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  1. Hello and Welcome to My Partner Search Thread

    You may call me Turtle. It's been a while since I've posted one of these threads, so I'll try to keep everything concise and to the point.

    • I'm pretty well available, but I will not promise more than 2 post a week. I may post more, but I may not.
    • I have DnD on Wednesdays and every other Saturday, so I will not be posting on those days.
    • Flexible post lengths ranging from one paragraph and beyond with a minimum of four sentences.
    • Third Person Past Tense.
    • I'm relatively flexible about my partner's skill. The only thing I ask is that you actually try.
    • Both people need to be able to create and play more than one character.
    Limits and Restrictions
    • 18+ Only
    • I can and will play either gender, but will expect my partner to respect my choice for which I choose for a particular story.
    • Romance is not necessary. Neither is Libertine content. Both are fine if they happen naturally during the course of the story though.
    • No fandoms.
    • This is key in making a roleplay work. We need to be able to bounce ideas off one another, and that will require OOC communication.
    • Be open to feedback. If I don't understand something, I will ask for clarification. Please do not take this personally.
    • I will let you know if I lose interest, and expect you to do the same.
    • If I for some reason cannot post, I will let you know within a week.
    • Potential partners should contact me via PM.


    I use the terms "Alpha" and "Omega" to illustrate the different characters. I'm open to playing either.
    The Neptune's Scorn (open)

    Alpha has a ship, and the beginnings of a crew. They still need more when they make port. Rounding on all of the taverns and inns they round up a motley bunch of drunkards and rabble rousers; basically taking only the dredges of society.

    Omega, has had a ridiculous string of bad luck. Once a respectable trader (details can be discussed during plotting) his business/home was torched, and now nothing remains but ash and memories. Down on their luck, they get roped into some high stakes gaming (also can be discussed) and are in some serious debt. To avoid being killed for refusing to pay, they sneak aboard the Neptune’s Scorn.

    Alpha is hiding something from the crew though, and while hiding around the ship, Omega discovers what it is. Omega confronts Alpha, threatening to reveal the secret to the rest of the crew unless they’re made first mate and given privileges.

    Alpha acquiesces without second thought. Unbeknownst to either character, Omega’s luck is actually a curse placed on his family line and the voyage is plagued by a series of horrible happenstances.

    Dante's Asylum (open)

    Based on Dante’s Inferno.

    It’s a bright and sunny day. Alpha is out enjoying their walk through a public space when out of nowhere they’re attacked. They wake up in a straitjacket on the top floor of an insane asylum; it is then they meet Omega. The story goes on, having the two traverse the levels of the asylum trying to escape, each floor resembling a level of hell.

    These are all I have for the time being, but I'm also willing to completely craft a new plot with a partner.
    I will probably add more plots as I think of them as well.

    For reference
    I like fantasy, scifi, steampunk, dieselpunk and the like. :D

    Thank you for reading. PM me if you're interested.
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  2. Oooo... I'm still looking for RPs, since one of the two I've been presently working with decided to opt out for now. And since everything else I'm involved in is slow to nil. You sound like someone who I can work with, given I'm into scifi/fantasy and related genre. And all my characters happen to be alien/fantasy "critters". I'd like to see what we could come up with, new-plotwise.

    ... RP SAMPLE ... (just so you know how/what I RP)
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