Tummy aches :(

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  1. Today, my stomach was hurting really bad, probably due to my excessive intake of candy yesterday when I got talked into watching a movie with the tech students.

    But, luckily, I had a packet of Samarin, a well known Swedish brand of antacid which you mix into a glass of water, in my bag. It helped, though it still feels slightly cramping.

    Being a pharmaceutics student and everything, I got curious. What are some cures against aching tummies around the world? Things like mixes, concoctions and pills you buy in supermarkets or pharmacies, and household DIY cures.
  2. In America, we rub bacon wrapped doughnuts around our stomachs and scream the national anthem until it goes away. USA! USA! USA!


    Now that I got the joke out, I'll seriously state that I usually will curl up in a ball with my knees to my chest and drink some non-coffee warm liquids to get my stomach to relax when I'm getting too cramped up. Or in the case of a stomach ache that isn't cramps, I usually turn to Tums and more curling into a ball ^^
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  3. I take Tums and then distract myself with the videos, video games or forums.
  4. Tums, usually.

    There's a cheap brand of stuff called Gellusil that you get about 100 for 7 bucks. It's like eating minty chalk, but man do they work.
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  5. Tea with Ginger in it. Supposedly it helps. Personally I try french fries (which has helped) or try to figure out exactly what will make it go away, sometimes heat, sometimes laying on my tummy, etc. Uhhh I usually try food though.
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  6. Oof, got so much experience with this over the past 6 months.

    Samarin works wonders. Yoghurt with acidophilus works as well. For cramping, grab a heating pad and lie (lay? Idfk, can never get that right) on your stomach so you put pressure on it. And of course you put the heating pad where the cramps are.

    Avoiding food for a day and only drinking water (a small mouthful at a time) works well if you feel nauseous or ill.

    These are kind of specific for imbalances that cause nausea and general IBS symptoms, as well as cramping in the upper part of your esophagus.
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  7. Pepto Bismol
  8. [​IMG]

    I'll just leave this here...
  9. Tylenol and a shitload of water to flush the offending substance out of my digestive tract.
  10. I don't use western medicines unless I'm on my death bed so I usually make a tea concoction of ginger, mint and honey. Usually helps pretty well.
  11. According to my mum, burnt toast (like, practically charcoal) helps, as well as burnt rice. However, burnt rice should only be made if you're willing to throw away the thing you cooked it in, because it seriously fucks it up.
  12. ignore it
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