Turning Topsy Turvy

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  1. Charlie Martinez strolled down the corridor, smiling broadly. He was finished class for the day, and was on his way to see his new girlfriend - Jamie Summers. Even her name made him smile - she was beautiful, and funny, and the best part was that she was the same as him. A gender-bender.

    Ever since Charlie was little, he had had the ability to flip from male to female. Sometimes this was a blessing, and other times a curse, but he had now realised, after meeting and finding out about Jamie, that it was a part of him.

    He pulled out his phone, and texted Jamie, On my way back to the apartments - c u soon. x
  2. Jamie hummed as she pulled on her clothes, just having got out of the tub. All her classes had been in the morning today so she was already finished for the day and had decided to come back to her new apartment and have a nice long soak and relax before her new boyfriend came back after his own classes. she grinned at the thought of her new boyfriend, she had never really dated anyone before and Charlie was all she could have hoped for in a guy -sweet, caring, kind, hot too and he was gender-bender like her which was a definite plus. Saved on all the awkward questions and excuses.

    Hearing her phone go off, Jamie grinned when she saw it was a text from Charlie. K :)

    She and Charlie didn't live together, they were neighbors and had met when Jamie had tripped over a box in her living-room and had crashed to the floor. It was nice as well as convenient and Jamie loved it.
  3. Charlie made his way back to the apartment block, and went up the stairs to his apartment - which might as well be Jamie's apartment too, judging by the amount of time she spent there. He chuckled to himself - he spent the same amount of time in her apartment next door as well!

    He rapped lightly on Jamie's door to let her know he was home, smiling, and unlocked the door to his own apartment. He dropped his bag on the sofa, and went to make some hot chocolate for himself and his girlfriend.
  4. Jamie was debating on whether or not to paint her nails, since the nail polish would still be there if she Flipped into her male form (which was why she rarely wore makeup) and grinned when she heard Charlie knock lightly to let her know he was home.

    She jumped up off the couch and bounced to the door, pulling it open and slipping into the hall and walking into Charlie's apartment. "Hey babe, how was class?"
  5. Charlie glanced around and grinned at Jamie, "Hey gorgeous - class was good, except for a brief flipping in the break." He chuckled. "Thankfully it only lasted five minutes, so I'm good. How about you?" He poured hot water into the mugs, and stirred the hot chocolate until it was creamy and chocolatey.

    He couldn't believe the change which had come over him in the past week - he had been shy and low on self-esteem until he had met Jamie, and now he was becoming more confident and relaxed. The other gender-bender was a miracle-worker without knowing it.
  6. Jamie laughed and made a face at the mention of Flipping. "At least it didn't last too long, yeah? You wouldn't have been able to go to class like that. Female Charlie's not on the register after all." She tucked her hair behind her ear, "My day was okay, I only had morning classes today. I Flipped as soon as I got home, good timing too since it lasted a full hour."
  7. Charlie laughed and handed his girlfriend the mug of steaming liquid. “Yeah – but flipping isn’t always a bad thing – it brought me to you, remember?” He smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist.
    “So, after I do my assignments, then do you want to just chill out, and maybe watch a movie, or go out? I don’t mind.” He gazed down at her, a part of his brain wondering how she could be so beautiful, and witty, and clever at the same time.
    He ran his fingers through her hair with a smile, “You are beautiful no matter what gender you are.” Charlie softly whispered.
  8. Jamie laughed, "You're right, and it brought me to you, so it's not all bad. Just frustrating sometimes. Like when we go shopping for clothes for example." She took a sip of the hot chocolate and thought for a minute. "Why don't we stay in tonight? We could rent a movie and make up our own dialogue." She smirked up at him, "Doesn't that sound like fun?"

    She grinned, "Thanks hotsutff, I think of you the same way."
  9. Charlie grinned, "That sounds great." He blushed slightly when she called him hot stuff, but still smiled wider. "Thanks." He leaned against the counter, and sipped his drink. "Anyway, I told my mums about you, and they want to come up to the city and meet you." He cringed. "Just don't be offended if they ask something potentially embarrassing?"
  10. Jamie blinked before taking another sip of her drink. "Your mum's want to meet me? Really? I don't see why not." She smiled and giggled a little when she saw him cringe. "Hey don't worry about it. I won't get offended, it takes a lot to embarrass me. I grew up with my mum and dads after all and none of them really have a filter when it comes to things. At least not when talking to one another so I grew up hearing some pretty weird and potentially embarrassing things."
  11. Charlie raised an eyebrow, "Ok - I don't really want to know what sort of things, but both my mums will probably make some remark at some point about you being a gender-bender like me, so fair warning." He set his mug down on the counter, and reached into his bag, pulling out a DVD with a grin, "Romeo and Juliet?"

    He had bought it for her originally as an up-coming birthday present, but he decided to give it to her now.
  12. Jamie giggled, "Don't worry about it. I'm sure when you meet my mum and dad's they'll be just the same. If not worse." she said cheerfully.

    She let out a small gasp and her eyes lit up when she saw the movie he pulled out, it was one of her favourites. "When did you get that?!" she asked, all but tugging him into the living-room.
  13. Charlie laughed at her child-like excitement, and sat down on the sofa with her. "I got it online, and it just arrived this morning - think of this as an early birthday present." He handed it to her with a smile.
  14. Jamie let out a small squeal and tackled Charlie in a hug. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you." Jamie didn't look like the type to enjoy Shakespeare, or at least not any of his tragedies, but she did. Her Uncle/Dad had gotten her into them when she was younger and it had stuck.
  15. Charlie laughed, "You're welcome." He kissed her forehead, and glanced at the tv. "Wanna put it on now? My essay can wait for a few hours....." He grinned at her.
  16. Jamie laughed, "Yeah, sure." She grabbed the movie and popped it into the DVD player before walking back to the couch and curling up next to Charlie. Any excuse to spend time with her boyfriend and put off homework for a little while was a good one in her books.
  17. Charlie wound an arm around her waist, and pulled her close to him as the movie started. He looked down at her and smiled as he kissed the top of her head.
  18. Jamie grinned up at Charlie. This was nice, just hanging out and relaxing. Jamie had never had a relationship that had been not stressful, not that she had had many to begin with. She knew Flipping and having to hide that had been a big part of the stress but with both her and Charlie being gender-benders all that fear and worry about being found out was gone and she could be herself.
  19. They sat there, quite cosily, waitching the rest of the film, which lasted another hour and a half. After it was over, Charlie stretched out, and yawned. "Well, I guess I better be getting started with my essay." he said reluctantly, not wanting to move from the pleasant position he was in underneath Jamie.

    He stroked her hair gently, and smiled at the look of complete contentment on her face.
  20. Jamie let out a small groan, "Do you have too?" She was quite comfortable laying on him at the moment and she didn't really want either of them to move. "You make a good pillow, I don't wanna move."