TV Shows Everyone Should at Least See Once

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  1. So I know there was a movie version of this, and I figured why not have a TV show version.

    What TV shows do you think Everyone should see at least once?

    My personal picks are:
    Boardwalk Empire
    The Newsroom
    Silicon Valley
    Band of Brothers
    The Pacific
  2. I second The Newsroom. Aside from that, I'd say Breaking Bad, The Wire, House of Cards (the US series made by Netflix), and the anime Monster.
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  3. Batman: The Animated Series
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  4. The Wire, The Sopranos, True Detective and Generation Kill are all fantastic. My favourite shows in order I believe. The latter three are liable to switch and swap, but The Wire's been a personal favourite for years. I highly recommend it.
  5. Game of Thrones
    Superman: The Animated Series
    Breaking Bad
  6. ctrl-f
    no firefly
    what is wrong with you people?
  7. Now to be the obscure sci-fi nerd and suggest two aged classics.

    Babylon 5: If you enjoy intelligently written science fiction, you'll enjoy this show. It's a space opera, which means it touches on many themes over many episodes with several arcs conjoined to a myth arc. First season's special effects did not age well. Beyond that, I have no criticism for this television masterpiece. If you like action packed television and don't like lengthy dialogue and philosophical debates, this probably won't entertain you.

    Red Dwarf: Comedy? Check. British? Check. Commentary on the human condition with a surprisingly stellar soundtrack? Check. Like Babylon 5, it's intelligently written. Unlike Babylon 5, it's specifically episodic, not binding itself to a myth arc. Regardless, it's worth watching. Listen to the theme, and let nostalgia kick you in the spine.

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  8. I don't watch much TV, but I can contribute Person of Interest.

    It's a modern day Scifi. I could explain what it's about, but the season 1 intro does it far better than I could.

    It's very intelligently written, deals well with the ethical implications of building an all-seeing AI, knows it's technobabble very well, and never loses focus. The heart of the formula is the team saving (or stopping) "numbers" (called that because the Machine gives them a person's social security number when they're an iminent victim or perpetrator). Even when the team has to deal with extremely dangerous overarching threats like Decima or Vigilance, they still find time to go after the numbers. There are a few episodes that break the formula (such as If-Then-Else, M.I.A., and God Mode), but these are done just often enough (usually as season finales or otherwise climactic episodes) that they're a refreshing change of pace.
    The characters are all excellent, and the show has enough humor that it's never excessively serious (mostly deadpan, as the characters are all master snarkers, and If-Then-Else shows us that even the Machine itself has a sense of humor).
    I don't want to give too much away so I won't say anymore, but here are some of my favorite moments:

    spoilers obviously (open)
  9. Star Trek
    Doctor Who (original or reboot)
    (Mostly because these contain so many staple tropes of their genres, and for a few many people who haven't seen them have referenced them without knowing; Star Trek in particular is a big part of media culture)

    and of course Lucky Star

  10. Just popping in to make sure this was mentioned.

    *flies away*
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  11. In order from least to most important

    *Video Game Highschool (If YouTube series counts)
    -Doctor Who
    -Fate Zero
    -Breaking Bad
    -Clannad and Clannad Afterstory
    -Game of Thrones
    -Cosmos (Neil deGrasse Tysons)
    -Cosmos (Carl Sagans)
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  12. Orange is the New Black is another one.

    And it may be too early to say anything about it, but I quite like Better Call Saul.
  13. Stargate SG1

    Sleepy Hollow (Even if the historical references aren't accurate, it's still an awesome show!)

    I third The Newsroom!

    The Leftovers


    It's not exactly a series, but Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, because he is funny as hell!
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  14. Fate zero


    The anime version of batman the animated series
  15. Robin of Sherwood. My all time fav Robin Hood TV show
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