what and she couldn't allow these guys to capture her or take her prize. They caught up quickly, and while falling Evie had to fight them. She was totally kicking their asses and she felt good about it too.

    Once they were out of her hair she launched her parachute and landed safely. It was at that moment that she felt that she needed to open the box to find out what was inside. But for some reason, she also was hesitant, what if she found out she didn't want to know what was in the box? But her curiosity got the better of her and she opened it up. Though as soon as she did a bright light flashed and she was blinded temporarily by the bright flash. When she could see again she was in a totally different area. She was surrounded by lush green hills and forests. A castle was around her too, it looked like she had just stepped into a fairy tale or something. A young girl approached her but when she started to speak in plurals she knew something was up. She looked around and saw other people with her, and it was strange. Usually when she was dreaming people's faces were blurred or she could never remember what they looked like. This time, however, she could clearly see the detail in these individuals, almost as if it was real life. That was strange.

    She tried to speak, to ask what was going on but no sound came out. She frowned and tried again, instinct telling her to grab at her throat, but she couldn't do that either. She couldn't move or speak and that set off alarms in her head. Was it the girl that did this to her? Was she the only one experiencing this? She didn't have the answers but she knew she didn't like this one bit. The small girl talked about danger and death and the destruction of their world and how she and these other people were chosen to fight against the unknown. Her words evoked a memory from Evie, long ago when the scientists explained to her the first time, what her purpose would be in this world. Was it finally time? She didn't have long to linger on that question when suddenly three massive golems were raised from the earth and started to run at them. Shocked at what was going on she was frozen for a split second. That was until a man went flying past her, she quickly got up and distanced herself from the golems then.

    The man's groaning was enough to let her know that they really could feel pain here. Something wasn't right and Evie suddenly felt like this was more of a nightmare than a dream. "Mallory, you there?" Evie asked out loud, calling for her companion. "Always, unfortunately." the AI replied in her usual monotone yet sarcastic tone. That made Evie smile, at least one thing was constant in this place. "Do you know what's going on?" Evie watched as a troll ran to aid the man that was hit first and watch the others in the group scatter. There were very few of those that chose to stand and fight. It made sense, though, when faced with something that massive, even Evie was a bit hesitant. "No, I have no clue. But the girl did say this wasn't a dream right?" Evie frowned, then what exactly was going on? "Mall, let's suit up!" Evie said taking a few more steps back from the group. "Already on it"

    Evie always loved the feeling she got when suiting up. Honestly, the suit never felt like a suit to her, but it felt like her own skin. There was a sense of comfort and security that came from the process. To everyone else, it seemed like there was a flash of light and she was in her suit. But for her, everything was slowed down. She could feel the familiar heat in the core of her body that seemed to spread up to her head and down to the tips of her toes. Then her limbs started to have a tingling sensation before her suit replaced the clothes she had been wearing. Sometimes it even tickled. "Vitals, stable. Energy system online--" Mallory went through the process of telling her what was working but she usually tuned it out. Once she was in the suit, the sudden surge of energy would wash over her. It was exhilarating and refreshing. When she didn't have the suit on she couldn't cast and so it was like turning off the switch on her magic. But as soon as the suit came on, it turned on, and all the energy flowed into her. It was something else, she never got used to it.

    "Any day now, Evie" Mallory chipped in, which made Evie roll her eyes. "Yeah, Yeah I got it," Evie said before quickly flipping out of the way to dodge the blow of a golem. She heard a large crack to her side when she noticed a tree fall and shortly after a dark elf made a dash in the direction of the castle. The golem was steady chasing after her and even with the girl's speed Evie felt that it would be too close for comfort. Turning her emerald eyes over to the fallen tree she squinted and her hands had green orbs around them. Just as that happened a green mist surrounded the fallen tree. Raising her hands in an upward motion she lifted the tree in the air, gritting her teeth as she did so. Even though she wasn't physically lifting the tree it still felt 'heavy' to her. With a grunt and a turn of her body, she flung the tree in the direction of the golem chasing after the dark elf. As the tree tore through the sky Evie held her breath in anticipation, hoping her aim had been true. The impact from the tree suddenly hitting the golem caused it to crash on the ground. "Yes!" Evie jumped up with a fist pump in the air. It had been a while since she had actually done combat training like this. The way this whole thing was playing out reminded her of the battle tests and training days at the lab.

    "Evie..." Mallory spoke up suddenly, disturbing Evie's joyous mood. "Not now Mall, let me enjoy this. It's been a while." Evie shrugged her off and laughed a little. "Evie, seriously..." Mallory spoke with a more alarming tone but Evie just waved her hand at her, "Damn, am I good or am I good? I can't believe I just nailed th--" Evie didn't even get to finish her sentence before she saw movement from the corner of her eye. She didn't have time to dodge so she could only block the blow of the golem she had forgotten about. Too bad her block basically did nothing, she still went soaring through the air, into the forest and through, yes through, a tree. Evie cried out in pain from the impact of going through a fucking tree. The momentum had her roll a bit on the ground before she laid extremely still, her body hurting all over. Her eyes were stinging as she felt the tears falling down her cheeks. "See? Now, what did we learn?" Mallory asked Evie, but she didn't wanna hear it. All she could do was grunt in pain. But she knew she couldn't stay down long, so she sat up, which only caused her to get light headed and see spots. She wobbled a bit on her feet, holding her head.

    "Are you going to listen to me this time?" Mallory asked, seemingly annoyed, "What is it?" Evie mumbled, trying to stretch her now aching body. Evie could swear sometimes she could hear, Mallory smile, that is, the very few times she did so, "Alright, listen up, I've got a plan."
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  8. [​IMG]
    Zac Bullion
    Where: It happened in a dream - Interactions: Everyone - Mood: Shaken, Not Stirred



    "Yeah, that's enuffa that..." Zac glowered as he set aside the remote for the dingy TV he set up in the corner of the room. The nightly news update rapidly turned to a glorified gossip column on horses. Part of him expected better from the news channel that actually prided themselves on relevant news, but... at the same time, he wasn't exactly surprised.

    Normally, he'd be gearing up to burn some midnight oil, but he felt particularly groggy and miserable tonight. The glare of the computer screen was already giving him a migraine, and the sultry invitation of the bed was constantly on his mind.

    "Reow!" Fumbles, his darling beloved house cat, was up on his desk begging for attention. His eyes glanced over for a brief moment, reaching his long fingers over to scritch his chin.

    It was a fluffy thing, and still young too, probably only about two years old. Its brown fur, adorned with tan stripes, gave the impression of a caramel mocha latte. At least, maybe that'd be something that'd Zac up right about now.

