RESOURCE Tutorials on Color

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  1. Useful Tutorials

    Photoshop Pentool (Okay, I've read many tuts and to be honest I didn't understand a damn one of them until I stumbled across this beauty. It actually EXPLAINS the tool with pictures AND words!)

    Photoshop cell shading mouse/tablet

    Photoshop speed coloring video

    Paint Sai pentool (Personally, I find this one rather hard to master. I understand the concept...I guess I was more meh about it)

    Paint Sai color anime style tut

    Paint Sai color anime/paint style (switches to Photoshop at the end)

    Paint Sai color hair

    Corel Painter speed tutorial (Probably the best one I've seen and would LOVE to try out whenever I get a tablet) coloring tutorial#/d2uz32d
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