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  1. What TV shows are you guys into? Currently airing or old shows, everything is fair game as long as it airs on television (I'm looking at you anime lovers). Although Cartoon Network has aired a lot more anime lately, most of it is more mainstream.

    I have always been a huge fan of the show House. I really liked its style, drama, and sense of humor. Plus the medical sort of mystery side was always intriguing to me.

    Aside from that I like Law & Order (all variations), and a more recent show Revolution which is about a sort of post-modern day apocalypse where anything powered stops working. It just finished Season 1 and I am dying to know what is going to happen in Season 2.

    I tried getting into The Walking Dead, figuring it would be a natural fit for me since I love anything that has to do with zombies, but I just couldn't get into the show. Something about it doesn't appeal to me. I'm considering getting into Game Of Thrones but haven't had the time to really sit down and start watching it.

    What about you guys? Any shows or series you love or would really recommend? What about ones maybe you want to watch or are interested in?
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  2. Breaking bad. The finale of the final season starts NEXT MONTH

    Been waiting forever.
  3. Walking Dead is so-so. I watch it because I like comparing the differences the show has with the comic books. :3 They're hardly alike at all and the show sucks, but it humors me. As for Game of Thrones, I hate that show. Probably the only person on this site who does. lol

    There are a lot of shows I DO enjoy, though. *Netflix junkie* Sherlock, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, Modern Family, Venture Bros. (*nudges her avatar*), Warehouse 13, Breaking Bad, The Office... To name a few. I also like pretty much any show about animals, science, and nature, like Kratt's Creatures, Deadly Dozen, The Science Of ___, How It Works...

    I have a weakness for Food Network shows too. >< Particularly the ones about sweets, like Cake Boss and Cupcake Wars. Hehe.
  4. I was majorly into Game of Thrones, but as that ended, now I'm into The White Queen. It's only on episode 5 of season 1, but damn, is it good. Historical fiction is my favorite.
  5. Bones, Breaking Bad, Psych, Parks and Recreation, White Collar, Scrubs, Hannibal, and there's this new one that I've been digging called "Orange is the New Black". I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones that I like off the top of my head.
  6. Friends. Walking Dead. House. How I Met Your Mother. Bones. Futurama (mostly because it's awesome background noise and for some reason helps me sleep ._.). Big Bang Theory. Um....I dunno...lots of shows, but those are really the only ones I watch recently, mostly because of Netflix and because I own the series :P
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  7. - Doctor Who
    - Psyche
    - Warehouse 13
    - Sherlock
    - Mythbusters
    - Casanova (although that didn't air like a regular t.v. show)
    - Lots of cartoons. Lots and lots of them.
  8. TopGear, Hogan's Heroes, Hetalia.
    I'm not too much into TV, but these programmes are golden!
  9. I rarely watch tv nowadays, but here's my crack at it:

    -Treehouse masters. I guess the long-living dream I have of owning a treehouse (and an actual tree that isn't a palm tree) dictates my liking towards the show.

    -Super Jail. Wonder what happened to it, though.

    -A soap opera named "Amores Verdaderos" or "True Lovers" is my addiction right now. It's not just any cheesy mexican soap, it's one revolving around greed and violence.

    -My cat from hell. I watch too much Animal planet.

    -Breaking Amish. I can't explain why.


    Theres much more but I couldn't really list them all at the moment XD
  10. Why are you singling out anime lovers? There are plenty of shows that are popular, and not anime, that never aired on TV. Hemlock Grove, for example, is Netflix exclusive and pretty kick ass.

    But sticking with shows that actually aired, my favourite is, without a doubt, Doctor Who. So much love for this show, despite kinda wanting the 11th Doctor to leave already o.e Its also a bit more than adventures through space, bringing in ethical questions and thoughts on existence and revenge. And it is always lovely to have your emotions torn to bits during those few episodes of super heavy content.

    I absolutely hated Star Trek as a kid, but recently, I've been watching it more and more. Going to say that Voyager is my favourite, but I do love them all.

    Seems like I favour sic-fi shows. But I also will never say no to a Mythbusters episode. Or a Dirty Jobs episode.

    Flashpoint is also a favourite of mine. I adooooore how everything is set up. In a land where Crime Dramas are a dime a dozen, I feel this one stands out. The people act like normal, functioning people would. They're not trying to act stoic for the sake of having a stoic character *coughhoratiocough* and there are some serious feels goin' on.
  11. Let's see . . .

    White Collar
    Doctor Who
    Star Trek
    One Piece

    Ady many others. Although I don't actually have TV so I tend to watch stuff I can find on DVD or online
  12. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, Weeds, Supernatural, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Trailer Park Boys, Wilfred, The United States of Tara, Family Guy, American Dad, Robot Chicken, The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, name a few :)
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  13. I'm waiting on the new seasons of Doctor Who & Sherlock!

    Also, crying over the Mentalist season 5 and was totally disappointed in the Lying Game.

    Oh yes, and the dramatic end to the current stream of Game of Thones had me bawling for hours.

    I am looking forward to watching Defiance? (the sci-fi trailers were incredible!) and Enders Game (a new movie?)

    My friends have recommended that I watch House of Cards.
    • Game of Thrones
    • How I Met Your Mother
    • Supernatural
    • Criminal Minds
    • CSI
  14. [MENTION=13]Sakura[/MENTION], let me know how Defiance is. I played the MMO counterpart (released at the same time as the pilot episode) and was underwhelmed, but I've never watched the show.