    "...Ugh." He grunted, shaking his head. His newest client was already getting in his head and they hadn't even met yet. They were due to meet tomorrow and talk about personal finances and fiscal responsbility. Ohhhh boy did he have a lot to say about fiscal responsibility.

    "Fumbles, come over here, gimme your professional medical opinion." He hoisted the cat up by its belly and plopped him closer to the screen. He pointed to a loaded spreadsheet. There was lots of red text and numbers. "How 'xactly are you supposed to survive the caffeine and sugar of not one, but two goddamn super mocha frappaccinos with whipped toppings and chocolate shavings a day? Even if you can afford it, it'd... it'd blow your arteries the hell out."

    He pointed to the relevant data on the screen, which Fumbles stretched his neck out to see... before gingerly licking one Zac's extended pointed finger. Zac's mouth dropped, before he chuckled.

    "Heh. Stupid." He chided, rubbing his head. He turned back to the screen, frowning.

    "Oy... this is gonna be a project. At least the pay's good. Maybe we'll get you a tree house so you can see out the window." He glanced aside to the window. Not that it was a particularly nice view, but Fumbles was always a curious sort. He enjoyed being tall.

    "Mrow!" Fumbles replied. Zac rose to his feet, groaning. He couldn't focus.

    "Whatever... I'll take a nap and finish this off later."


    The first thought that crossed his mind was... well, the sight was enchanting, but it also reminded him too much of his desktop wallpaper. Is this what overworking was doing to his head? He made a note to schedule another siesta in his personal planner.

    He wasn't much for dreams. Maybe it was his brain dulled and shorted-out from too much work and drink, but the stuff that flashed through his head was much less vivid than this. Was this sleep paralysis? Panic crept into his mind as he listened to the ghostly girl.

    It sounded like a load of bullshit. Is what his logical mind was screaming. But the panic continued to creep.

    And then all kinds of shit hit the fan, really. He and eleven others had to fight off these damn monstrosities?

    He had almost scoffed at how high-fantasy garbage that sounded... until several already threw themselves at the challenge, or were otherwise thrown away. He grimaced. He didn't know what the hell was going on.

    He needed to think. And they had to regroup.

    A select few figures were doing their best to hold back the onslaught. It wouldn't be enough. For Zac himself, his hands lowered to the daggers at his side. Then he shook his head. Yeah, right. Maybe if we stab them enough, we can get some syrup for later.

    They needed a trap. Someone called and gestured out to a building behind them. He turned his head to get a better look at it. Yeah. That'd do.

    In the heat of the moment, he started making a run for it with the rest of them. The bigger would carry the injured along; he was much smaller, and he needed to scout the place himself to see if there was anything to use in there. In this encounter, the best he could do was run.

    He hadn't done cardio in forever. His heart was already pounding.

    Or maybe that was the sleep paralysis. Or the fact that he wasn't waking up. Any of the above would probably explain that, really.

    "Hah... hah... Shiiiiiit!!"
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  9. [​IMG]
    [ Location: Home in the suburbs | Company: NPCs Dan and Mother | Mood: No, seriously though, don't call me that bro. ]

    "...And that's why," Daniel concluded over the phone with a matter of a fact tone, "you should never perform an autopsy to a bloated body."

    Remy chuckled on the other end of the line, trying his best not to laugh at his fellow coroner in training. Daniel Reed went to the same university with him, and together they did shifts at the same hospital morgue under the surveillance of their mentors. Dan was a guy in average height and average grades and average looks and so painfully averagely human, that their friends had dubbed him as Mr. Mediocre. Oddly enough, it had turned so that now Dan pretty much took pride in how much of a regular bloke he was, and embraced it. Remy found himself envious of Dan every so often, especially when his most weirdest experiences with autopsies were stories like this one, where he had done the mistake to open the stomach of a body that had been dead long enough for it to start gathering gas inside the stomach, and that had resulted him having to clean the whole room and disinfect everything and wash his clothes twice. Meanwhile, Remy had to try to hold his autopsies down on the table lest they try to walk off their own when he wasn't keeping a watchful eye on them, and hope no one would notice.

    "Come on Dan, you should've first release the gas before you decided to stab it open with a scalpel. That's first year stuff!" Remy teased the other as he was leaning back on his computer chair, his fingers flying over the keyboard. He was working on an essay and it was nearly finished, even if its deadline wasn't due until next week. What could he say, he liked finishing things in advance to remain on top of his school work.

    "Right, I totally knew that. I just tested if you did." Dan feigned, even if both of them knew he was bluffing and making the poorest performance of it. Remy couldn't help the giggle that escaped him over the other guy's expense. He could see it a little bit too well, his expression of complete bewilderment after the contents of the stomach had exploded everywhere after the gas had been rapidly released. Their trainer, Mr. Zielinski, must have been very pleased to find the whole examination room covered in excrement and other varying goos.

    "Of course you did," Remy smirked on the phone and pressed the print button on the corner of the program, and his printer breathed into life on the side of the table, "like I haven't been whooping your butt on every exam day ever."

    "That is irrelevant," Dan argued and then sneered over the line with a mocking tone, "Remington."

    Remy's freckled face turned into a stale one, as did his tone, even if a little underlying of humor was still audible; "Don't call me that."

    "Oh, what are you gonna do about it, Remington? It's your name, isn't it, Remington? Why don't you like your own name, Remington?"
    "I'm hanging up, Dan."
    "Aw, don't be like that, Remington."
    "Bye Dan."
    "Good night, Remin--"

    Close the audio call, Casper."

    The little ghostly idPersona did as it was told, and closed the call in mid-word for Daniel. The other forensics pathologist student must have been laughing at the usual reaction of his friend at his dorm room right now; this happened time to time, and Dan always played the name card whenever Remy brought in the fact that he was better student academic wise than Dan was. It was a running gag that just never seemed to get old for Dan, even if Remy was actually a little irritated every time he did use his full name.

    Remy stood up from the seat into his full, rather impressive six foot and five inch height, stretching his back with a pleasant moan. Once the printer was done with the pages, Remy pulled them out and stabled them together, leaving the finished product on his neatly organised work table. It looked rather similar to his room, which had been decorated with neutral colors of warm browns and subdued blues. The cork board on the wall over his single bed was decorated with pictures of him and his friends and family, there was couple of school diplomas framed on the wall, and the bedspread and carpet on the floor were obvious handwork of his mother. Overall the room was very temperate, and rather minimalist and practical in decor, tidy but had the definite feeling of someone living in it.

    "Remy!" Came the voice of his mother from downstairs, followed by a question in Portuguese if he was still awake, "Você ainda está acordado?"

    "Sim!" Remy called over his shoulder back, waiting for her mother to articulate further what she wanted with that knowledge.

