Turtle Bay Academy

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  1. Turtle Bay Academy (open)

    [Rainbow] Turtle bay academy [/rainbow], was big, looked prestigious, and sounded friendly.
    Once students were dropped off, however, they noticed a whole new world.
    They often were left on their own, the people that worked there weren't all too friendly.
    and dorms were always a task because everybody had to decide for themselves.

    In 2003 Turtle Bay was closed due to "private matters" and nobody spoke about it since then.
    Of course that was until.. now.
    It's 2014, and the academy as of recently has been reopened.

    Open to those who are seen as the difficult part of society.
    Humans, but also supernatural students.
    vampires, werewolves, angels, and witches.

    Even though nobody has mentioned so to the human residents.
    All will be taking residence within the following days.

    All take your place, and welcome to Turtle Bay Academy
  2. Alena stood alone at the foot of the large academy that loomed, daunting over her small figure. Thin, pale fingers tightly gripped a stack of books as the girl attached finally pushed forwards to the front doors. She looked relatively humanoid, long auburn ish colored hair fell gently over her shoulders and chest, trailing down her back, porcelain like pale skin, bright eyes that were lightly outlined with black makeup, a thin, hourglass figure dressed in a darker apparel that included a long, black coat with silver buttons lining it down the front, somewhat snug black jeans, and small feet adorned with small, dark boots that rushed their way through the crowd that was now forming by the front, then through the large, heavy doors at the entrance, stopping in the lobby as her eyes wildly scanned their new surroundings, searching for a sign that would lead her to the front office so she could figure out her schedule and dorm location.
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  3. Thank god her wings were hidden.

    Hadley had enough stares already as it was. Generally a too-kind-for-her-own-good kind of person, she didn't know why everybody was watching her when she said hello. Her brother, Dustin, smaller(and younger), probably looked crazy, leaning on her invisible wings. She looked nervously at his own small wings, hoping they didn't suddenly become visible again. Magic didn't work as well with him.

    She smiled as she asked for their schedule. Nobody told her falling from Heaven would be easy, but she expected life to be easier. She guessed when you were born in the 16th century, nothing was really very good.
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  4. Chester and Damian were one of kind, well, two of a kind.
    The twins walked through the crowds, people stared, they looked exactly alike.
    They always felt a bit like a freakshow, but they didn't care.
    Slowly they stumbled through the entrance, and picked up their schedule.
    Chester looked around and sighed in relief "Looks like we don't know anyone here." He joked before walking on.

    the twins (open)

    Meanwhile Aaron rushed in, he didn't want to be late, even though he didn't know what time he had to come in.
    He looked at his ring and smiled
    "thank god I remembered my protection." He whispered softly.
    He looked around shyly and walked to the registry office to pick up the information he needed.

    Aaron (open)

  5. Dustin noticed some twins around Hadley's age and tugged on their shirt. "Hello!"

    Hadley raised her eyebrows at Damien as her brother tugged him. She bit her lip. She could not be dealing with this!

    She was passed her and Dustin's schedule and handed it to him, "B-b-b-but where's the..." before Hadley glared at him.
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  6. Belle shrugged her black hoodie off of her head so she could see a little better; green eyes looking almost bored. The school was huge, but all she cared about was finding her dorm. Her long black hair spilled over her shoulders in a tangled mess, and a red backback was slung across one shoulder. "So, this will be home for the next...well, who knows how long." She thought to herself as she stepped inside. "At least I know I'll actually stay here. Well, unless I get kicked out."

    She glanced around, eyes skimming over the teeming crowds of people before heading for the door marked 'office'. They should know where the dorms were, right? Oh, she supposed she should probably get her schedule too.

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  7. Dustin didn't know much about twins. Someone told him that one twin was an angel and one was a demon, but Dustln couldn't see wings on either. They looked exactly the same, which was scary. Everybody here was a lot taller than him. Maybe he was too young to be here. He knew that they'd been bribed to let him come! He seemed to be the only eleven year old around. Well, if you count the angel years, three-hundred-and-sixty-three year old around.

    Hadley shook her head but left Dustin alone with the twins, before walking up to a black haired girl, "Hello. What's your name?" Her own black hair was long and came down to her waist.
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  8. Belle glanced back when someone stepped up behind her. "What's your name?" They asked her forwardly. She looked looked at them for a long moment before answering; almost as if she was considering whether or not giving an answer was worth the breath. "Belle." She replied. "And yourself?" She kept walking as she talked, going to the office desk and asking for her schedule and dorm room number.
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  9. "I'm Hadley," she replied, but she didn't understand. She didn't talk straight away, Belle. She kept her small smile. A smile can get you anywhere.
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  10. Belle glanced back at the girl again, noting the awkward half smile on her face. Belle nodded a bit as she glanced over her schedule. "Nice to meet you, Hadley." She replied. "Wanna do me a favor and show me where the dorms are?" She gestured to the schedule. "They don't seem to have a map here."
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  11. The twins chuckled as Damian stepped towards Hadley,
    Before he could say anything the little boy was dragged away.
    Chester looked at Damian as he nodded "Angels."
    A moment of silence broke before Chester patted Damian on the back "Looks like at least one of us will have a form of friends."

