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  1. It was a well known fact around Lupuson High that there were constant turf wars. Jocks, nerds, art kids all alike fought over stupid little things like which lunch table would they sit at, who had which classrooms, who ruled the street mall and the different stores along it. It was almost every day that somebody would get hurt or somebody would lose a tooth. It was all something the people of Lupuson were used to.

    The people were also used to having only werewolves live in their small little town. When the first human family moved in, well everybody just went crazy. Factions weren't sure whether to recruit the kid, a boy who would be going to their high school, or just ignore and shun him like public enemy number one. Eventually, they decided to go with the latter.

    So it was a perfectly normal day to find the sister of the football team's captain being harassed by some of the nerds. They were on the bleachers, the nerds deciding that they wanted to measure the volume of the bleachers for an assignment given by the math teachers.

    "Why don't you just leave, geeks? This is the sport's turf and you know it!" The girl, Mani, growled. She was fairly pretty, having blonde, almost white hair and bright blue eyes. She was fairly well built, considering that she was a jock by relation. Normally, she'd have no trouble. However, it was five against one.

    "It may be sport's turf, but we're making it ours for now!" The leader of the nerds growled, pushing Mani a bit. The others joined in, pushing the poor girl until she was nearly at the edge of the bleacher she was standing on, almost going to fall.
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    Andrew had only moved in a couple days ago. His parents had moved because they hated the place they lived in originally. The neighbors were annoying and often got into their business. He learned to let people's business be their own. Moving was... different. In all of his life he had friends move away, but never him. He didn't hate it, but he didn't love it either. Leaving his high school wasn't that big of a deal. He had friends there, but no one he would really miss. So, in a way this was kind of just a way to start a new chapter.

    His parents, Daniel and Rebecca Gregor, were a happy couple with two children. Richard, his older brother, was already in college in another state. So, it was just him and his parents. His father was in graphic design and his mother was a painter. Both of his parents could be considered "weird," but he loved them all the same. The house they had moved in was a quaint brown house at the end of Prague Road. It had two bathrooms, four bedrooms, and a basement. It was a sizable house, but it would filled when his family visited from other states. There was no fireplace sadly, which he wished he had. The smell of fire calmed him, it put him in a comfort state. This was probably due to all of the family trips to various camp sites when he was younger. Since he didn't have a fire, his nerves were a tad off. His first day of school was tomorrow and he had no clue what to expect.

    His day had gone well so far, and there were some interesting people there. Too bad he didn't get to talk to anybody there. People seemed like they really didn't know what to think of him, which was new. This must be what it feels like to be new. He was walking around the football field when he spotted something arising over by the bleachers. There was a girl there who had blonde hair, she was sorta pretty. Some sort of turf war was going on. He didn't really care about who "ruled" specific areas, it was free roam to him. Along with some other students he began to watch the girl as she was one against five.​
  3. Mani fought back, managing to scratch one of the guys. He yelped in a very doggish way as he held a bleeding arm. Another man swiped at her, forcing her backward to dodge. The others took this time to try and swipe at her, forcing her off of the edge of the bleachers. She was up a high enough distance that if she fell she could possibly die from the impact. A scream rang through the football field as the poor girl fell to her imminent doom.

    On the opposite side of the field were the jocks coming in to start their practice. When the head of the pack heard the scream, he screamed himself. "Romani!" The boy then charged ahead, hoping to have at least a slight chance of catching the girl. However, he was simply too far away. There was no way he could try and catch the girl without seriously hurting both of them.
  4. Andrew watched as they fought. He didn't really like it, he didn't enjoy fighting. Then it came to a point where it went wrong. He knew it was going to happen and he prepared himself. The name of the girl ringed in his head as he went to catch her. His heart raced as he pushed a couple people aside to be able to get to her. He had never done anything so heroic, maybe it would make him more renown, maybe this would be an easy way to make more friends. Several thoughts rushed through his mind as he went for her.

    Thump, he felt her in his arms. He fell back because he didn't know how much she weighed. The concrete hurt his back, but not as much as the force coming down on him. He saved her, but it hurt him more. "Umph."

  5. Mani was slightly dizzy as she looked down at her savior. "You... You saved me..." She stared at him with piercing eyes full of gratitude and surprise. The girl was starting to grow very curious of this new kid. Quickly, she leaned down and sniffed his neck before grazing it with her teeth. A small mark appeared on the poor boy's neck. She quickly got off of him when the boys came over.

    "Romani! Are you alright? Are you hurt? How many fingers am I holding up?" The boy, captain of the football team, shot the questions quickly at the girl, holding her close and carefully. The rest of the team was scaring off the nerds as their leader dealt with the girl. "Do I need to go kick somebody's ass?"