    "Fiz um lanche, vamos ter alguns!" She hollered back soon after, informing him of the availability a late evening snack. Almost like on cue, Remy's stomach growled. The good point of still living under the roof of his parents was that he would always be enjoying his mother's cooking, which was excellent if he might have added, even if the young man had been pining after his own place for a while now. But the fact was, with his university attendance, training at the hospital and school work after hours, he wouldn't have the time for a job that paid enough to pay his rent and keep himself fed. He might have not been a teenager anymore when he ate every meal like he would have never seen food before, but as a tall guy he did still eat a lot. So far it seemed like he wouldn't be moving out until he graduated and got some of his school debt paid off.

    "Yeah, I'm coming!" Remy called again and reached to shut down the old desktop.

    "Remy, em Português, obrigado!"
    "Sim, mãe! Fica frio!"

    It would be nice if he didn't have to speak in Portuguese all the time to please his mother, though.


    [ 30 minutes later... ]

    Once back in his room and with a full belly, fatigue had finally set in. Remy changed his clothes into pajamas, simple grey college pants and a black sleeveless top, and crawled into bed for the night. Once comfortable, he reached for his bedside lamp and put the lights out, and pulled the blankets up. He stared at the ceiling, and thought about the news he had been watching as he had eaten together with his mother. He knew a lot of his fellow students at the university had been seeing the same dream, as he had been going to class in the morning and exchanged stories together with the others. It had been freaky, enough to cause some panic among people. However, the news brushed it all under the carpet, trying to reassure the people that everything was alright. And perhaps, he thought to himself, it was just that. Alright, he meant.

    His gut told him otherwise, no matter how much he tried to reassure himself. Ever since the dream, Remy had felt unsettled. The day had been filled with nervous sort of energy, as if he would have been waiting something to happen without knowing what it was.

    With that thought, the mage closed his eyes and drifted off into the feather islands...


    [ Location: A Dream | Company: The Twelve | Mood: Wait, so who thought any of this was alright? Who? Who?! ]

    It all started nice enough. He was hanging out with his friends in the university's cafeteria while it was otherwise appearing completely empty, wearing his pajamas like it would be totally normal thing to do (though for his defense, Dan was wearing swimming trunks for some reason and Angie was wearing what looked like a tutu) and someone was saying something silly that made absolutely no sense logic wise but made absolutely perfect sense dream wise. Everyone laughed at the joke that wouldn't be considered funny at all if he was awake. Then suddenly, everyone in the table fell completely silent simultaneously and stared at Remy, like they expected something. This too, seemed to make completely sense at the time, even if the day's earlier unsettled feeling intensified on that very moment. Then he felt it; a calling. It wasn't a voice, it wasn't a sound of any sort. Just a feeling, a strong pull in his gut that made him turn around in his seat and look behind his shoulder towards the cafeteria exit door. Something was calling out to him, and Remy wasn't entirely sure what it was. Was it someone from the Other Side? That wasn't out of the question. There was a distinct feeling of supernatural in this. He could feel it, the magic that raised his skin in goosebumps, the electricity in the air and taste it in the tip of his tongue. But perhaps it was just his mind pulling his leg here.

    He got up, and approached the glass door. Once standing by it, his friends still remaining at the table and completely, eerily silently just staring at him, he looked outside in what should have been a hallway. But it wasn't a hallway. What he could see, was a forest with trees taller than any he had seen. And without thinking too much into it, because this was a dream, Remy opened the door and stepped into the forest.

    He trudged through the underbrush, his bare feet experiencing the coolness of damp earth. And the further he walked, the more realer all the sensations got, and more aware Remy started to be of his own thoughts. Was he lucid dreaming? Was this it? To test it out, he willed himself to fly. But as it turned out, he wasn't taking off like a superman, which was kind of disappointing. So he kept going, walking under the canopy of the trees that let in some spots of sunlight. He wasn't sure where he was going, but at the same time, it was like he knew exactly where he wanted to end up, even if he wasn't aware what it was. But alas, magic tended to work in mysterious ways, and Remy had learned to just not question its ways and just go with what he felt it wanted him to do.

    And soon enough, he stumbled on a clearing. It was grassy evergreen that dipped up and down in gentle hills, and a gentle wind brushed the grass in waves. It smelled earthy, and the grass under his bare feet was soft, and sunlit ground warm. Remy wiggled his toes and smiled at the sight, the first word popping into his mind was beautiful.

    However, suddenly everything changed. He wasn't standing at the edge of the valley anymore, and the forest wasn't right behind him. His position seemed to move, all by itself and he was further away. Now he could see some kind of building, perhaps a castle in the distance, and there was a female standing in front of him. And around him, spread around evenly, eleven other people. Remy would have looked around to study all of them, but his field of vision was limited as he found he couldn't move which was suddenly freaky on its own. He could only stare ahead towards the girl with hair white as snow, and tattered green dress, and what appeared to be completely random objects lied at her feet. There was something off about her, and he could have sworn there was a glow in her eyes behind the white bangs; was she a mage? Was she doing this to him? Was it her magic he could feel?

    She spoke, and the nervousness grew. He could sense the others having similar feelings around him, the growing emotions in the air so thick he could almost taste the fear. And the further the girl addressed them, the more certain Remy was that he wasn't just dreaming anymore. He was too aware, but it wasn't lucid dreaming either. Nor was he awake, that was for sure. Something was off, but he couldn't quite place what it was, and his mind was reeling. All he could do was just stand there, and listen to the girl.

    When creatures were summoned, what appeared to be some sort of golems, Remy was ready to whimper. He was only glad that he was physically denied of making any sounds, lest the others around would hear him.

    "Deal with these beasts, and I will tell you of the first harbinger. They’ve already made themselves quite comfortable in Autumn."

    As the golems started moving towards them, suddenly, he could move again. Remy backed away, staring with wide brown eyes at the gigantic creatures that made him feel like a dwarf for once. All his life, he had wanted to be a little bit shorter, but he wasn't sure he liked feeling short around these guys.

    "This’s some bullshit," someone suddenly spoke, the voice sounding very familiar. Remy snapped his attention towards the speaker, his expressions bewildered when he recognized the guy. Was that the SPARRO detective that had recently started specifically asking him for help with his cases that required autopsies? Detective Kasten? He was a man in his early thirties, and a hint shorter than the average, but somehow his intimidating personality compensated for the missing inches and dominated the room. He was a bit arrogant sort of fellow, very blunt and cussed a lot, and if Remy was honest, a tad bit scary. He was the sort of man one just couldn't ignore when he stepped into the room, his presence was strong and demanding. There was something in Detective Kasten that always made him feel nervous, and he couldn't even anymore count how many times he had dropped documents from his trembling hands, how many times he blushed from embarrassment whenever he fumbled around with his own words and how much worse it became whenever the man kept staring at him. The run ins with Kasten were always equally awkward for some reason, even if he had never done anything specific that would have made Remy able to point out the cause.

