Wonderboy Wir? Witty Wir? Wir the Widdiful? Such sidekick names ran through the Scarlet Carson's head, but none of them seemed particularly good to him, even if they were entertaining to him. Carson listened to Wir's background closely, wondering about this bat-aristocracy, but not judging it. The Scarlet Carson, afterall, had to be open to new societies and ideas after-all. The swashbuckler could tell that Wir was an ambitious sort, and he realized that he might have to be careful to stay out of his way, and make sure he didn't do anything that would make him no longer necessary or a pointless burden on Wir. He also realized that his accent kept slipping. He'd have to work on that.

"Zat's fine with me, Meester Vir," He said, back in his voice, "I am ambitious as vell, but in a differeent vay, I think," He smiled pleasantly, "I vant what all hero's vant, to live 'appily ever after." Carson dipped his hat politely to Wir in both acknowledgment and respect, "Perhaps I can help you, Messire Vir, vonce I get my airsheeep back, I vill be restored to my former legendary status. In some circles, zat goes a long vay." This claim was not intended to be boastful, or to be self important, but was earnest and intended to be helpful, and it showed in his voice - fake accent and all.
Wir blinks, imagining the man before him riding around on a winged puff of wool. Then he takes the Scarlet Carson stories into account. "Oh! Oh. 'Ariship'. Oui." His face momentarily changes to one of embarrassment: his ears droop, and he attempts a smile, his eyes squinting slightly. One could almost imagine a blush crossing over the bat's muzzle. He clears his throat, walking a little faster, "Of course, of course. I vill 'elp oo. 'Aff-eeng a legendary pirate-'ero vith me vould speak quite a bit for my pow-air."

Stepping up to the doors of the manor, he gestures at Carson, indicating that he should go in first. He would have had an undead servant to open doors previously, but now he had a living servant to do that instead. "Vhatev-air gold or knowledge remains een zis man-nair vill be of great oo'se to me. Since ze fool man out front 'ad not looted ze place all-red-ee, an' spoke of a guardian... a female, eef I remem-bair right... ve should be care-fool." He nods, gesturing with one outstretched wing at the door. "So 'ere eez vair our alliance vill start."
The Scarlet Carson blinked for a moment, not sure why it had been so hard for Wir to understand what he was trying to say. But he did look awfully cute when his ears drooped, and he smiled. Clearly the sort of sidekick that might draw empathy from the people. He was still running through sidekick names, but had been remarkably unsuccessful in coming up with them. Nothing quite had the wring of 'The Scarlet Carson', but he could probaby cook something up if he thought long and hard enough about it. He rested his hands on his rapiers, looking at the mansion.

Carson took the lead, following Wirs gesture, "A guardian, veh? I theenk we'll be able to fight off anytheeng that 'appens to threaten us." He looked at the mansion again, imagining the piles of treasure, the puzzles he might have to solve, and of course, maidens who may require rescue. "Don't vorry Vir, I'm certain vat the guardian is either long dead or simply doesn't care." He smiled bravely, "Besides, ve're very capable adventurers, no?"