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    Hey! So I decided I wanted to do more fandom RPs, so here I am!
    I admit my fandom taste is a little weird, but surely someone is interested.

    Rules and my RP style can be found here!


    [In brackets = Who I enjoy playing]
    = Who I'd like to play against

    Canon x Canon or Canon x OC (Doubling.)
    AU's are totally welcome!

    - The Walking Dead [Daryl x Rick]
    - Jurassic Park [Malcolm, OC] [Dr.Grant, OC]
    - Lie To Me [Cal, OC] [Loker, OC]
    - 24 [Jack, Chloe, Tony] [Chase, Tony, Michelle]
    - Kingsman: The Secret Service [Eggsy x Harry]
    - Person of Interest [Finch x Reese]
    - Humans (TV drama) [Any] [Odi, OC] < I wanna do this one bad!
    - Marvel [Tony Stark, OC] [Wolverine, OC, Bruce Banner]


    Crossover Ideas:

    - Sherlock x Doctor Who [Moriarty x The Master]
    - Kingsman x Spy (2015 movie) [Harry x Bradley]
    - The Walking Dead x Any mentioned Fandom < I wanna do this one bad!
    - 24 x Die Hard [Jack x John]

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  2. I would be interested in doing a Marvel one with you, and I don't mind doubling since I would be interested in doing a Canon x OC.
  3. Awesome! Send me a PM with your interests or Characters/plots! c:
  4. Alright. I can do that. :)