    "I don’t believe any of this." Kasten stated as Remy gaped at him, unable to understand why he was in the dream or whatever the hell this was, out of all people. Everyone else appeared unknown for him; couple of elves, one dark and one light, a troll, a goblin, some women and girls... He didn't have the time to look at who all else were there, because the golems reached them, and one of them punched Kasten hard enough to make Remy cringe, and sent the man flying and landing on his back, groaning. "My spleen..."

    Remy started panicking. Really panicking now. He wrapped his arms around himself, gaze feverishly moving about as he watched the golems run after different targets, making the people take mad dash into safety. One woman distracted the first golem that had punched Kasten, turning it towards her. Then a male troll basically bashed himself at the golem, sending it reeling backwards and falling on its earthy butt and sliding down a slope. The said troll then scooped Kasten up like he was but a mere child (Remy had a feeling that despite how hurt he was, the detective wasn't going to be happy about being manhandled), bellowing them to get off the open.

    The light elf was screaming, “There! Hurry!” but Remy had no idea what she was meaning until she dashed towards the direction of the castle, and so did the goblin man. The dark elf with splotchy skin was being pursued by one of the golems into the forest, but pink haired girl came to her rescue. However, her victory was short lived as she was punched and sent flying deeper into the forest like Kasten before.

    "Oh my God!" Remy yelled as he watched the girl break through the trees and disappear. Was she dead? He surely hoped she wasn't dead. He was rooted on where he was, unsure where to go, if he should dash to help someone or try to dash into safety, contemplating with the options and ending up choosing nothing in his indecisiveness.

    And then he took simply too long to decide, and one of the creatures had turned its attention on him and snuck up on the young man from behind. The only reason why Remy noticed it in time was when its shadow cast itself on him, and he turned sharply to take into its looming large form over him, its fist raised to crush him to the ground. Remy had barely time to throw himself off the fist's way which had been about to smash him on the top of his head and hammer him into the ground like a human nail. The fist smashed on the grassy floor with immense power that Remy could feel through the ground in tremors on his back, but he didn't stay to admire it. The tall man scrambled on his feet, and ran as fast he could and as far away from the creature as he could. He couldn't really help anyone with the creatures around, and if he stuck around he would be the one in need of some healing instead. All he could do was to hope that everyone would manage to save themselves, as Remy would be no good to anyone dead.

    "Come on!" He said to the woman who had thrown stones at the creature; she was a classy looking beautiful thing that would have probably made Remy feel like a plebeian in any other situation if he would have had the time to analyze it. He figured that the troll could help Kasten and carry him into safety, he seemed big and strong, seeing how he had managed to take one of the golems on earlier. Meanwhile, Remy could try to herd forward anyone who seemed to fall behind while running. His thoughts were on the pink haired girl that had been punched into the forest, and he hoped she was alright and would be able to catch up to them. She had thrown a damn tree earlier with what appeared to be telekinesis, so he also figured she was much tougher cookie than she appeared.​
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  10. [​IMG]

    Soohyun jiggled open the front door to the heavy redolence of spicy instant noodles. His relief left him in a quiet, reluctant exhale; noodles was the one thing Sangchul knew how to cook on the stove without costing Soohyun his security deposit.

    He toed off his shoes, loosened his collar with a sharp tug, padded down the smoke-stained hallway into the darkened living room. Sangchul's round face peered up at him over the moth-bitten couch, his white cheeks and opaque eyes swept in the soft blue light of the humming television. "You're back," was his only remark, like it wasn't 1AM in the morning, before he turned back to the news report.

    Soohyun flicked on the light. "You'll go blind," he said, over the colorful cursing that ensued. Sangchul shot him a baleful look past the fingers digging into his eyes.

    He got over it, though, like he always did. "Sourpuss." His eyebrows waggled as if he didn't already know Soohyun had spent all the livelong morning sifting through panicked calls about the surely incoming apocalypse. But people were fickle, and by midnight this was all that was left: a two-minute report, a dismissive wave, it must be the ARC, because it always was.

    Soohyun ran a hand through his hair, sank down on the couch. His stomach gurgled, cried for sustenance, but his limbs were anvils and just like that, he lost the will to care. Weariness leadened his spine, pulled at his eyelids, dragged him down and down with ineffable force. He felt more than saw his cousin glance at him--and then he was asleep.

    He must have been, in any case. When he opened his eyes, it was to verdant knolls, a vermilion sky, and a girl, young, almost ethereal, with a look on her face that immediately rubbed him the wrong way. There were others, silent, uneasily so, unnaturally still, and it was in that moment Soohyun realized he couldn't move. Couldn't tense, or sneer, as the girl spoke, smiled, leveled her finger in their faces--as vines and rock clashed together into colossal monsters before them.

    Autumn was a city full of shit, and Soohyun had mired himself in it for years, even before he'd joined the force, before Sangchul had slunk through his doorway, red-eyed and miserable and hyung, can i stay with you--but this, this was the most surreal fucking thing he'd experienced thus far.

    Don't get ahead of yourself, he thought, even as the golems advanced, even as another man in uniform voiced his disbelief moments before a golem slammed him to the ground, kicking up dust and dirt and rattling the earth beneath Soohyun's feet; even as Soohyun found he could move again, could take an involuntarily step back.

    This is just a dream.

    But normally his dreams were about doe-eyes full of admiration or a twist of a mouth sharp with disdain, blurry around the edges and more feeling than sensory. This--this felt too real.

    Chaos erupted around him. There, a troll, lunging; a light elf, darting away; a dark elf, hiding; and--was that a suit? Running, scattering, but shouts drew his attention, from one to the next to the castle looming in the distance, and before he knew it his feet were moving on their own, driving him forward, following.

    There was too much to look at, too much to keep track of, so Soohyun stopped trying. Unlike most (all?) of this hodgepodge, he was human, plain and simple, blood and skin and bone and stardust, all the faults and none of the strengths. His heart throbbed in his chest, drummed with a blast of adrenaline that sparked his exhaustion to ash.

    He wasn't going to let a stupid dream kick his ass.

    Mercy number one: he was still in uniform. Mercy number two: he could still feel the knife in his boot. Mercy number three: he still had his gun. Not that a flimsy little blade nor tiny bullets would be much use against huge-ass mud-and-vine monsters, but the weights were a reassurance nevertheless. Would he wake up, if he let himself die? Suddenly, Soohyun wasn't so sure--and he was disinclined to find out.

