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    Jade scribbled away in her notebook. She was in the first class of the day. The Fundamentals of Magic was Jade’s first class in the morning. It was taught by a portly man with a big nose and thinning hair. The West Academy students made fun of him and called him Porky the Pig. He began the lecture about how young witches, and wizards all must let be in control of their power and not vice versa. There have been too many fatalities when someone has lost control. He motioned towards Jade who he considered a perfect example of optimum control. She turned red at his praise and bowed her head.

    The intercom crackled and a booming voice spoke. “Arkwright, Jade. Please go the headmistress’s office.”
    Jade furrowed her eyebrows and excuse herself from the class collecting her things. She stood outside the front of her classroom door for a brief moment before she started her brief to the office. She hesitantly knocked at the mahogany door and a soft voice told her to enter.

    She opened the door to the office, the West and East academy were identical. That went for the offices as well except for a few minor changes. The red carpet was replaced with cream tile and almost everything had a gold accent. At the center of the room sat a woman with long hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She looked young but everyone knew she was way older. She smiled at Jade and told her to take a seat.
    Jade compiled her bag resting her lap. “Would you like some tea?” The woman asked. Jade would have declined the offer if a delicate tea cup and saucer had floated from nowhere in front of her on her side of the desk. “Is mint okay?” Jade nodded and a tea bag appeared her tea cup and started to bubble. The bag was gone replaced with steaming tea. Then she pulled out a jar of sugar cubes and made two float over to Jade’s cup and land with a small ‘plop!’

    She stirred both cups with a twirl of her finger. Jade picked up her cup and blew at the steam before taking a sip. There was a calm silence. The headmistress finished her tea in a gulp before she spoke with enthusiasm. “Alrighty, since you’re not nervous anymore let’s get down to business! I have a really special mission for you!!!” Jade smiled at the enthusiasm.
    “What is it? Headmistress Florence.”

    Her smile widened.

    “Alright! We have a vase!” she made a small picture of a beautiful vase appear. “It has a lot of power in it. So much it had to be contained. The vase’s what I want it’s what inside! It’s a drumroll please.” A set of drums appeared and soon disappeared. “A mystical demon that the wizard and witches put away centuries ago!”
    Jade smiled fell and she became hesitant. “Um. I-” Florence leaped over the desk and grabbed the student's hand in her own. “Listen! Jade, you are super-duper powerful and I know you can do this! So can pretty please do it for me?!!?!?! Not just for me! The universe! ”
    Jade flushed her and the headmistress was nearly nose to nose and her teacup had fallen. She nodded shyly and the headmistress bumped their noses together and released her hands. “Splendid! I’m sending another student with you! Your academic scores are neck in neck!”
    She pressed a button on her desk and asked for Tamashi, Futagoto comes to her office. The spill was cleaned up when Florence snapped her fingers.
    Jade sighed in her chair. “I can tell today was going to be a long day. “


    “Kobayashi, Suzu! Report to headmistress’s office!” Suzu cringed at the intercom as it crackled. She detached herself from the girl that was her latest victim. That was a complete mood killer. Someone who was completely Suzu, she liked them small and weak. She liked when they blushed every time she said something naughty. It was known that Suzu had succubus s blood. The school thought it would best if they knew there was a student who could charm them. Suzu once used this ability to pass a test. (No evidence was found.)

    "Next time wear that lip-gloss again. It tastes like strawberries. “Suzu watched the girl flush and she was filled with pride. She ran a hand through the girl hair and gentle kiss on her forehead "Thank you for the meal.” she sauntered to headmistresses office. Head held high and any sexual desire sated. The succubus arrived at the mahogany doors of the headmistresses’ office and flattened her unruly hair and knocked.


    Were the brief word Suzu heard, she swallowed the nervousness in her throat and entered.

    The office was extravagant. It had plush red carpet, a large window overseeing the courtyard. Books to the left and right. There was a large mahogany desk in the center and there sat a woman, who could be Suzu’s age but everyone knew she was far older. She wore a red outfit and witches hat had dark and lovely green eyes.

