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    So I really want to design a play-by-post MMORPG that takes its basis from Asian Folklore.

    The game in question is called Tsukuyomi (game/setting named after the moon god in Shinto and Japanese mythology.) and is set in a spiritual realm encompassing the earth's moon. The origins of the game's setting comes from the folk-legends of the 'Chinese Goddess, Chang'e, 'Wu Gang the Woodcutter', and 'Yuebing, the Jade Rabbit' (what personally inspired me- that's simple; anime science-fiction and failed screenplays about psychological themes...).


    My 'abstract' idea for designing the spirit realm is to compliment the moon's real features and be as historically accurate as possible with folklore that I use. Here's a map of the moon to see the landscape I'm working with and constantly inspired and in awe by.



    I've spent hours relentlessly trying to google information about other historically significant areas on the moon, but aside from the palace and the cassia tree- I didn't find much. Anyhow, that whole map is practically going to be in use for the first campaign, almost all of the craters on the moon are going to be cities or other inhabited areas, and for every playable area in the game it'll have its own forum thread with wikia information. I've imagined the site itself to sort of look like this;


    You can refer to my incomplete PROJECT OUTLINE for more details about the game. I'm sorry if it is tough to read, I'm a very out of sorts fellow. I'm hoping that at some point in the future- this game will help me with my lack of organization and improve my writing skills.

    {I apologize for advertising, but this site is practically a barren wasteland anyway. It looks pretty and serves as a model for how I'd like Tsukuyomi's site to be.)

    The home for this barely started project is at

    I'm currently in the midst of trying to find an affordable (or free) forum host that can fit all these playable areas and incorporate dice-rollers, character sheets, item containers, and other stuff. I would love to host my game on this site, but I honestly think it needs a whole web space of its own. *shrugs*