    He darted past one of the random dozen, and what the fuck, who gave anyone the right to be that tall? But then there was a shadow looming over him, gaining on him, the shudder of an earthquake below--no, not an earthquake. An anvil, a fist, he realized, as he spared a glance over his shoulder. Caught sight of the Freckled Tree dashing right at his heels, because god forbid the earthy motherfucker behind them got any faster.

    Get off the open, the troll had shouted. Somehow, Soohyun doubted that tripping over tree roots would be conducive to fleeing a mountainous golem that could flatten the canopy with a single foot.

    Run, then, his mind whispered. Run for your life.
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  11. [​IMG]
    LOCATION: DREAM WITH: EVERYONE MOOD: fok dose tings. Whaddabout dese tings?​

    The faucet was turned off after washing off red-stained hands. Tierney had his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and even that hadn’t prevented him from having blood splatters on them. He hissed and shook his head. What a pain. And what for? A couple more bucks in his pocket? His current contractor was… not the fairest of men, and poor Joseph Marlin had found that out quickly. Tierney didn’t kill the man, no. Not this time at least. But Marlin was going to walk away a few fingers and toes less than he had before being dragged into the warehouse. “He batter be paeyin’ me a gran’ moar fer dis.” He growled, brow furrowing. “Ruined moi bloody suit fer this gig.”

    Once hands were dried, he looked himself in the mirror. Piercing eye was contrasted with the black material of an eyepatch on his opposite eye. A perpetual scowl, and deep scars along his forehead that made an intricate symbol. But more than the mirror could reveal, the man that looked into the mirror was not only a man, but a wolf. What Tierney saw was not a man. What he saw was a beast. Though, he couldn’t say that he was dissatisfied with what he saw. It was what it was, and he was perfectly fine with that.

    Leaving the bathroom of his shoddy little apartment, he plopped down on the couch and let out a sigh. He would have to collect from his contractor later. After this… well, he was done with the cheapskate. His contract would be completed, and he would be able to move onto a different job. TV was turned on and played the news. Tierney had tuned it out though as he closed his eye. A small rest just for a moment wouldn’t hurt.

    Tierney didn’t dream much. Barely at all except for the odd dream that had occurred recently. Apparently he hadn’t been the only one to have had that dream either. Whatever it was, Tierney didn’t seem to question it too much. It could have easily been a fluke. Nothing more.

    However… when another dream appeared, and he saw figures that… he could have swore some were real people, he felt that… maybe it wasn’t just a coincidence. Maybe it was a bit more meaningful. A light breeze caressed him, filled his senses. He could hear it blow through blades of grass. Trees shook their leaves in welcoming it. And that woman that spoke. It was loud and clear. Wait. Was this really a dream?

    An eye shot open to see that he was on grass. The woman was ahead, speaking to the group, and standing in front of a few objects in a circle of bones. He couldn't move. That in itself irritated him. What was going on? What she said didn’t really make sense. He wanted to look around, confront the woman, something. But alas, he was her puppet up to the very moment she released the three golems on him and the rest in the group. He could feel the air return to his lungs. His body sprung to life again.

    The scent of another wolf made his single eye flicker over. Was that a SPARRO dog? It didn’t really matter at that moment. What did matter, was that he was easily flung across the field. Sharp eyes fell back on the three golems. Feet slowly spread apart as Tierney debated on his next action. Should he run? Or should he try to find a way to stop them? It seemed like others were debating on the same thing. A few ran, calling out that there was a castle in the distance to seek refuge. Others, attempted to fight.

    Dashing out of the three golems’ line of stride, he assessed the situation. The three golems were busy with some individuals that decided to take action. A Troll tried to take out legs. Some magical girl seemed to give a golem a run for it’s money… until she started her victory cheer just a tad too early. She was sent through a tree. Even Tierney cringed at that. One girl had thrown rocks.

    But even with everything going on, Tierney’s quick mind noticed something. None of the group had gone after the items that had been in that circle in front of that woman. He glanced over to the area--now which was behind the golems. He wondered if he could get by. Darting passed Soohyun, he lunged at one of the golems, grabbing hold of one of it’s arms and quickly pulling himself up onto it’s back before it could reach for him.

    “Pardon me.” He called, looking over the textures of the golem before jumping off and heading toward where the items had been. He didn’t know whether they were still there, and if they weren’t, surely he would be in quite a rut, but old dogs have a bag of tricks.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Location: A dream || Company: Everyone

    As night began to fall, moonlight dripped through the scenic windows and cascaded onto the floors of Mira's mansion. The light tapping of footsteps resonated through the empty residence as Mira climbed the grand staircase towards her room. Her fingers twitched around a glass of red wine.While the house was mostly dead quiet, Mira's ears were filled with annoying amplified sound. The harsh chirps of crickets from outside, the plumbing rushing and whirring, and various other creaks and moans amplified. With the push of a gold embellished handle, double doors opened to the living space Mira liked to call her room. It seemed Barry had lit the fireplace, the light in the room a warm glow. A large bed canopied with drapes and silk sheets awaited her. However, she ignored it for a bit longer and meandered to the nightstand drawer. Her manicured fingernails tapped the wine glass nervously as she took another sip. She was hungry. It had been a while since she had last fed.
    Opening up the drawer, she pulled out two tasseled ear plugs and a sleeping mask. Putting the ear plugs in, the loud noises was suddenly blocked out by peaceful silence. Mira let out a happy sigh, taking in that silence like it was life energy. But it wasn't, and she was still very hungry. She laid the sleeping mask on the bed and trotted to her mirror. She eyed the small figure that stood in her reflection. Her silk nightgown and robe adorning her like an aristocrat. Deciding she liked what she saw, she took a sip of her wine and headed for the bathroom.

    Finishing up the rest of her nightly routine, she returned to her bed and laid the empty wine glass down on the nightstand. Her silk sheets welcoming her like clouds. She had had a normal day, a few photo shoots and shopping, but she was more worn out for some reason. Oh well. Covering her eyes with her sleeping mask, she rested her head on a feather pillow and it was lights out.


    She woke up in a strange land. Like something from the before-times. The way before-times. There was a castle and lots of greenery. The sky was like a Renaissance painting as the sun set. What was this place...?
    But something else was taking much more prevalence. Or, rather, someone. A young girl. She had a strange appearance, white hair with over grown bangs. Even stranger was the green glow emitting from beneath them. There were various random objects laid at her feet inside a circle of...what was that? Bones....? Mira's stomach turned, she had a bad feeling about this. She tried to move but couldn't. Her body was stiff and tense. She tried to speak but not even a squeak. Panic started to rise in her. What was happening? Was this a dream? But it felt so real. The girl looked back and then forward again. It was at this moment Mira realized she wasn't alone. There were others. her? Unable to speak and move? Mira fixated on the strange girl before them.

