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    Rhoslyn Magnolia Dimu stood at the edge of the forest, gazing at the town in front of her with wide eyes. She had been traveling for weeks, and now she was finally here. As the only daughter belonging to the queen of the Unseelie Court, she was supposed to stay under her parents supervision until she came of age. She was only 437 in Fey years, about twenty in human years. At their annual yearly party, where Rhoslyn was supposed to meet suitors to her title she had fled, deciding to try and find the human world she had heard so many whisper of.

    It was beautiful, just as she imagined. Buildings made of wood stood tall, and light seemed to emit from small oak poles, and people walked, talking amongst themselves. She looked down at herself, pulling the dark cloak around her body tighter, and pulling the hood over her fiery red hair. Her crimson eyes sparkled with excitement, and she took a deep breath, making her way to the entrance of the first building in front of her. The door stood open, people sat inside, holding beverages and laughing. The air seemed to spark with danger, but she ignored it. Above the building stood a sign reading Flunkers Pub. Her lips curled into a smile, and she glided into the building. Many eyes traveled in her direction, and her steps faltered. She had no idea what to do from here.
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    Rina was sitting quietly in one of the corners of the Flunkers Pub. She had been traveling for a long time. As her home was hidden in deep snowy mountains she decided to leave to cold and go towards warmth. She could sense some stress around the pub. Being an elf had it's ups and downs. She knew elf were pretty known but still she hid her ears often behind her woolen hood from her jacket. Or behind her hair elf from the mountains are different from the forest. She didn't know why really it was never spoken about. So she decided to hide them just in case it would be something bad.

    Her attention got brought back to fuss going on in the pub as someone had entered the room. Rina could sense she was different from the people sitting around drinking or playing poker. The figure was wearing a a dark cloak so Rina was not able to see what or who the person was. But Rina had decided not to bother the person yet. For you see Rina was thought not to bother people for your own curiosity. Just she kept a close eye on the mysterious figure.
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    Exhaling a big gust of breath, she began to move forward again. The place reeked of body odor and stale alcohol. Her nose scrunched up, attempting to ignore the smell. She made her way to the bar, where a weathered older man stood, his bald head gleaming. He smiled at her as she came closer; displaying the few rotting teeth he had left. She shivered, but tried not to show disgust on her expression. Human’s looked so different from what she expected. Fae were so very clean, it was odd how much humans differed from them. She stood in front of the man, and gave him a returning smile. “Hello there,” She spoke, her voice melodious and soft, “I’d like to ask where I am located at the moment. Also, do you have any beverages?” The man’s smile became more vicious, and his eyes narrowed.

    “ ‘Ello there, lovely. We don’t see many ‘a your type round here. Sweet, pretty, vulnerable. I think you mights ‘a come to the wrong place.” She shook her head, touched by what she perceived as concern. “Oh no, sir. I am supposed to be here.” He reached underneath the counter, and pulled out a large pint, sliding it her way. “Yer located in Flankton, ma’am.” He replied. “Now ‘ere’s a drink on the house.” She could not hold back the large grin covering her face. From all the bad things her mother had told her about humans, she was wrong. They were obviously very kind and giving people; He had even given her a free beverage, and was concerned about her welfare. Obviously being around them would not be as dangerous as feared. She curled her fingers around the pint and murmured a soft thank you, turning and making her way to an empty table.

    As she walked away, the bartender watched her behind with a lecherous grin, licking his lips and muttering to himself. Once she sat down, she brought the stein to her lips, taking a small sip. She had to force herself not to make a disgusted face. It tasted bitter, burning her throat and causing her eyes to water. She did not know what the man had given her, but it was almost like a bad version of the wine the fey drank. She placed the cup back down on the table, and then glanced around, noticing a large brute of a man walking her way. He leaned against her table, giving her a wink. “ ‘Ello there, pretty thing. Would ya’ like to come ‘ome with me?” She frowned, wondering why this stranger was approaching her just to offer her shelter. “No thank you, sir. I’m quite fine.”

    His lips curled back. “ It wasn’t an offer, lady.” He sneered, the word lady being said as an insult. He reached out, grabbing her arm in a rough hold and yanking her up. She let out a soft squeal. “Excuse me, but I’d like it if you’d let me go.” She said, very calmly. She knew best than to cause a scene, especially if she was in hiding. He squeezed her arm tighter, and she felt her panic rise. She couldn’t use any force or magic here, so what was she supposed to do. She couldn’t help feel as if maybe this whole plan had been a futile effort.
  4. Rina noticed the drama playing with the males inside the pub. She let out a slight a sight. They never seemed to change at all. She watched as the cloaked person who she was able to identify as a female take a drink from the bartender. She was amusing it was the pubs famous beer. She once tried one herself but it wasn't her liking. Rina's eyes followed the girl as she took a seat at one of the empty tables that were left. The males that were in the pub where unpredictable Rina knew that all to well. She has often seen scenes going in and outside the pub.

