Tuesday Community Update: Spring Fever!

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  1. We've just begun the Spring Season, where many of our members will be busy with end of the year finals! Make sure you get that studying and schoolwork done, but don't forget to give your brain a break and come by Iwaku for a little fun too! <3 This week is brought to you by the color red. Slowing eating your brain and turning you to the Red Cult.

    Top Roleplays are "Public" roleplays with the most In Character posts! If you want to be a top roleplay, get to having some fun in your favorite plots! Next update we'll list best of the "Private" roleplays also!





    Check out the ROLEPLAY OOCs for these roleplays and other great plots looking for new players!

    Upcoming Updates:
    • IT'S STILL COMING. The new forum style is finished (minus tweaking) and we are ready to run an upgrade. All we're waiting on now is a new dice roller for all of our DnD nerds. Again, this will not be a major system change, will not harm posts, etc. HOWEVER a few links will be moved around a bit and areas like the Profiles and UserCP might look a little different.

    • Advertise Iwaku! We always need fresh members with new ideas!
    • The Iwaku Newsletter always needs content! Stop by the Group to submit ideas or articles.
    • If you are a Roleplay GM, please submit a quick paragraph about your plot to the Tavern. It will help players find your roleplays better. :D

    Play! Explore! Have Fun!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.