    With a point of her finger, her voice thundered and resonated, shaking Mira's core. “Children of Earth," she said, "You are summoned.”
    “For a long time, I have fought your battles. I have protected your homes, your kin, and your souls, but I cannot anymore. A darkness comes for you all. A darkness that wishes to swallow you up and reduce you into nothingness--no bones, no ash, and no soul.”
    It was at this point Mira would have raised her hand. What was this? Some kind of call to heroism? It was only the opening statement but there were already so many questions. However she was stuck, so silence it was.

    Nothing little miss needs-a-haircut was saying made any sense. Four harbingers? Evil entities? What like...Satan? Maybe this was a dream. "This is what I get for drinking alcohol before bed..." Mira thought.

    The girls smiled evolved into something a tad more menacing. “But, first, I want to test your mettle. These things you will face are not of this world, and not of this one either. They’re a viler sort, but this should suffice.”

    Three massive creatures erupted from the earth like goddamn daisies. Now Mira was glad her body was unresponsive because she was sure she would have pissed herself. “Deal with these beasts, and I will tell you of the first harbinger. They’ve already made themselves quite comfortable in Autumn.”
    Wait WHAT. Oh great she was going to die in this dream. Lovely. Fucking peachy.
    Suddenly, there was a shift in gravity. Her body felt lighter and she could..move? Yes!

    “and my children, this is not a dream. It will hurt.” And like that the girl was gone into thin air. Those final words were haunting. Not a dream? But if it was as real as it felt..."Oh shit..." Mira said underneath her breath. Another spoke above her. "This’s some bullshit," Mira turned to look at the speaker. "I don’t believe any of this."

    And then he went splat. Well, not exactly, but he got flung by one of the creatures and landed harshly. Mira let out a small scream as it happened. Chaos ensued.

    Mira was terrified. Wide eyed and in shock as all of this transpired around her. It was like she was paralyzed. Unable to move. Finally she was shaken out of it by someone calling and gesturing towards the castle.
    Mira looked up at the castle and it snapped. Go there.
    Mira ran for it. She covered her head and squinted her eyes. Her senses were heightened, thankfully her ear plugs were in so that everything wasn't so loud. But she was faster and could see everything clearly.

    "shit, shit, shit!" She squeaked.

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  13. [​IMG]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]- LOCATION -[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]A Dream[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]|[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]|[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]| COMPANY [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]&[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]INTERACTIONS -[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]The Twelve[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] | Versander Veen |[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]|[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]| [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]MOOD -[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]"...[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Nope. Nope. Nope.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] -[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]The microwave impatient beeping from the kitchen echoed down the hall of her one-bedroom apartment. The girl with silver-blonde hair made a mental note of it as she pulled her a random t-shirt from the top of the clean pile of laundry stacked on the chair in the corner. Her outside clothes were sprawled around her feet, resting amongst various strewn garments the lingered about, hanging off the headboard of her bed, and the closet doors as well as its handles. As she undid the button of her cargo pants and slid the fly down before slipping out of her trousers and shaking them off her slender legs. The girl pulled the lucky t-shirt of the evening over her head to cover her bare upper body and flipped her long locks over the collar. [/BCOLOR]The girl eyed the clock, and made a mental note that she ought to already be sleeping. She pulled her pale locks from their ponytail prison and combed her fingers through her hair massaging her sore scalp with a slight moan.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The microwave sounded again. Ro shot a silence glare in the direction from which the sound had come, and flicked off the light to her bedroom, walking toward the living room. Just before her destination she took a detour into the kitchen to claim her frozen quesadillas that had been heated to a level that rivalled magma before moving over to the living room and flopping down on the couch and opening up her PersonaID screen. She requested her icon, the little snazzily dressed triangle, open up the streaming site she watched all her shows off of, he did so with a quick quip, knowing she was too tired to toss around banter this late at night. She put on a random show and ate her dinner in the silence of the empty apartment... As the credits popped up, so did the icon in the corner, "They're talkin' 'bout a little something you might find interesting, take a look."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Without another word he dragged a screen into view with displayed the news anchor. Her voice chimed in mid-sentence, but the subject at hand interested her.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]With only a quick touch on the matter, it was brushed behind them, and Ro flicked the screen off, "Thanks for that, Cipher."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Anytime." He responded, with a smirk in his tone. For a creature without a mouth, he sure did grin a lot...[/BCOLOR]
    As she brushed her teeth her mind lingered on the report... it had been a peculiar dream. They'd all woken up lost and disoriented. According to the reports everyone said they felt as if they had failed in some way, as if they had been trying to do something that they just hadn't been able to. No one was telling anyone about anything that deviated from that, and there was no way Rowen was going to pipe up that she'd made it to the end... That was like demanding attention, and she really just preferred to keep her head down. She washed her mouth out with water, and then headed to bed in her tee and underwear. Just the typical lounge about at home-wear. The girl checked her alarm and curled up underneath the covers, a [BCOLOR=transparent]long day was up and coming and she needed some rest. [/BCOLOR]

    She was standing. They all were, all twelve of them. She stood at the back, eyes wandering over the landscape and its details, lingering on each figure. Almost everyone seemed to be wearing work clothes, evidently, except for her. The underwear and t-shirt she'd fallen asleep in adorned her now, but, at the very least, she wasn't naked the way you usually were in dreams. Another plus, her teeth weren't falling out... They.... they weren't falling out, right...? She nervously ran her tongue along the inside of her mouth to make sure. But suddenly a echoing voice demand every ounce of her attention. Rowen's crimson eyes flashed up to behold a girl in tattered clothes, with similar hair to her own. The green glow in the eyes set Rowen on edge... a mage? Throughout her speech Rowen opened her voice to speak, and ask questions, 'Who are you', 'Where are we', 'Who are all of you'? You know, the typical things one might try to ask. But instead her voice was lost, and her feet were rooted in place. The girl's body wouldn't obey even the slightest twitch. Rowen found her heart rate elevating in slight fear, she continued to listen.


    All at once, where she and the others were released from this grip, everyone seemed to scatter. They fled, and began to, for the most part... run away... A part of her demanded she do the same, but the girl stayed planted right where she'd been when she'd been brought here. Her mind raced. Why were they what part of 'deal with the beasts', they didn't seem like the right way to progress. Something was wrong... She wanted to know who this harbinger was, what did they want? With a deep breath, she gathered her courage, clenched her fists and turned her eyes toward the nearest golem. As she took a step toward it, her demeanor changed, shifted from on edge to eerie. Her hair began to float and drift around her, caressing her shoulder, neck and face softly. She grit her teeth and closed her eyes for a moment, listening to the ruckus.