    “OMG! Pooh bear! I haven’t been in here so long.” Suzu feigned amazement as she looked everywhere but the headmaster. She has been here a hundred ever since she was recruited from the slums. The headmaster scowled and motioned for Suzu to sit down. “Don’t call me with pet names. It’s headmistress Belinda or headmistress Clarke”

    “Please, you love me” Suzu plopped down and crossed her legs. “We shared something no one else could.” The obvious implication was enough to make any other blush. Though, the headmistress sighed and spoke. “If you keep people we slept together I will dismantle you,”

    Suzu smirked. “Kinky.” Another sigh.

    “Anyways. I called you here today because I wanted you for an important mission.” She looked for affirmation to continue and pulled open a drawer and slid a picture across the desk. “Alright. This vase is called the Animae damnatorum or soul of the damned in normal terms. It’s an ancient demon inside and East Academy wants it to keep under wraps so I am sending you! You are extremely powerful and I know you can do this. I will be sending another student with you.” Belinda pressed a button on her desk and soon called for another student Charlotte Grande “Charlotte will be going with you to keep that fiery demon blood in check.”

    Suzu sighed. “Welp. There goes my morning.”

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  2. Futago was waiting outside the door, having already been filled in on the details of the mission previously by the over excitable headmistress and as such she had finished all planning.
    Though Futago would have preferred to work alone she was glad that they were at least sending along a student with comparable grades to her own, for a moment she couldn't help but wonder what she was like, since Futago appeared to be so cold most of the time she didn't really know any of her classmates that well.

    "Perhaps she'll be hot... I bet you wouldn't mind a lover would you little miss awkward?...".
    Futago huffed in annoyance as one of her two spirit companions spoke I'm her mind.
    "Oh hush! You know she is terrible at social activities! And love takes time to build!"
    The other spirit scolded the first, the one thing they agreed on was Futago being socially awkward.

    After the headmistress seemed to be finished, Futago entered the room and bowed formally.
    "I am Futago Tamashi, it is nice to meet you".

    Charlotte was with a crying girl when the headmistress called her, the new student had burnt herself with a spell too powerful to control and she had of course ran over to bandage her hand and calm her down, which was quite the normal sight around the school.
    Charlotte's angelic blood was common knowledge and more than a few students had abused her caring attitude but she didn't mind, and continued to help those in need.

    After making sure the girl was okay, Charlotte quickly walked to the headmistress's office and entered, a surprised look appearing as she spotted Suzu in the room.
    "Yes miss? What do you require?"
    She asked, flashing a friendly smile at Suzu.

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    Jade stood a little frazzled and mimicked Futago’s actions her bag fell to the ground in the process. She straightens and smiled at her it was a shy smile. A simple quirk of the lips but the gesture was there. “I am Jade Arkwright and it’s nice to meet you too.” She said in a soft voice. Jade shifted back and front from foot to foot praying things didn’t get awkward or anything being this the first time they met. ‘At least she looks nice, beautiful black hair I’m jealous.’ She thought.

    Florence took upon to clear the air that was becoming somewhat awkward. She stood between the two partners. “Alright!” she muttered. She put her hands in the air and created a large pictured holographic image with her magic. “Firefly and Monochrome! I call this plan get there before my ex-fiancé does! ” Florence laughed when Jade looked at her perplexed. Florence nodded. “That’s right! West and East Academy headmaster’s almost got married! So we need to show her we’re the better school!”

    She pointed to a desolate area in the center of the upper earth. “The vase! Is here!” she pointed to another desolate location before zooming into the picture of a cave’s mouth. “Knowing. Belinda, she has students their heading there as we speak. Anyway, the location changes every few years and we were now able to locate the cave today. So go forth and conquer and smack some people if you must just bring the vase here! Also, I got this magical compass that will help you find the cave just in case.”
    The holographic image dissipated into thin air when waved her hands. The compass fluttered into existence and she handed it to Jade. “You guys can leave stuff here if you want.” Jade nodded hesitantly and rubbed her nose. ‘No time like the present.’ She thanked the headmistress and transformed her body being enveloped by fire. She stood no longer Jade but her persona Firefly! She opened the large window that oversaw the courtyard and stood on the window sill. She took one step forward and she was soon floating in midair!

    “You coming!” Jade called back to Futago. She turned around and waited for Monochrome to follow her outside the window.

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