    Mani shook her head. "No, I'm not hurt and you're holding up three fingers. No, you don't need to kick anybody's ass..." She looked down at the boy. "He saved me... Oh! That's right! We should take you to the nurse. Are you alright?" The girl held out a hand to the boy, hoping to help him. After all, he had just single handedly saved her life.
  6. Andrew took her hand and he stood up. He felt dizzy, and she wasn't really all that light. Next time that happened a bigger guy should have done it. He finally got to his senses and then he realized, did she sniff him? No it couldn't have been a sniff, maybe she was trying to catch her breathe. Sadly, that didn't explain the mark she left on his neck. Was this a thing here? Maybe he should bite her back? No. Andrew looked over at the guys who came over. If they were here to catch her that would have been better on Andrew's back. He didn't regret catching her, it's just he'll feel it soon enough.

    "Yeah, it looked like you could have gotten hurt so I had to save the day." Andrew said this in a shy tone. He wasn't sure what this situation held so he felt like keeping his distance. "Are you alright? Any bruises or anything?" Andrew put his hand on her and looked over her. Hopefully the guys wouldn't be to defensive when it comes to something like this. ​
  7. Mani smiled and laughed a little bit. This guy was cute. "Well thank you so much for saving me." She glared when the head football player growled at Andrew touching her. She quickly shut him up with a small slap to the arm. "Be quiet, Lucas. Sorry about him. He tries too hard to be the protective big brother." She glared when Lucas tried to pull her away from the human. "I should introduce myself. My name is Romani Lupine. That's my brother, Lucas Lupine. Your name is?" She held a hand out, giving the boy a wolfish smile. She was very, very interested in this guy. Saving her even though he was smaller than some others and even making sure she was fine. It was almost... chivalrous. She liked that.
  8. "My name is Andrew, Andrew Gregor. I'm new here, so I guess I made my entrance." He shrugged his shoulder and then looked over at the larger students. "I don't mean to intrude or anything, just doing what anyone should." Andrew gave a slight smile then looked back Romani. "Romani, I love that name." He stopped realizing he said it out loud. "Yeah, so we should get to class. I'm pretty sure Romani is okay, it's just me who took the hit." He put his hand on his back and he knew it was a bit bruised. "I think I'll head over to the nurses office to get myself checked out. Hope you all have a good day." Andrew started to move then he felt it. He stopped immediately and went to his knees. When he caught her he must have did something wrong. ​
  9. As soon as he fell, Mani was by his side, checking for some sort of bleeding injury. "Here, let me help you." She easily picked the boy up in what could only be a strange form of unnatural strength as she started to take him to the nurse's office. "Don't wait up, guys! I'll be back after I make sure he's okay!" She called before turning back to the boy. "Tell me if you're uncomfortable, okay?" She gave him a smile before continuing down the path to the school, the wind blowing a little bit. As they walked, Mani talked with the boy.

    "So, you're new here, right? Probably the only person who's ever moved here and not moved out immediately afterward. Anyway, let me give you some advice. One, stay away from the nerds and the artists. They will tear you to pieces after the little stunt you pulled with me. I'm grateful, but I don't want you to be hurt any more than you have. Two, never go out at night. Ever. If you do, then go back inside. The night is dangerous around here. Three, stick near Jock territory. You saved me, so Lucas will make sure the other jocks accept you." She didn't seem the least bit bothered by the fact that she was carrying a boy to the nurse's office.
  10. Andrew was fine, but the bruises didn't help. He felt like his day was going to be very hard based on his back. Then in that moment he felt that his back was okay, almost like he was flying. Again in the moment he realized that his masculinity, and his back were being carried by Romai. He didn't mind it, it's just the whole "knight in shining armor," was supposed to be his role. "I think it's just the bruises that will get in the way of me being comfortable." He looked at the people as he was being carried off to the nurses office. It was weird, being in this position.