    A moment passed, then two... Her eyes shot open, glowing in a misty red haze. She extended her hand, and like nothing, the girl plucked the humanoid mesh of earth and stone of the ground and threw him up into the air. Just as suddenly it began to fall back toward earth. She grinned ever so slightly as she dropped it. This was an exercise, a test... it would seem whatever world this was, it seemed to had the same rules that only she could bend. She glanced over to her right, and locked eyes with the towering brown troll, "Hit it. Trust me just hit it."
    Before it could smash against the ground she twisted the axis again, and sent the creature flying toward the troll. A single bead of sweat began to trickle down as she focused on both buffing the troll, and weakening the golem that she was whipping around like a clay doll, "Now!"

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  14. During the attack of the golems, Versander had rushed to the side of an injured man on the ground. He had no time to assess the guy’s casualties--time was of the essence while the stranger was so vulnerable to attack (i.e., could be squished like a bug at any second).

    Leaning down to pick him up, Sander recognized two things: (a) that the guy was dressed like a hated SPARRO detective and (b) the scent of werewolf.

    Sander’s father had taught him to be an excellent hunter and that included tracking. Not being a human, but a troll, Versander might not be first-chair violin for the city orchestra or a high-powered litigation attorney, but he did have keener senses than humans (if that was adequate compensation for being despised, harassed and treated like scum by the purists). All beings had their own scent and werewolf was a particularly strong scent. Lucky, the guy wasn’t masking it with some stinky cologne. Because that could be really evil to a sensitive troll nose.

    Although Sander hated SPARRO (and blamed them for the death of his older brother and the harassment of his family which had helped send his mom over the edge) – he had pretty decent rapport with weres over the years, so he’d ignore the uniform for now.

    Sander tried to talk gently to the man – telling him that he would get him to safety -- so that he wouldn’t be alarmed that a troll was picking him up, but the guy simply started swearing a blue streak. Some of the terms were PARTICULARLY abusive, and Sander stored them in his memory for later use.

    Although the man tried to push him away, the hell with it. Versander wasn’t going to leave him to die like this and didn’t have time to negotiate a treaty between nations, here. If the werewolf wanted to commit suicide by golem, he would just have to arrange it some other time.

    Versander was suddenly bone-tired. He’d gone to sleep, exhausted; found himself in this crazy-ass situation and temporarily been revived by sheer adrenaline, and now found himself drifting into haziness again. “Run to the castle!” He heard some shouts and saw others heading for it. That’s right, Sander thought to himself. We should all stay together, safety in numbers here.

    He carried the little fuming were (more than a full two feet shorter than Versander, and the troll hadn’t even gotten his full growth yet) as gently as he could while he turned around and headed for the castle.

    The light here was changing every second or his eyes were playing tricks on him. People seemed less substantial now, there was a sheen about them that suggested something otherworldly. The castle seemed to flicker and move in the distance, shifting closer and then receding and then moving nearer again. It was like watching some antique black and white newsreel that was partially damaged. It was giving him vertigo. He started to feel disconnected, almost high.

    As he began to run with his ranting burden, he saw a girl in front of him suddenly extend her hand and apparently toss a golem into the air. She seemed to be enjoying herself and not screaming in terror, there was a slight grin on her face. With a move like that, she had to be a mage. Well, it was about time.

    The girl looked directly at Sander and commanded him, "Hit it. Trust me just hit it."

    Then she did something again with her hand, he guessed, and sent the creature flying towards Sander and the were. "Now!" she screamed at him.

    Everything seemed to be in slow motion and sparkly. But Sander, being used to all kinds of weird shit, didn’t allowed himself to be distracted by that. There was no time to do anything but drop his foul-mouthed passenger as quickly as possible (with mental apologies for the rough landing) before they both were totalled. Sander leapt and pile-drove into the golem with both his feet, using the entire force of his body, then back flipped back onto the ground and picked up the writhing SPARRO dog again with barely a pause.

    ”Sorry, man,” Sander murmured, multi-tasking as he checked that (a) the girl seemed unafraid and in command of the situation, (b) that the golem might be permanently out of play (he didn’t know if the damn things could regrow busted body parts), and (c) that the moving castle was sneakily, tauntingly, once more very close. It exuded a shimmering veil of light to his eyes – one that reached out and then receded like the waves on a shore.

    Sander forced his long legs into a burst of speed and just before the glowing veil receded again, jumped into the light, feeling it pull him like the river's current used to pull him downstream when he was a boy, floating effortlessly and moving quickly. Painlessly, easily, into its unknown core. Where anything might lurk.
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  15. GM POST


    The reactions were various. While some stayed rooted to their spot until the dream hit them, others immediately jumped into action. Mona, the revenant, did a good job in distracting the golem from Rook, the werewolf, and the troll Sander. However, she did not plan out what to do with this newly gained attention. Much like an animal the golem felt slighted by the stones, turning around bristling and heading towards the elegant lady with threatening steps.

    However, before the brute could attack another force pushed it away. It caused the golem to tumble down the hill the dreamers stood on, rolling and landing on their back. With its bulky build and short limbs it would take the creature a while before it got back on its feet again, not to mention that it had to climb its way back as well.

    Meanwhile a flash of light was seen from the hextech mage, Evangeline. Chugging a tree she knocked the golem that was chasing the dark elf, Iridessa. The creature stumbled, lost their balance and then rolled down the hill onto their face. The same counted for this sturdy being as its colleague, short legs and a round build made it hard to get up.

    A cheer erupted from the pinkette as if she had hit a homerun, which she probably would have if it had been a game of softball. Too bad her party was cut short as the golems had come in a group of three. Not paying attention to the last golem the female was sent flying through a tree. Immediately proving that the creature was the better batter of the team.

    With two golems cancelled out for the time being, and one left standing, the remaining members took their chance to flee. One of them pointed towards the castle and everyone agreed that safety could be found there, if not weapons to fend for themselves.

    Tierney, the werewolf had other plans, however. With a lean jump the man quickly bypassed the last golem to get to the items he had seen earlier. Though, as he got closer the items disappeared, evaporating into thin air. It wasn’t time yet for the pieces to appear, but there was truth in the were’s observation. The items held a significant role, but that was only later in the game.

    The actions from the man earlier had caught the ire of the golem, not liking it to be stepped on. The creature turned around in anger, waltzing over as it tried to get a swing on Tierney. However, before it could reach any closer it got hoisted up into the air, before smacking right down again. A roar was heard as the golem tried to look for the cause, its sight falling onto the white haired Rowena who had a taunting smirk on her face. Fixating its attention on the mage the creature headed towards her, trying to attack again, like the mage wanted. It was fruitless, as it was sent flying this time, but not without an aim.

