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  1. So I made myself a new YouTube channel and have really been trying to get the word out for it. I really want to see if this is something worth pursuing and I want some honest opinions on my channel. I have worked my butt off to improve the quality of my videos (now able to upload 1080p) and I want to know what others think, and dont be afraid to sub if you think i have what it takes! Comments never hurt ;P

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  2. it...would help if you linked the channel...
  3. yes, yes it would wouldnt it? Sorry, doing twenty things at once, you tend to forget some things XD its on there now
  4. Could be promising. It takes a ton of effort and time to build up a good YouTube following, which is really the purpose of a lot of these channels. Keep working at it, you could be on to something.
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  5. Well I like your channel, I wish I knew anything about video editing like you do, you've clearly got energies and don't make any of the dum dummy dum mistakes I did

    I'll feature my channel on yours, even if that's not likely to help you out

    EDIT: feature YOUR channel on mine
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  6. Thanks guys for checking it out! And yeah I totally understand about having to put the time and effort into the videos, which is what I definitely plan to do haha. And thank you for the feature! Any help is awesome, and so are you!
  7. i think ill release a video letting people know about your channel, though I only have a few subscibers but...every bit helps
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  8. you are the best kind of people :3
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