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    So the basic's of this roleplay is the three factions (The Illuminati, the Templars, and Dragon) are all tipped anonymously about a weapon that can help end the war against the darkness in the world. Of course each faction wants it for itself, so in the future can better help it for their own uses.

    Each Faction will be sending a 4 person team (Us) to obtain the weapon, and not only face each other but several types of creatures, traps, and more!

    The setting takes place in a small island located off the coast of Asia. A large storm cloud hangs over the jungle, city, and the ruins of an Asian monastery where the artifact is held. The artifact is Amenonuhoko, a Japanese spear that is said to create the world. Each faction wants it for themselves, each for their own unique purpose. Of course along the way, as they make their way towards the monastery, the creatures get more dangerous, and by then the factions may cross paths. The town is overrun, the citizens now zombies or worse, so no worrying about civilian causalities.


    The Illuminati

    ""Sex, Drugs & Rockefeller"
    We are the bad boys and girls behind the lens of camera's. The eyes watching you as you sleep. The knife sliding into your skin as you sleep. We have no rules. No laws. Only Victory.
    "The world is a bad place, and you can either do or get done. We're the Illuminati and we're not done."
    (Spots Open: 4/4)

    The Dragon
    "The Art of Chaos"
    We are manipulators. We turn your friends against you. Force the blade to your hand against your own flesh and blade. We are the whispers in your ear, and the yelling in your mind. We are your best friend and your worst enemy. We are Chaos.
    "Change requires chaos, and chaos is ours to orchestrate."
    (Spots Open: 4/4)

    The Templar

    "Deliverance From Evil"
    We are crusaders. We are THE war of Darkness. The world knows us, and we know the world. We will rid the evil that plagues this world by force. Few are foolish enough to stand against us, but can you stand behind it?
    "There is no purpose greater than ours. The world will founder without structure and discipline."
    (Spots Open 3/4)

    Character Sheet

    (Picture [or very detailed description])
    Primary Firearm:
    Secondary Firearm:
    Special Weapon: (Magic, one large melee weapon, two smaller melee weapons, explosives, etc.)
    Armor:(View Below)


    1- Have Fun! Why even roleplay if your pissy?
    2- Dont make an OP character.
    3- Dont be invisible. Everyone will be hurt in this roleplay.
    4- Dont kill other characters without permission from me AND the person your trying to kill.
    5- Dont leave people behind.
    6- Follow the site rules.
    7- Minor Romance is aloud, but the main focus is action and roleplaying with and against each other. (Keep in mind we may have to team up against a more dangerous foe.)
    8- Use common sense.
    9- I have last say in anything and everything.
    10- If I missed anything important on this OOC, let me know!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.