Trying to Survive.

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(Just a zombie roleplay, feel free to join in, no requirements, but please only like 2 or 3 people play in this thread) (Please keep your roleplays at at least 3+ lines, thank yews for reading :D)

*I stood on top of the building near town square looking down on the city below, though also making sure nothing below could see me. The dead stumbled below. I stayed on the rooftops making sure I wasn't seen as I went from building to building before I looked down to see someone below, a living someone. Luckily the dead had yet to see them, I drew my long sword and used its blade to reflect the light and get the persons attention to warn them of the zombies barely a street away*
Damon was lost in thought as he made his way down the street. He wasn't sure what he was thinking about, but he wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings. Not until he was blinded by a flash of light in his eyes. The flash brought him back to reality as he then noticed the zombies making their way down the street. With their poor eyesight, they had yet to notice him, so he counted himself lucky as he looked around for a place to hide. He wound up in an alley between two abandoned buildings. There was no one, living or dead, in the alley, but that would soon change. The dead were making their way to the alley, and he needed a way up onto the fire escape if he wanted to stay alive.
*I watched the boy make his way down the street, glad I was able to get his attention and warn him. I watched him go into the alley, a dead end, the ladder to the fire ecscape was up. I quickly made my way across the roof to the side of the alley, and climbed down the ladder quietly. Once I got to the bottom I locked eyes with the stranger for a mere moment before unlatching the ladder and slowly letting it down, trying not to get the attention of the dead that was just a few feet from the entrance to the alley. I motioned for him to come up the ladder and to the roof so I could pull the ladder back up so the zombies couldn't get up as well*
He watched as a woman went down and sent the ladder down as quietly as she could then motioned for him to go up. He gladly took the help and climbed the ladder, nodding his thanks to the woman when he reached the top. He helped her pull the ladder up and then continued to climb up until they reached the roof.
*I smiled as we reached top, I probably looked a bit threatening and the way the world had turned around here someone would help you one minute and kill you the next sp a smile could be called for. I stuck out my hand for him yo shake* "Hi, I'm Sorin, pleasure to meet you stranger" I said with kind attitude, hoping wasn't going to be one of those people to kill you any moment.*
Damon hesitated a bit before shaking his savior's hand. A week prior, he'd been in a similar situation, and was robbed by the men who saved him. When the woman made no move for a weapon, he relaxed bit, "The name's Damon. Were you the one who shined a light in my eye?"
*I gave a small nod pointing to the my sword which rested in its sheath* "Yeah, I figured that'd be the best way, noises would have only drawn them closer to you. Do you carry a weapon?" *I asked taking a look at him, hoping he didn't have a gun, shooting in the apocolypce is a death sentence, the noise just draws more zombies then it kills*
"I had a sword, but I lost it last week, along with a good amount of supplies. Since then I've been gathering what I can and found this." He slipped off his backpack, one of the items he found since losing his last one, and pulled out a small caliber pistol, "I only keep it for extreme emergencies, so I've yet to actually fire it. It's more people than zombies. I've generally just used whatever object I can find, at least until I find more permanent weapon, like a crossbow."
(Hope ya don't mind Ima change my rp style to look a bit more professional o-o)

I looked at the small pistol giving a nod, "Good thing its not your priority weapon, those things might as well be suicide in this situation" I say making a bit of a face, before an idea popped into my head. "You mentioned wanting a crossbow right? Cause I seen a map of the town when I first got here, on the outer skirts towards the country there's a store for hunting supplies, its mostly guns and such but there's probably some bows for you to take a look at, I was planning on going there for a blade sharpener and maybe some hunting knifes, would you like to come with me? Two people fighting is a lot stronger then one" I asked hopefully, I didn't like being alone in this world of death, not only was it depressing but also very dangerous.
(It's fine.)

He thought about it for a second. If it's a weapon store, it was probably looted when the outbreak started, but you never know what people might miss. "Sounds like a good idea, sure." He glanced over the side of the building. The zombies must've heard something, because they began to gather at the end of the alley, "But we should probably wait for them to leave."
I peered over the edge at them with an agitated look. "Yep, your probably right on that one" I say with a small huff before plopping down on the concrete roof. I pull my bag into my lap, a matchete tied to the side of it for safe keeping before I untie the string and hold the weapon out to him. "It's kind of old but its better then being defenseless"
Damon took the machete and examined it. It was a little rusty, and its blade was fairly dull, but it was better than the pistol. "Thanks." He began looking for a string so he could carry the weapon on his bag. After he secured the weapon, he sat down and began to wait out the zombies.
I peered over the edge again to see them slowly thinning out though it'd still be a bit before they left. I started to look through my bag pulling out a tattered but still readable map. I put my finger along the roads, trying to find the best route to the store that'd help us avoid highly populated areas such as schools, grocery stores, and community centers. I found a back road we could take, we'd be out in the open which I didn't like but it seemed to be the safest way to get there. I looked over at my new companion, "Think we should walk or hot wire a car and try to drive there?" I asked pointing along the road on the map.
Damon looked at the area of the map Sorin had pointed at. It was a street that was some distance away from the bigger areas of the city, and seemed to be surrounded by open area. On one hand, it'd be easier to spot them, but it'd also be easier to spot others. He thought about the area some before he answered, "I think we should walk. It'll take longer, but if we screw up with the car, it could set off an alarm, and with the open area, that's more sides a hoard could come at us from."
I nodded in agreement, "Got a point there, plus the engine noise would probably draw them and I think it's better we lay low, there might be two of us but in this town alone there are hundreds of them, rather be safe than sorry" I slung my bag back over my shoulder and crouched at the edge of the building, tired of waiting I picked up a brick and threw it far away from the alley, the sound making all the zombies chase after it like over sized dogs in a game of fetch with no return. I looked over at him, "Well there out of the way, we'll take the fire ecscape on the other side of the building, lead right to the road we need to get on" I walked over looking at the other side, no zombies in sight. I started down the metal stairs that zig zagged their way down, glancing behind me to make sure he was following.
Damon stood up and slipped his bag back onto his back, feeling the new weight from the machete. He began to follow Sorin down the fire escape and helped to quickly and quietly lower the ladder back down. Once on the ground he continued to follow the woman.
I looked at the map and then at the sun which was high and had risen to my left indicating where east was. "From the map it says we need to head North, so this way" I said going forward down the road. I pulled my sword from it sheath having it at the ready, though thanks to the open area we'd be able to spot them right away I still wanted to make sure I was ready. I walked down the road at a steady pace, every few moments looking over at Damon.
Damon continued to follow the woman, taking the machete off of his backpack after she unsheathed her sword. He figured that she wanted to be ready if the worst happened. He glanced behind them every now and then to make sure that a zombie didn't start following them.
I turned my head hearing a groaning coming from the ditch, he motioned for him to come over as I headed towards the right of the road. As I got closer I seen a zombie ripped ripped in half, its upper body simply wiggling and groan, it seen me and hissed trying to move closer but it only had one arm so it could barely moved, I turned my head to my companion, "Should we kill it or leave it be?" I asked looking at the dead and rotted thing continue to jerk and hiss.
Damon looked at the fallen zombie. He felt a little bit of pity for it. Sure it was an undead killing machine, but it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, it might even stay in that one spot until someone finished it off in who knows how long. Might as well be them, "Someone will come along and do it anyway, might as well be us."
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