Turkey suffering a potential coup

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  1. Live stream of news here.

    --Parliament building has been hit by rockets.
    --Civilians have taken to the streets in the thousands both in support of the government and the military coup.
    --Members of parliament is going into a bunker; reports of injuries piling up.
    --US, Germany, Qatar, and other governments condemning the coup.
    --Military has declared martial law and has issued a curfew for civilians to stay indoors. Thousands have refused and are surrounding military vehicles to impede their progress.

    Why should you care?: Aside from thousands of potential civilian fatalities? Turkey is one of our* biggest allies in the middle east, and is one of the only islamic-dominated countries that acts as a democracy. That's a big damn deal, for a lot of reasons.

    *"Our" as in "First World Democracies" generally. Point is, like or hate them, they're in a shitty situation right now, and a little empathy afforded their way couldn't hurt. At least to the civilians.
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  3. This is crazy shit. I hope it's resolved quickly and before it turns into a huge, bloody civil war.
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  4. :(( I really hope and pray things don't go any worse. :(
  5. CNN Turkey News agency no longer being held by military forces.
    Civilians managed to capture a tank, saw it on a facebook live feed.
    The President is alive and about to give a press conference.
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  6. There have been several confirmed civilian fatalities. I wouldn't look them up if I were any of you, I saw them. A couple people were blown in two, one man's head was blown off and blood was still trickling out of the stump of a torso he had left. It's some pretty gory shit. I watched them just to confirm them.

    The President called the people to his side. Dozens have died for him, approaching the 100 mark. He better not fucking waste their lives.
  7. President: "We're going to execute the traitors, this is the work of God."

    Fuck. Fuck. Worst case scenario possible. Fuck.
  8. Update: It looks like the democratically elected government has regained the majority of the control. About an hour ago, over one thousand civilian casualties have flooded hospitals. They're running out of blood to do transfusions. There have been 90 confirmed fatalities as a result of gunfire. There are still coup holdouts hanging on and fighting on the ground. Hundreds of soldiers have chosen to surrender rather than shoot and kill civilians.

    The military coup was unable to secure any of the nuclear sites either. It looks like the worst of things are over, so long as the last of the coup-starters are captured.
  9. This is terrible, I can only hope no more bloodshed is spilled :c.

    I don't know what else to say really.
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