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  1. CLOSED for now: I have enough rps for the moment unfortunately. Feel free to pm me and see if you can tempt me into something, but I have a few started and some in planning. It things fizzle out in some of the current ideas then I'll reopen the thread. Thanks to everyone who read and to everyone who replied.


    - Try to be active. I would prefer a post every 2-3 days for now. If you cannot post for whatever reason, please let me know.

    - If you don't like something I write, just tell me. I'll try not to take it personally, and I can change it.

    - Write at least a paragraph. More is great, but a decent paragraph at minimum. Also, please please use decent spelling and grammar. Mistakes are fine, just write generally coherently and use spell check.

    - I like dark themes, but just how dark things get and in what way is up to both of us. If I ever get near your limits, let me know at any time. Any of these could be mature, or we could fade to black or avoid things getting too "mature" altogether. I'm okay with whatever.

    - I prefer threads but will deal with Pms if I have to. If things are too mature for a thread, PM or switching to the adult section is fine by me. I'm new here so I'm not sure where those boundaries are, but I'm sure we can decide on a case-by-case basis.

    - I will do my best to treat you with these same courtesies listed. Also, I'm 21 and new to this site, but not new to RPing in general.

    Preferences / Ideas

    In general, I love sci-fi in almost all its incarnations. I like fantasy as well, albeit not as much. I won't do straight modern “real-world” based stuff. Also, I avoid historical fiction and fandoms because I don't like having to stick to a pre-created world. However, I will liberally take ideas from fandoms and history because they can be excellent starting points. The ideas below range from fairly fleshed out to pretty generic pairings. Everything is open for ideas and changes.

    - This would be a plot similar to a sci-fi version of Hunchback of Notre Dame. Instead of the bell ringer of Notre Dame, our “Quasimodo” would be in charge of repairing and maintaining systems on a space station whose head would be our “Frollo.” No one knows he's there or what he does, but he watches the travelers and traders come and go through the security cameras from his room and office in the bowels of the station. Think sort of like Mr. Universe meets Quasimodo. I'd love to work with someone on this, and if it seems too one sided for a 1x1, we could work on that or frame it as post by story progression rather than controlling characters.

    - Arranged Marriage: A king or warlord visits a princess' country waving flags of peace, only to subtly threaten war against them if she does not consent to his hand in marriage. While she is sure that they would not be defeated, she accepts, giving up her claim as heir to the throne, because she would not want the blood of a war on her hands. The two come from vastly different cultures, and the rp would start with the king's visit and that threat, and be about the two planning a wedding and eventually learning to accept and possibly even like each other despite their differences. A sci-fi version of this is always welcome. And this could also be gender reversed as well, certainly don't want to seem sexist here.

    - Dystopian Fiction: (i.e. 1984, Gattaca, Brave New World, Hunger Games, Fringe[S5]) Pretty much throw any story where there's lots of oppression and loss of freedom and I'll probably eat that stuff up.

    - Master x Slave/servant (lots of ways to do this, could also mix with dystopian fiction... i.e. a world where everyone is genetically engineered to succeed and others are engineered by companies to be slaves. Androids as slaves also tends to work well here. Also will need a good world and good plot built around it.)

    - Space Traders/Smugglers (Firefly-style, but not using the whole fandom, just ideas from it.)

    - sorcerer/assassin/etc x apprentice

    - Human X Android

    - Alien X Human

    - I Choose My Own Way to Burn: A ruling king or prince of a very oppressive government finally captures the leader of the resistance movement. Deciding that he will have a little bit of fun with this new prize, he tries to brainwash and torture the leader into becoming his puppet, denouncing the movement, and giving his support. Could be done with any gender combination- Probably going to get mature though so I'd like to do this one over PM or the Mature section. I dont want it to be all smut, it's more about psychological brainwashing, but anything goes here, so be 18+ for this one (and if you want to get too “mature” in any of the other options.)

    - The Comfort Women: The Occupation has lasted for 70 years. There is a strong resistance movement, but they seem to be losing more members to execution every day. Often enough, the soldiers round up beautiful native women to "entertain" the soldiers and lift their morale. I want this to be a sci-fi story similar to ST: DS9 "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night." Though the players would be different, the outline would be similar. Maybe one of the women taken is actually a resistance fighter. It could work between two of the comfort women or a comfort woman and an invader.

    Those are my top choices for now. Feel free to suggest something, and I'll add more ideas either by editing this thread or making a new one. I'm still getting the layout of this forum down, but I think the basics are familiar enough. PM me or reply in this thread if you like any of these ideas or want to suggest something. I'm looking for 3-4 stories to start with, but don't let that deter you because in my experience sometimes things don't work out with the first person who replies and such.
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  2. - Government school for "gifted" children/teens that turns out to be evil

    This interests me.
    Do you have any plot in mind for this? If so, I would love to hear it, if not, I would also love to plot something out with you!

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Bump. Still looking for more people, and I've updated my list a little. As usual, I'm also open to ideas.
  4. Assassin x apprentice interests me a bit. Perhaps you would like to plot with me?