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When you watch a series, how do you watch it?

  1. All night marathon, man! Entire seasons in a night!!

  2. Chunk watching! I watch a handful of episodes at a time!

  3. Routine schedule. I watch an episode or two on a set schedule.

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  1. How do you watch your series or movies?

    Since I don't have a lot of scheduled free time, when I do, I watch entire series or seasons in a single night.

    It's hard for me to be patient and wait for the episodes as they come out so I prefer whole seasons to be released before I bother watching something.
  2. Fluffy and I watch a series of... series. Futurama, American Dad, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Community, Rick and Morty, Key and Peele, and some occasional Firefly and/or Farscape, if they have it. We'll usually watch them a few at a time with Futurama and American Dad (sometimes) being our go to's if we have nothing else we feel like watching.

    We also enjoy watching a few kid oriented programs with (and sometimes without) our boy. Stephen Universe, Regular Show, and Adventure Time come immediately to mind.
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  3. I try to follow series when they air, cause if I don't, it takes forever for me to finish them. o_o

    If I haven't been fortunate enough to have known that it aired before months/years after it aired, then I tend to watch a lot of episodes one day, then I forget about it for a few weeks/month and then one day I do another day with a bunch of episodes, then it gets put back on the stalled list for a while.

    It's not cause I don't like the shows, it's just that I have a really hard time picking up stuff if I put them down xD If I'm able to catch them when they're airing on the other hand, then there's a set schedule and I know that they will be out on a certain day, so I make a habit of watching them on that day. :3 The only thing I hate with that is those DAMN cliffhangers T-T -Had one today-
  4. COUGH

    Full power binge.
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  5. I find marathoning difficult for attention span reasons, so whenever I sit down to watch a show I only watch one or several episodes at a time, depending on the running length. I find myself zoning out after a while and not wanting to watch it anymore, so I have to pick it up again later.
  6. Marathon the whole thing. Go big or go home.

    GoT Season 1 and 2 in two nights straight (Season 5 wasn't out yet)? Check.
    Marathon Season 5 in one night once it's all aired? Check.
    Marathon Doctor's 9, 10 and 11 within a week? Check.
    Marathon all of Fate Zero in one night at a friends house while he's sleeping? Check.
    Marathon Fate Stay/Night Season 2 in one night? (Season 1 I watched weekly... I prefer the marathon tactic)? Check.
    Marathon Attack on Titan in 1 day? Check.
    Do a LOTR Marathon with friends? Check.
    Marathon all of Death Note with a friend over two nights straight? Check.
    Marathon multiple seasons of Walking Dead once it airs? Check.

    Basically Marathoning is always my preference.
    I will grieve the day when pressures like work and school become big/hard enough that I am forced to give it up.
    I pray that day never comes.
  7. Varies. If I'm watching something with my brother (Better Call Saul, 30 Rock, Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil, Agent Carter) we watch one or two episodes a night. If I'm on my own (all anime, Breaking Bad, Gravity Falls, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead) I usually watch as much as I can before I fall asleep or have something else I need to do :)

    We have done Lord of the Rings marathons, watching the complete extended BluRay trilogy over a single weekend, and the weekend before that it's the Hobbit trilogy. We've yet to combine the two!
  8. Watched all of season 4 of the Walking Dead (straying from the source material here is a-okay, because the show is glorious) in one night, but that's about as close as I've ever gotten to marathoning. I like to space things out, make the tension feel more... tense. Unless I'm really into it, then I'll allow myself a few extra episodes.

    I think I may be a masochist.
  9. I definitely prefer to go full marathon mode and run through entire seasons in a day. Sadly, ever since getting a full time job, I've had to resort to watching a few episodes at a time most days instead of being able to blaze through shows. :(
  10. I chuck watch. o__o I do too many things to sit and just marathon a single show, plus I watch things with my brother. So I chunk watch a bunch of episodes and switch things arounds.
  11. Despite binge-watching being the optimal, I go by chunks. I don't have enough free time to sit down and watch an entire season, not even on weekends. Plus, my attention span isn't the best when paired with mildly depressive periods.

    Though, a LOTR/Hobbit or Star Wars marathon is entirely reasonable.
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  12. It really depends. Usually I'll watch a show slowly over the course of a few weeks, maybe fitting in an episode every day/other day. There are a few examples of shows I watched more intensely, but it was still only three/four short episodes a day. The only example of a show I really consider to have "binged" was Steven Universe, which I watched in the space of a few days, although considering the episodes are short this is not hugely impressive.
  13. Started an anime yesterday 1:00pm and finished 12:15am. I cried.
  14. Which anime was this one? :P
  15. Waiting for the Jessica Jones series. GOnna binge it like I did Daredevil <3
  16. The one I showed you c:
  17. You mean the one where they said hi by punching each other into walls? :P
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. I watch them all at once within a day. Once I start I can't stop until it's over or else I'll stop watching it for good and thus never finish said series.
  20. Chunky, like my salsa! If the season is short, like 10 episodes, I may go through it in one session. :)
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