    Rina found human males greedy. They always tried to take what they wanted and taking a no was not an option. Rina herself had a few problems inside of the pub at times but she always managed to sneak out of it. Her flashbacks got interrupted by the sound of yelling. As she returned her gaze back towards the girl she noticed a male standing next to her having a tight grip on her arm. Letting out a sight of disappointing Rina stood up from her table and slowly made her way towards the scene.

    "Excuse me sir, I'd like to friendly make the request of letting got of her" Rina asked with a slight cold hearted nature in her voice. As her voice was looking directly at the humans male.
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    Ophelia Woodhart. An ethereal beauty of around 500 years in Fae years, which made out to be about 27 years as a human. She held semi-immortality, making her ageless, but still able to be slain or die of emotional causes such as grief. Ophelia was not much; a curvy body and youthful face made her attractive in looks, but her job as a Falconer did not offer much except the training of birds of prey. Despite this downfall, Ophelia always made due with what she had and loved the career path she had taken. Every once in a while, she'd use what she earned to get a small drink from a pub down the road that she was well known to stop by. The pub was not the best atmosphere, but she wasn't inclined to change it after becoming adapted to the town filled with many, many humans. Ophelia's right hand grasped the black antique door handle, opening it up. A sore sight made her glance away towards the bartender in repulsion. "Goodness," she whispered to herself, bringing a hand to her mouth in sickness, reluctantly stepping further into the large room. The clear sight of a woman asking a man to unhand a cloaked figure made her hold back the thrill to rush forward and cut all disputes off between the drunk man and the other two. It didn't seem to be turning out so well, but Ophelia could not help but watch something as dangerous as this.
  6. Jinx was listening to the commotion happening in the booth behind hers. She could have helped, but decided not to intervene. She was curious to see how it would play out. A woman walked up to the filthy man and told him to let her go. Jinx sniffed the air and laughed. An elf and a fae. She looked to the doors to only see another fae walk in. Wow. She continued to sip her juice, not bothering to look behind her. She drew in her sketchpad while waiting for something else to happen. On her sketchpad was a drawing of the common horror figure named Slenderman. He wasn't real though and that was a definite disappointment. Her pointed ears pricked up a bit and her tail twitched a bit.
  7. Alexander Johnson (open)

    A commoner, a townsperson, and a human. Tousled brown curls framed the strong features of the young man as he pushed open the door of the pub. His hands were sore, covered in small cuts and blistering red marks, while his dark eyes were framed by dark circles of exhaustion. He was mostly clean shaven, as he had taken the time to make himself look nice before heading out to the pub. He always hoped that he might meet a lovely woman to be his wife, but Alexander was a simple man and had yet to clue in that women who attended pubs weren't exactly the type the young woodworker should like to marry.

    As he gazed across the room, he couldn't help but be surprised by the scene before him. It was filled with unfamiliar faces, and at the other side of the pub stood a beautiful young redhead being accosted by a drunken buffoon, gripping her firmly by the arm. Approaching them was a woman with stunning white hair, telling the man to let go. There were two other noticeable inviduals in the place, a young lady sitting at a table and drawing absently on a pad of paper and yet another woman who appeared to have just entered before him. Besides the bartender and drunken man accosting the pretty redhead, it seemed that the pub was filled with beautiful women that fine evening. It must be my lucky day, Alexander thought to himself - but of course, the first matter had to be approaching the drunken man.

    He moved forward, past the pretty woman who had come in before him, and approached the three - the man, the redhead, and the mysterious white-haired woman. The handsome young man had a frown on his lips as he came forward, glaring at the drunk man.

    "Let go of her," said Alexander, his talk more simple than stylish. He had not been gifted with the great fortune of nobility, or even a family with much money for that matter. He spent his days in his woodworking shop, making cheap purchases of lumber from woodcutters and carving furniture and household items to sell. He had spent that entire day in particular hard at work on a chair, the first in a set of eight that had been ordered by the town's candlemaker for himself and the seven children gifted unto him by his wife before her untimely death. Alexander had known the candlemaker's brother-in-law, who had been shattered by his younger sister's demise. He was a travelling merchant, sometimes stopping in the town to purchase Alexander's work. It made the woodworker proud to know that his work was being sold and appreciated in far-off lands and other cities he'd never even heard of. Yes, Alexander was a simple man, and his simplicity was reflected even in the way that the woodworker spoke as he approached the drunken man.
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