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  1. Ooooi!!! ♥
    Thanks for clicking on my slightly depressing title. ♥
    Since this thread post is pretty self explanatory, I'll just tell you what I'm not open to or not really recommended to invite me to in the moment and ya'll can go on ahead and drown me in invites.
    Pretty pleaseee~ I really need some interesting role plays right now or I might go nuts!!

    × No incredibly simple RPs, I'm a pretty wordy RPer, multipara and douchey and all that good shit.
    × RPs with real FCs isn't what I'm thirsty THIRSTY for but I mean still send it on over if it's cool.
    × I'm not a big fan of fanfic RPs, really. I look to look for those on my own because I'm not always comfortable with them.
    × I'm not the best with HIGH INTENSITY HIGH RISK rps [makes me nervous :c], but I mean still send it over so I can check it out.
    × Very fast paced ones, I'm a little slowy slow girl so all that fast posting stuff...? Nah.
    × I form some pretty cool bonds with my characters, so mods who like to throw around characters too much in an RP? You may click away from my thread. [Gets out my shot gun]
    × Limited/predetermined roles are ehhh but don't send me nothing with one space open expecting me to jump in, because I like to plan my characters and have a specific outline in my mind that I like to conjure myself. Why do you think I have such strong bonds with my characters? I bust my ass on them.

    Now stop dallying around and send me all the invites!

  2. OPEN SIGNUPS - Uprising (but you've got to PM to join!) |

    An RP I've created that's about a group of rebels with superpowers rising up against a brutal government regime. It may get a little intense and risky at times, but it won't be particularly fast past. I'm thinking of setting up a post limit of 2 per user per day :) Check it out if you're interested! ^^
  3. If you're looking for a role-play to invest your time in, I suggest checking out my world-building group role-play, Wuinderre-Expanse. We have a leveling system, classes, ranks, and so much more to offer the players!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.