    Aaron looked at the girls, and little boy and smiled "uhm, I don't mean to interrupt, the dorms are on the third floor, everybody decided for themselves where they sleep and who with.. They don't have enough staff.." He looked dowm whem he realized he was being unbelievable stupid and shyly backed away. "Again.. I'm sorry.. Don't mind me.."
  12. Belle glanced over at the boy with a small smile appearing on her face. He was a shy kind of cute, and she found herself comparing him to her little brother. "Thanks." She said, growing a little warmer. "I'm Belle. What's your name?" She hoisted her backpack higher on her shoulder and leaned against the wall. She thought it was pretty nice that they got to choose who they bunked with. A good perk for a loner like her.
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  13. Aaron just stared, was she talking to him?
    It couldn't be.. things here were weird.
    He looked down again "A-Aaron.." he answered beneath his breath.
    Nervously he picked up his back
    "enjoy your stay" he said as he rushed off.

    The twins parted, Chester went to find a dorm, and picked the biggest one he could find.
    Meanwhile Damian went to the office, noticing the small boy.
    He approached him and got on his knees
    "hey kiddo."
    Damian noticed the young boys wings appearing and pressed his hand against them.
    He closed his eyes and chanted softly, making the wings disappear.

    He stood up and smiled
    "that should do the trick."
    He headed back into the office and picked up the team outfit, he was going to try sports, something he never had the chance to do.
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  14. Alena watched as a man passed by her and into a nearby room, deciding to follow from a distance to see if he was headed in the same direction she was. A minute or two later they arrived at the office where themselves and a few others came and grabbed whatever it was that they needed, and left. She walked out of the room slowly as she scanned over the papers holding her new information.

    When the voices near her arose, her reading was interrupted as she began to listen to what they each had to say. The boy She knew presumed to be Aaron, as he introduced himself, seemed to know more about the school. But Just as she was about to approach him and ask for help, he ran off. "Wait!" She let out a quick plead with her hand extended before running to catch up with him.

    He had gone around the office and out of sight, so she didn't know exactly how far off he was, so She just ran in her clunky black boots. It was only after she had taken the corner and looked up that she realized he wasn't as far off as she thought, and bumped into him.

    The abrupt collision threw her off enough to where she dropped everything she was holding, and was knockedoff of her feet, her face now scrunched up into a wince. "I-I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to-" She tried to get out an apology as quickly as possible, even through the extreme amount of embarrassment she was now enduring.

    She wasn't all too great with people, but she had never been here before and needed help. Aaron seemed to know a lot more than she did, though she was sure the chances of him helping her now were probably relatively slim.
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  15. Aaron quickly helped her pick up her stuff "I.. I'm so sorry.. are you okay?"
    He stood up and looked at the girl, observing her from head to toe.
    A small smile appeared on his face as he gave her stuff back
    "I'm really sorry.."
    He could smell the blood in her veins, he closed his eyes as he knew they'd change.
    a deep breathe and opened them like nothing was wrong.
    It was hard to control it when the smell of blood was all around him.
  16. A small blush came over her porcelain face at his reaction. "Thank you.. No, I'm sorry, I should've been paying attention, I just overheard the conversation back there and thought maybe you could help me. I've never been here before, and I don't know anyone, I thought, maybe you could help me" She replied in a soft tone, looking down at her boots as she clung to her things that were returned to her. "I understand if you don't want to, though... I really am sorry, I hope I haven't hurt you.." It was obvious that she wasn't sure how to handle everything, a small voice in her head screaming for her to run in the opposite direction. She instead stood there so she could make sure he was okay. He seemed strange for a moment, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. Did she hurt his nose? She just waited before him, solid on one foot, but the other was resting on top of the other,the only weight on her toes.
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  17. He nodded and put out his hand "I'm Aaron, I.. uhm.. I'll help you.. but there's something you need to know before we become friends.."
    He hesitated, maybe telling her what he is would be the wrong move, he didn't want to scare her off.
    She seemed so harmless, and she was quite pretty.
    He looked down
    "I'm not like others.."
  18. She placed her smaller hand in his after he offered it to her, softly shaking it. She let out a soft giggle at his warning before retrieving her hand. "You aren't going to scare me off if you're about to tell me that You're some big scary monster or something. I know that there's more than humans in this school. So what's so different about you?" She smiled, a small attempt to try and comfort him. She tried to put her other foot back on the floor, Still leaning more on the other. It wouldn't take much longer to heal up, but she didn't want to make that process any longer.
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  19. Aaron looked up, wait.. she knew?
    Was she one of them? Or was she just fearless?
    He nodded "oh.. uhm.. than I don't have to worry.. will I? Not a big bad monster.. Just a monster."
    He chuckled at himself "not scary either."
    He scratched the back of his head "so what did you want to know?"
  20. "Well, if you're a monster, what are you?" She asked simply, curious now after he deemed it appropriate to place a warning label on himself. "While we talk, would you mind showing me to the dorms?" She asked politely, finally putting her weight on both feet. She tilted her head at him in waiting, her dark auburn hair falling to the side with her motions. Her eyes began to scan him, looking for any maybe obvious features as far as what he may be, and she noticed a few accessories. Maybe one was to hide what he was, She had seen them before, so she wouldn't be surprised.
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