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  1. Check out my resume before delving further.



    ☑ Romance: All my RP(s) must contain romance to keep me interested. However, it doesn't have to be the main focus.
    ☑ Canon x OC: Unlike most peeps, I believe it doesn't make my character an automatic Mary-Sue since I decided to pair my character with a Canon character. It depends how you portray your character, not the actual pairing.
    ☑ Double: I'm open for doubling in Canon x OC scenarios. (In other words, we would play one Canon & one Original.)
    ☑ Hetero/Gay: I'm totes fine with MxF & MxM, but I don't like FxF.
    ☑ Crossovers: Depending on the Fandom, I'm totes open for crossovers.
    ☑ Versatile in Smut: In MxM, I'm looking for players willing to be versatile; have no real preference. (Ex. Seme & Uke.)
    ☑ Multiple: I need partners willing to play a multitude of characters other than the main cast. (In other words, NPC roles.)


    ☒ Porn Without Plot: I don't like RP(s) with just sex, sex, sex and no plot whatsoever.
    ☒ Love At First Sight: I don't like instant love. I want development!
    ☒ Religion: I'm not comfortable implementing religious elements in RP(s).
    ☒ Animals: I'm not comfortable roleplaying actual animals. (HTTYD, Pokemon & MLP are exceptions.)
    ☒ Out Of Character Tendencies: I hate dealing with partners who don't bother portraying Canon characters correctly. For example, I won't tolerate a giggly, wussy Dean Winchester. I need commitment! All I ask is for my partners to try their best. (It doesn't have to be perfect. On the other hand, effort is the key.)
    ☒ Nonfiction: I don't like roleplaying historical events that happened in real life.
    ☒ Hardcore Gore: I'm not a fan of hardcore gore. I prefer lighter gore.

    The list above are main key points in my RP(s). Here is what I look for in a partner,

    ✔ Semi-Literate: No one-lining! Or two-lining! I expect 2+ paragraphs minimum.
    ✔ Grammar: A basic understanding of grammar is advised. It doesn't have to be perfect, but I want to understand what I'm reading. (Spell check & Google are your friends!)
    ✔ Communication: I don't want to do all the work and planning. Let's share ideas and discuss a plot together!
    ✔ Doubling: Be willing to double up in Canon x OC pairings.
    ✔ Versatile: In MxM, be willing to top or bottom; no real preference.


    | Key |

    Strikethrough: Taken.
    Red: Canon x Canon.
    Sky Blue: Canon x OC.
    Pink: OC x OC.
    Orange: All pairings are acceptable.
    [BCOLOR=#800080]Purple Background:[/BCOLOR] I play F in MxF.
    : Craving the topic hardcore.

    : Contains a AU setting.
    : I have a plot for the topic.
    : Doubling welcome.
    : MxF only.
    : MxF or MxM.
    Ratings: T (), M ()

    Fandom Topics:

    [BCOLOR=#800080]Supernatural[/BCOLOR] ☻❅★✿♡☠
    [BCOLOR=#800080]Hunger Games[/BCOLOR] ☻❅★✿♤♪
    [BCOLOR=#800080]Big Hero 6[/BCOLOR] ☻❅★✿♡♪
    [BCOLOR=#800080]Maleficent[/BCOLOR] ❅★♡☠
    [BCOLOR=#800080]The Host[/BCOLOR] ☻❅★♡☠

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Warning:[/BCOLOR] The topics above are the only Fandoms I'm interested in right now.


    If you read the information in my request thread thoroughly, please add Winchester somewhere in your post if you're interested.
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  3. *Cough* Winchester *Cough*

    Hello! I am interested in the Hunger Games one, but one question: What color is the text?
  4. @CrossingCassie: The color of the text is orange, signaling Canon x Canon, Canon x OC & OC x OC are acceptable.
  5. Alright, I'd love to try an OC x OC one with you! Or since you already have a plot for that, we could go with that!
  6. @CrossingCassie: I have two plots in mind. Send me a PM and we can discuss it further!
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    [rainbow]Craving Supernatural...[/rainbow]​