    "Yeah we moved here a couple days ago. It's a nice town so far, other than this I guess." Andrew took note to all of the do's and don'ts of the town. Everything was fine till the going out at night part. Was this really a rule? Well maybe a rule for him. This interested him, it was like holding a bone out to a dog. He would consider it. "Sounds like there is quite a list of rules I need to abide by." ​
  11. "Well, it's the rules every new kids has to abide by when they suddenly save the jock's leader's sister." She glared at an art kid who laughed at Andrew's position. "Plus, it gets really dangerous at night. You wouldn't want to be around here when shit goes down." She took a look at the mark she left him. She was sure that would tell the others to stay away from him. At least, she hoped. "It gets pretty nasty at night. Specially with our wolf problem." She looked for the right door. Maintenance, Counseling, but no nurse. Not yet at least.
  12. "I suppose I get it. We never really had issues like that back where I used to live, I guess I should get used to it." He looked at the ground at they moved toward the nurses office. His gaze soon shifted to Romani. She didn't look too bad from the angle he was at. She actually looked quite pretty in a brutish, masculine way. He soon snapped out of it and tried to continue the conversation. "Wolves? Do we live in the 1500's?" Andrew was a tad confused. why was this an issue? ​
  13. Mani hesitated. She searched for the right words. "Ah, well, you know the wolves are endangered so we can't shoot them, but they keep wandering around town at night so..." She hoped he wouldn't notice how wolfish she was. Finally, they got to the nurse's office. She smiled and set him down on the nearest bed. "Mrs. Panacea! You have a patient!" She called, sitting down near Andrew. She wouldn't want to leave the boy alone with the nurse. She could be a bit... well...

    "Coming deary! Oh who is this handsome little boy?" The large woman bounced in, her brown hair graying, but her bosom still as large as ever. This was Mrs. Panacea. "Did you start roughhousing with the others again? And you involved a fragile thing like him? How could you? Poor thing, let me have a look at you." Red nails touched everywhere on the poor boy's body, trying to find exactly where it hurt.
  14. Please no, why this. He knew that she was doing her job, but the whole touching thing was weird. Andrew laughed awkwardly for a moment as she investigated his body. It was like she was a TSA agent, and she was built like one sir. She soon found the spot where he had been bruised and it was bad. The area was beginning to swell and that pleasant purple color was going to show. "Look if it is any issue, we can call my parents." He shook in pain as the nurse touched the epicenter of his wound. "Um, yep that's where it is!" Andrew breathed and then calmed himself as he looked over at Romani. "You don't have to wait for me, I think I'll be fine here.

    (My posts may be a bit slow for the next couple days. Traveling has disadvantages.) ​
  15. Mrs. Panacea shook her head. "Oh you poor dear. I have just the thing for your little bruisey-woosey!" She walked out to grab the needed materials before returning and forcing Andrew on his stomach. She quickly started on using the cream to help with the swelling and the bruise. "Don't sleep on your back, keep away from harsh activities, and when you get a girlfriend, don't try to get to first base before you're fully healed!" Romani couldn't help her chuckling as Mrs. Panacea smiled. "I'll write a pass for you both. Also, Mani, here is your medicine! Please take good care of yourself now, okay dear?" The blonde nodded as she took the medicine.
  16. She sounded like one of those cliche women from the movies. One who either has a really insane husband or is single. Either way her voice pierced his ears like a hawk before it attacks it's prey. Then he flipped, it was better yet worse. She started to apply medicine which gave him all sorts of weird feelings as she rubbed the lotion in. It was something despicable yet she knew what to do. He knew it was going to work because people like her knew what they were doing. Maybe they are annoying, but they know how to get the job done. Andrew stood up with caution and then put his arm on Romani for balance. He wasn't sure if he was over stepping it or not, but he needed help. "We should get to class, I'd prefer not to be scrutinized for being late on my first day."​
  17. Romani smiled. "Let me see your schedule. I'll take you to your first class." She took a pill and smiled at the nurse. A small breath seemed to be released by the universe. It seemed like the aura around Romani had been intimidating before she took the pill. Now she seemed to be a bit calmer, almost more human in a sense. One would wonder why that was if it weren't for the fact that everybody already knew the secret. Everyone except this poor human boy.
  18. Andrew's first class was Biology. He was halfway through with that class before he had to transfer. It bothered him that he didn't know where the rest of the class was. He looked over at Romani and nodded to her in response. "Well, do you know where the biology room is?" Andrew tried his best to hold his weight while they wobbled to the room, but it was hard. The way Romani acted toward him was different, he had never had anyone do this for him. He may have caught her when she fell, but he knew a connection was starting. "So what is your first class?"​
  19. "Surprisingly same as you. Just a warning, if things gross you out easily then biology is going to be rough. Mr. Schact likes to... dissect things." Romani shivered, not liking the class herself. It reminded her of too many full moons. She shivered as she helped Andrew along. "Say, where did you come from, anyway?" She tilted her head curious. "I'm surprised you left for here."
  20. Andrew nodded at Romani. "I haven't seen much about this place that is special, but my father wants us to be here. We moved here from Rockford Illinois. It was an alright place, had a discovery center and a couple of other cool things. Maybe my father wanted to move here because it's quiet. It seems nice enough, so I guess it's almost perfect." Andrew limped along as his back pain continued. "Any other teachers that I should watch out for?"
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