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  1. Brianna hasn't always been the most popular girl and it hasn't changed although she's at a new school miles and miles from her old one...especially since her old school was in Australia. New country, new school, new life. Or so she thought. Americans aren't as she had hoped. They treat her like everyone she used to know did and not only that, she's struggling in one of her classes as well. She ends us asking her teacher for help, not knowing that it would turn into more rather soon.

    ~Have fun
    ~Please write at least a paragraph so I have something to work with
    ~I'm looking for a male character

    Character Sheet:

    Example (open)
    Name: Brianna King
    Age: 16
    Occupation: Student
    Personality: Sweet, caring, shy, scared, quiet, timid, protective
  2. Why not? Teacher and student is kind of risque and normally unallowed in rl, so it would be interesting to do it in rp.))

    Name: Shin Seiki
    Age: 20
    Occupation: Math teacher
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: An over all caring teacher, he watches over his students and makes sure to help those who are starting to fall behind. He's almost impossible to make angry but when he does snap it makes him the most terrifying teacher in the school, even scarier than the principal. When not in class he's usually at the cafe listening to jazz music while drinking sweet tea.
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