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    This roleplay would be based on the manga/anime, Tokyo Ghoul. However, the setting will gradually expand from Japan to the whole globe due to the rise and sightings of Ghouls that have made their presence known. With their numbers gradually rising, the CCG had to come up with a new plan- something to help them deal with the sudden rise of Ghouls. Although, that would be the least of many troubles that Ghouls everywhere would face. The CCG was beginning to alter their plans and had created an entirely new plan- one that would play a part in the lives of numerous young Ghouls everywhere. The plan wasn't fully accepted but the agents of CCG, but the higher ups had already agreed to it.

    An underground plan was in the works to pick up the children of slaughtered Ghoul families and have them work for them. Orphaned children were also being picked up as well, to help rise the number of the test subjects. Before long, the experiments soon began and past memories were gradually being wiped only to be traded for new ones- false ones. In a sense, one might say the children were being brainwashed. However, this didn't matter to the higher ups considering this offered them a new form of attacking the Ghouls.

    With CCG's new agents, there has been a few Ghouls who have tried to go against them though only one seemed to be having luck in that department. ( The name is up to debate, honestly )

    -- --

    This will be updated as more ideas are being confirmed- so for now, this is WIP.

    -- --
    • The setting for this roleplay will take place a few years after the sequel of this series.
    • You can have up to four characters- as long as you can handle that many.
    • There's no set limit on how much the word count has to be.
    • As far as the roles for the character's go, they are CCG agents or Ghouls. Although, the Ghouls can either be the experimental Ghoul that were brainwashed, a neutral party in the war, or a part of the organization attempting to take them down.
    • If you happen to chose to be the experimental few, please keep in mind that they have been brainwashed by the CCG from their youth up until now.
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