    The target seemed to be Sander, who was still trying to help Rook. Luckily Rowena had the mind not to launch the golem into the troll, but there was still little he could do with an injured man in arms. Dropping Rook, Sander launched himself into his second golem and with surprising speed and agility for his size went to pick up his load again.

    The golem was sent over the hill, striking down its company that had just managed to get up and was trying to claw its way back again. A clean intervention and a welcoming delay.

    With all three golems down the hill, struggling to reach the top of the hill, everyone had a free road towards the castle. However, it seemed that they didn’t have to run the whole road, or be afraid of being chased anymore as the group all found themselves inside of a large castle room.

    “The test is over.” The mysterious girl from earlier appeared at the double stairs in front of them. The room they had wrapped in seemed to be the entrance hall of a castle, the walls build tall and sturdy, but also uninviting because of a lack of light and decoration. The four objects stood in front of the girl once more, presented high above the group on the balustrade.

    Whatever questions the dreamers had wouldn’t be heard or answered, their voices cut off again. It seemed that the presence of the strange child had an unwanted effect on their bodies, making it to refuse to move, shift or even produce a sound.

    “Do not worry. You will have a chance to prove yourself, if not right now,” she followed, leaving unmentioned whether the group had passed the so called test. It was of no matter right now. The world needed the witnesses, now more than ever. There was no time to wait and choose anymore, she could only hope that the twelve standing there would be successful in the task ahead.

    “A virus is spreading.” Without much of an introduction the girl proceeded to speak, fingers tracing over the objects in front of her. Would they find out the purpose behind them? The reason why they were chosen? Somehow she felt doubtful, watching them fight earlier had her wonder, but the choice wasn’t hers to make. And like the golems that fought mindlessly this virus turns these infected in a living dead.” She let the words linger in the air for a bit before taking a deep breath.

    “You have been chosen by the objects to track the source and prevent this pestilence from growing worse,” she said, pushing the sword over the edge. The blade pointed downwards, going towards the troll and the werewolf in his arms. Before anything dangerous could happen the blade came to a halt, mere inches away from the duo as it reflected their expressions.

    “The sword for these who are always on the offense.”

    Next she pushed off the orb, making the ball roll down the banister towards the feet of the witnesses.

    “The orb likens these who know how to look within,” she explained, eyes already moving over to the next object.

    “The telescope chooses the individuals that looks forward.” Like with the objects before the item tilted down and floated in front of Evangeline, as if teasing her to grab it.

    Picking up the cup the girl held it loosely in her hand, staring down at the group. “The chalice is for these who give and take,” she said before letting her grip go and disappearing.

    Suddenly the twelve dreamers were all released from their paralysed state, cup still falling from mid-air and no sign of stopping unless it hit the ground.

    “These objects will help you guide your journey," the group could still hear the girl's voice in the air despite her absence, "that if you accept them." With that the voice started to fade as a light started to envelop the room, blinding the dreamers.

    “Good luck, my witnesses.”


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  16. [​IMG]
    Apartment Coffee Shop
    Dark Elf || 24 || Music Store Cashier || Outfit
    Mood: Coffee. Coffee fixes everything.
    Interaction: General
    Mention: Evangeline Murray - @Princess Misaou || General​

    ☬◦ ☬◦☬

    Iris woke with a start, the feeling of immobility still lingering and to assure she really could move she scrambled out of her chair. In her wake she left it spinning. Her feet and thighs felt sore as if she really did spend the night running barefoot through a forest from monsters. She still hadn't caught her breath. What the hell was that?! It was all still vivid too, not the normal fading that came with waking. It was usual for Iris to have to look back and piece together fragments of images her mind had conjured up and most often than not the end result wasn't complete. But she could remember.

    The assault of emotions, the frantic sprint for her life through a forest, the utter chaos that erupted around her. There was a magic girl. One minute she was looking back, watching the girl retaliate against the golem. The next she was being flung away. That had made her skid to a stop and turn and take everything in with wild eyes. People were running, people were fighting back, people were hurt. Yet somehow, those who stayed and fought managed to push the golems back and she turned... and she was suddenly in the castle she swore was further away just a moment ago.

    “The test is over. Do not worry. You will have a chance to prove yourself, if not right now."

    “A virus is spreading, and like the golems that fought mindlessly this virus turns these infected in a living dead.”

    “You have been chosen by the objects to track the source and prevent this pestilence from growing worse.”

    “The orb likens these who know how to look within."

    “These objects will help you guide your journey, that if you accept them."

    “Good luck, my witnesses.”

    Just. What. The. Hell.

    She ran her hands through her bright orange hair and shook her head with a breathless giggle. No more all nighters for her it seemed. Well, not for a while at least. She frowned as her eyes trailed back to her monitor. It was strange though, she never fell asleep when she worked. I just need some caffeine, that's all. Yeah, it was never good to stay up so late without caffeine. With that decided she saved, backed up her work, and moved on to the bathroom to take care of her morning ritual. That was normal. It was all perfectly normal. The shower took a moment to warm up and everything. That was up until she noticed something on the inside of her wrist that wasn't there before.

    She had odd markings all over her body so that was nothing new. The thing was, the makings were lighter gray than the rest of her skin. It was enough for the dark elf regular to the music store to liken her to a spotted rabbit. What they weren't were stark white and in any distinguishable shape. A perfect circled - orb came to mind but she wasn't humoring that thought - had etched itself into her skin on her wrist and she stared at it with confusion. What the fell did she get a tattoo?! She shook her head and what she had intended to be a relaxing shower to start her day off turned into a rushed occasion. She didn't even bother brushing her hair after the rough towel down and thought to throw on some bracelets to cover up the new oddity on her skin. It was like watching her skin fade all over again but at the same time different.

    ☬◦ ☬◦☬

    "Iced R-roasted Hazelnut M-macchiato please," and as an after thought, "d-double the hazelnut and a pump of t-t-toffee?" Iris wasn't normally demanding and so specific but the occasion seemed to call for it and warming scents of the coffee house were too enchanting to not spoil herself at least a little bit. She stepped aside for the next person to order and occupied herself with digging through her little purse - more like a wallet with a shoulder strap, ignoring some stares she received from her interesting appearance. She wasn't the only dark elf in the city, but she may be the only one who had both light and dark skin. Couple that with her flaming hair and she was a beacon for attention. The mark on her wrist didn't help matters. If anything, it made her feel even stranger despite the bracelet covering it pretty well.

    It didn't matter. She still knew it was there.
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