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  1. Good Evening/Afternoon/Morning Little Loves.


    hello dudes and dudettes! i shall make this as short and sweet as possible as i rather get to roleplaying. i do enjoy talking in ooc, so don't be afraid to make friends with turtle as he one cool duddeeee. i do roleplay either mxm or mxf, just let me know which one please. ^__^;;

    rules. not many, like i said i want to make this as short and sweet as possible. size? well i am not picky on this either, i do prefer to write 600+ words usually, yes, i say words as people now days think and still think a paragraph is barely three sentences. sad i know. but i can go down to about 400+, sometimes replies can and will fall that short. especially when we at a slow moment in the roleplay.

    oh. before i forget, i roleplay over three things. threads ;; pms ;; email
    i also enjoy plotting/talking over skype. feel free to ask me about my skype

    Searching||Full || Only Taking My Cravings ||

    Realistic-ish (open)
    Teacher x Student
    Childhood Friend x Childhood Friend
    Single Father x Single Father/Mother
    Single Father x Teacher
    Celebrity x Fan/Journalist
    Celebrity x Random Person
    Mafia Leader x Undercover
    Mafia Leader x Unknowing Boy/GirlFriend
    Friend x Friend's Brother
    Doctor x Patient
    Parent x Teacher
    Unknown Prince x Royalty [modern or medieval]
    King/Prince x Knight
    King/Prince x Sorcerer
    King/Prince x Peasant/Servant

    Fantasy (open)

    Teacher x Student
    Unknown Prince x Royalty
    Childhood Friend
    King/Prince x Knight
    King/Prince x Sorcerer
    Vampire x Human
    WereCreature x Human
    Demon x Human
    Supernatural x Supernatural
    Supernatural x Human
    Pharaohs Heir x Priest
    Pharaohs Heir x Time Traveler
    God x Human
    Super Human x Your Character
    space pirates / space colonies type

    Fandom (open)

    Harry Potter

    Kyo Kara Maoh
    Blue Exorcist
    Blue Bloods
    Air Gear
    Vampire Academy
    K Project
    Marvel Movie Verse
    Mortal Instruments

    Plots (open)
    Coming Soon
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  2. I'll do something Marvel related if you're interested.
  3. Something Marvel would be tight.
    Maybe go ahead and pm me with some of the pairings and stuff you are interested in?
  4. Hi, Toxic Princess over here. I am interested in these pairings please send me a PM if interested? I write what my partner gives (: But okay I am getting off topic, here are the pairings I have different plots on each idea, some more than others; Vampire x Human, Prince x Servant, Celebrity x Random Person, Demon x Human,God x Human.
  5. Hello!
    I've been wanting to do a Demon x Human role play lately.

    I can play either role, as I have some subtle idea for a character.

    Let me know!
  6. I would love to do that pairing.
    Either for me also.
    Whats your idea about your character?
  7. It is a very vague idea as I've had little time to actually think about it, but she's kind of a normal girl I suppose.
    Which is why her violent outbursts are shocking. I've added to her backstory that she sent her own sister to the hospital after randomly beating her up.

    Which is why she'd work either as a demon or a regular human. The demon makes more sense but ain't nothin' wrong with a random girl who likes blood and violence. (=゚ω゚)ノ

    I would like to develop her more, however, and maybe tweak things. I only have the motivation to do so if I get to use her, though.
  8. Still on the hunt for a few more role-plays.
  9. I'm very much interested :)
  10. Awesome! What interests you?
  11. Interested in MxF pairing somewhere in the fantasy list?
  12. I have updated my search thread.
    With my cravings hilighted in yellow and a few new things added to it.
  13. Pharaohs Heir x Time Traveler

    Sounds interesting :3
  14. I'd be interested in the Unknown Prince x Royalty [modern or medieval] :)
  15. Hiya there! I'd be up for a Harry Potter roleplay if you want! PM me and we can discuss pairings :)
  16. I can do any of your fantasy ones the one that really caught my eye though is Demon x Human
  17. If you're still searching I would love to roleplay Harry Potter with you?
  18. Still looking for fun!!
  19. Me need more roleplays since inventory finally over with!!
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